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Have you ever lost everything because a virus or hacker compromised your computer? Just the thought is enough to make people break out in a cold sweat. Not only does your computer store important projects, but it can also compromise your personal data and financial information.

Cyber crime is one of the most prolific problems in today's modern world. Over the past few decades, more and more online threats are being seen. They come in so many different shapes and sizes that it can seem impossible to protect against them all.

Two of the main cybersecurity platforms available are Mcafee and Avast. These services offer a range of antivirus and computer security tools. They've been staunch competitors for years. Which of them is better today?

Overview of Mcafee and Avast

Shared Features

  • Products for Windows, Mac, and Android.
  • Free trials.
  • Antivirus protection.
  • Internet security protection.
  • Malware protection performance of over 99 percent.
  • Ideal system performance.
  • Easy-to-use interfaces.

Unique Mcafee Features

  • Protection for all systems in one product.
  • Different plans to protect one, five, or ten devices.
  • LiveSafe provides unlimited device protection.

Unique Avast Features

  • Free antivirus software.
  • Premium customer support options.

Basic Product


The Mcafee Total Protection system is the main digital security product from Mcafee. It bundles most security features into the same product and works for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Pricing is based on the number of devices connected.

The software defends against ransomware, spyware, malware, and virus attacks. There are three tiers of included protection: internet security, privacy protection, and secure Wi-Fi browsing on public networks.

Mcafee vs Avast

If you enroll in auto-renewal of the program, you get access to a secure VPN that encrypts your online browsing and personal information. The home network security offers secure firewall protection to keep people out of the home network.

There's a password manager available, though the number of people who can use it varies depending on the plan. Your sensitive files are also protected through a secure encryption process. The Mcafee Shredder technology can completely destroy sensitive files and make the data untraceable.

Identity theft protection features are also available for people who use the autorenewal option.


Avast has a free antivirus software, but it tends to be extremely basic. Paid products all cover different aspects of cyber security. Their main internet protection software is called Avast Premium Security.

Mcafee vs Avast

Rather than working against all threats, this software is optimized for use online. The features included are:

  • Blocking of spyware, viruses, ransomware, and other online threats as you browse.
  • Advanced ransomware protection programs.
  • Detection of fake and scam websites.
  • Advanced firewall to protect against hackers.
  • Webcam protection to keep strangers from spying through your webcam.

The software doesn't work for all platforms at once, but you can purchase it for either Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android.

Winner: Mcafee

Mcafee gives you the most comprehensive overall protection by bundling all of its cyber security into one program. That program is then priced depending on the number of devices connected. Avast's Premium Security, on the other hand, only protects internet browsing.

Other Products


Mcafee's other available products for individuals include:

  • Safe Connect VPN.
  • WebAdvisor.
  • Gamer Security.
  • Identity Theft Protection.
  • Safe Family.
  • Mobile Security.
Mcafee vs Avast

➽ Safe Connect gives you a personal Virtual Private Network so that your online data isn't accessible to anyone except you.

WebAdvisor is a tool that alerts you when you may be visiting suspicious websites, and that protects against online threats.

➽ Gamer Security has features to enhance system performance, ensuring that your computer doesn't lag during critical gaming moments due to Mcafee running in the background.

➽ Identity Protection monitors your identity and credit, alerts you if there's any suspicious activity, and gives you access to recovery tools. Three tiers of protection are available based on your life stage and budget.

➽ Safe Family lets you set restrictions and rules on how your kids use the internet, including blocking of inappropriate websites and scheduled screen time.

➽ Mobile Security offers the same secure protection as the internet security products, but it's optimized for mobile devices.


Mcafee vs Avast

To get complete protection with Avast, you'll likely need to bundle with the service's other products. Some of the available options include:

  • Omni protection, which protects your home network from intrusion.
  • SecureLine VPN, which encrypts your data through a virtual private network.
  • Anti tracking software.
  • Secure browsing tools.
  • Password management systems.
  • Performance tools including system cleanup, driver updater, and battery saving program.
  • Family Space, which allows for in-depth parental controls.

Winner: Mcafee

Since the majority of Mcafee's features are included in its Total Protection bundle, the other programs are optional add-ons that give you additional security. Avast's choices are needed to give a more complete security experience.

System Performance


Mcafee vs Avast

Mcafee performs extremely well in terms of computer system usage. In independent tests, the software had the following results:

  • A slowed load time of eight percent on standard computers when launching websites, as opposed to the industry standard of 14 percent.
  • A slowing of four percent on advanced computers, compared to an industry average of 11 percent.
  • No slowing of any frequently-used apps.
  • Barely any slowing of the copying of computer files.
  • Somewhat slowed installation of highly-used apps, with 24 percent for both standard and advanced computers.
  • Very slightly slower launch of standard software apps.


Mcafee vs Avast

Avast's performance is extremely similar to Mcafee's:

  • Website slowing of 14 percent for standard PCs and 15 percent for advanced PCs.
  • Barely noticeable slowing of frequent-use app downloads.
  • An 11 percent slowing of software app launches for average PCs, and 10 percent for advanced PCs.
  • A 20 percent slowing of application installations for average PCs, and 21 percent for advanced PCs.
  • Very slightly slower copying of network files.

Winner: Mcafee

Mcafee performed more strongly in speed and performance tests, but the situation was very close. Both systems have low impact on computer system usage.



Mcafee vs Avast

The pricing of Mcafee's Total Protection software is based on the number of devices connected. There are three tiers: Individual, multi-device, and family.

  • Individual is $79.99 for a year and protects one device.
  • Multi-device is $99.99 for a year and protects up to five devices.
  • Family is $119.99 for a year and protects up to ten devices.


Mcafee vs Avast

Since Avast products need to be bundled for full protection, it's hard to determine the price you'll pay.

  • For PC, connecting one device with Premium Security costs $69.99 per year.
  • For any other platform, protecting one device costs $89.99 per year.

Winner: Mcafee

Mcafee gives you better total overall protection for your value.

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Pros and Cons of Mcafee


  • Multi-platform software offers protection for most computer and smartphone devices.
  • Each of the options has total feature access, with pricing being determined by how many devices are connected.
  • There's a low impact on your computer's performance while the program runs in the background.


  • There isn't a free antivirus option available, so it's not the best choice for those looking for very basic protection.

Pros and Cons of Avast


  • The free option gives you basic virus protection when browsing the internet.
  • The internet security program has top-notch internet security offerings including a smart firewall and email filter.
  • The higher pricing tiers have access to advanced protection features that you don't get with typical inexpensive software.


  • You have to pay extra to get the more comprehensive features that other services provide through all of their packages.

Final Thoughts: Which is Better?

There are a few different things to keep in mind when determining which software is best for you.

For the simplest and most comprehensive multi-platform device protection, Mcafee will give you the best value. Its products can cover Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS systems, and all are equipped with the most advanced features.

If you're looking for basic free virus protection for your computer, Avast is the better choice. The protection of the free program is fairly limited, though. The paid options may be the best value if you're only protecting one device as well.


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