Peoplefinders Vs Intelius Comparison

Do you want to be able to know instantly about whether a person is who they say they are? Background check services allow you to find the personal information of individuals in your life. You can check criminal history, relatives, work history, and even email and social media accounts.

Different services have different information available. There are also different searches that can compile different facts.

Two popular choices today are Peoplefinders and Intelius. Both have a reputation for compiling accurate information. What features does each of these services have, and which is best when you're doing your next background check?

Overview of Peoplefinders and Intelius

Shared Features

  • Background check services including personal information.
  • Information about criminal history.
  • Email addresses and information about relatives and known associates.
  • Work history.

Unique Peoplefinders Features

  • Ability to run single background checks without enrolling in a membership.
  • Three-day free trial.
  • Android app.

Unique Intelius Features

  • Affordable pricing options.
  • Educational history included.

Types of Searches


Peoplefinders vs Intelius

Peoplefinders has search types including:

  • People searches.
  • Address searches.
  • Background checks.
  • Reverse phone lookups.
  • Criminal records.
  • Public records.

People searches find information about individual people, while address searches find information about physical addresses. Background checks compile data about a person's background.

Criminal records include all data regarding a person's criminal history. The public records search goes through more than 43 billion records available to compile information.

The reverse phone lookup tool is used to give you information about who's calling on the phone.


Peoplefinders vs Intelius

Intelius has a number of search types available. They're sorted into six categories:

  • Finding People.
  • Seeing Who's Calling.
  • Criminal Records.
  • Reverse Address Lookup.
  • Background Check.
  • Public Records Lookup.

People Search is used to find people through their name, location, phone number, or address.

See Who's Calling is a reverse phone lookup feature that lets you search a phone number and find out who owns the number that's calling.

The Criminal Records check can search for a criminal history through a specific state or throughout the entire nation.

The Reverse Address Lookup search lets you find out information regarding a physical address.

A Background Check gives you general information about a person's spousal history, any civil lawsuits they've been involved in, and financial information.

Public Records reports offer data regarding all of the publicly available information about a person, so you don't have to track it down.

Winner: Peoplefinders

Both of these services have the same core search functions available. However, Peoplefinders pulls ahead because it compiles data from 43 billion records. This means that the information tends to be more complete and easy to verify.

Available Information

I've compiled the information on each report by the type of search to help you compare which service you'd want to use.


Basic Person Search

  • Full name.
  • Name variations and aliases.
  • Names of known relatives.
  • Address.
  • Phone number.
  • Up to 40 years of prior addresses.
  • Age and exact date of birth.
Peoplefinders vs Intelius

➦ Public Records

  • All the information available through basic people search.
  • Birth and death records.
  • Marriage records.
  • Divorce records.
  • Property ownership records.

➦ Background Check

  • All information available through a public records report.
  • Criminal record information.
  • Bankruptcy information.
  • Information about existing debt.
  • Email accounts.
Peoplefinders vs Intelius

➦ Criminal Records

  • Criminal history for more than 250 million US adults.

Address Lookup

  • Neighborhood information.
  • Property tax values.
  • Local crime statistics.
  • Previous residents.

➦ Reverse Phone Lookup

  • Name of a caller.
  • Physical address of a caller.
  • Email information.
  • Other contact information.


Basic People Search

  • Full name and aliases.
  • Phone number.
  • Current address.
  • Past addresses.
  • Age and date of birth.
  • Known relatives.
Peoplefinders vs Intelius

➦ Public Records

  • Phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Social media profiles.
  • Address history.
  • Marriage and divorce records.
  • Basic analysis of relationship history.
  • Age and date of birth.

➦ Background Check

  • Criminal record.
  • History of marriages and divorces.
  • Litigation and lawsuits they've been involved in.
  • Liens against the person.
  • Other debts.
  • Bankruptcies.
  • Owned assets.
Peoplefinders vs Intelius

➦ Criminal Records

  • Felony and misdemeanor information.
  • State-specific or nationwide searches.
  • Date and type of offense.
  • Court name with case number.
  • Charge outcome.
  • Time served, if any.

➦ Address Lookup

  • Current residents with contact information.
  • Previous residents.
  • Ownership details.
  • Home value and tax value.
  • Sales history.
  • Neighborhood data including crime statistics.
  • Information about neighbors.
  • Alerts regarding area sex offenders.
  • Street view and satellite maps.

➦ Reverse Phone Lookup

  • Owner's name and age.
  • Owner's address history.
  • Possible relatives.
  • Location of the number.
  • Phone type and carrier.
  • Whether the phone is a landline, business line, or cell line.

Winner: Intelius

Though Intelius doesn't always guarantee that all of this information will be available, they have much more comprehensive details regarding what facts you'll be able to find in different reports.



Peoplefinders vs Intelius

Peoplefinders has one of the cheapest pricing structures for people who only want to run one or two searches.

The pricing structure is:

  • Three-day trial membership with people search and reverse phone lookup: $0.95.
  • Three-day trial membership with all searches: $3.95.
  • Monthly membership with people search and reverse phone lookup: $24.95 per month.
  • Monthly membership with all searches: $29.95 per month.

If you're going to invest, a premium membership is significantly more worth your money.


Peoplefinders vs Intelius

You can purchase single searches:

  • $0.95 for people search and reverse phone lookup.
  • $4.95 to $14.95 for reverse address lookup.
  • $14.95 for state criminal record searches.
  • $29.95 for nation criminal record searches.
  • $39.95 for background checks.
  • $19.95 per month for a premier membership.
  • $29.95 per month for a plus membership.

Unfortunately, the service will also set you up for a free trial, and canceling that trial comes with a credit card fee.

Winner: Peoplefinders

Peoplefinders wins because even though it doesn't allow one-off searches as easily outside the trial period, it also doesn't have secret credit card charges.

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Pros and Cons of Peoplefinders


  • If you only need to run one background check, you can do so without enrolling in an ongoing membership.
  • For those who need to run several searches, the subscription fees are relatively low.
  • An Android app is available, although there currently isn't an iOS app.


  • The reports don't come with social media accounts, and they also don't include a very comprehensive work history.

Pros and Cons of Intelius


  • Intelius is one of the most inexpensive options on the market if you're looking for an ongoing subscription.
  • The interface is easy-to-use with intuitive navigation.
  • Multiple searches are available, and the website tells you what each search means in detail to help you out.


  • The reports aren't as comprehensive as with some other websites, and the fee structure can be confusing.

Final Thoughts: Which is Better?

Both services provide ideal information for a certain price. The right one for you is most determined by the information you're looking for and the price you're willing to pay. If you're seeking information that both services can provide, though:

Peoplefinders is the best option for those who want to do single background checks. You don't have to pay for monthly access if you only want to complete a single search. For multiple searches, the software tends to be relatively inexpensive, but the information is sometimes incomplete.

On the other hand, Intelius is among the best options if you want an affordable ongoing background check service. There are a ton of different report types that can be compiled. The information may be more difficult to verify than with some other services, though, and the fee structure can sometimes be confusing.


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