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Have you ever been frustrated by how slowly your computer is running? Maybe you've had it for a few years, or maybe it's just started slowing down recently for no reason. Many people aren't aware that there are ways to fix their computers and restore performance levels without needing to take it to a shop.

One of these tools is Iolo System Mechanic. It's one of the top PC performance enhancers on the market. There are tools that can address every aspect of your computer's hardware and other important performance boosters.

I've taken a look at the system to see what it has to offer.

Iolo System Mechanic


  • The Whole Home License allows you to use the program on unlimited devices in your household, even if they belong to other members of your family.
  • The system fixes causes of crashes, freezes, and errors, and it explains each issue in language that the average layperson can understand.
  • When you launch intensive apps that require a performance boost, the system optimizes your RAM and CPU automatically to make your experience smoother.
  • More than 30,000 problems can be detected and fixed, and the system removes background applications that bloat your PC usage.
  • The system patches Windows security vulnerabilities when they're detected and wipes your browsing history to protect your data.
  • It optimizes your settings to speed your internet upload and download speeds, plus it cleans fifty kinds of hidden files.

Quick and Deep Scans

One convenient feature is the ability to choose between quick and deep scans. Deep scans analyze your entire computer to identify any potential issues, your current PC status, and your important computer history.

Iolo System Mechanic

"Issues" are broken down into different categories. The Quick Scan analyzes only some of the most common problem areas, rather than going through every possible scan. It will then show you a graph that lets you visualize what issues are having the greatest impact on performance.

By clicking on the categories, you can see a detailed report about the exact issues. The system will give you a list of recommendations to improve your computer performance. You just have to click a button or select a drop-down menu confirmation, and then the program does the rest.

Automatic Optimization

Rather than just running when you have an active scan going, the system uses multiple tools to help boost your performance in real time. This gives it a distinct advantage over performance boosters that only scan when you ask them to rather than adapting to your computer's current performance.

Iolo System Mechanic

Whenever your computer is idle, the system will begin repairing and cleaning the computer so that it continues performing well when you use it again. As you use the system, the program adjusts many different Windows settings to improve the optimization of your hard drive, memory, and processor.

With the latest version of the suite, there's a new on-demand boost feature. By clicking a single button, you stop background processes that drain resources. This allows you to get maximum performance when you're streaming, gaming, or using any other high-powered apps.

Cleaning Tools

The cleaning tools address your hard drive and the software you have downloaded onto your computer. They include:

  • Registry Tuner.
  • Privacy Cleaner.
  • PC Cleanup.

The registry tuner is a program that goes to work on your hard drive. It compacts your file space, defrags your files and storage space, and optimizes your overall file allocation. In addition, it backs up your system registry so you can restore your computer if you ever have to reset it.

Iolo System Mechanic

The privacy cleaner is a privacy tool that wipes your data so that other people can't access it. It removes clutter from your browsers, clears your cache, and wipes your chat and internet history. This helps keep companies from gathering data about your browsing habits.

The PC cleanup tool functions much like a malware scanner, but it doesn't only look for malware. Instead, it scans for over 50 specific types of useless junk file. By removing these, your system is much closer to its factory default.

Speed Enhancements

There are also multiple specific speed-boosting tools:

  • Memory Mechanic.
  • NetBooster.
  • Startup Optimizer.
  • Program Accelerator.

The memory tool adjusts your RAM in real time so that you stop wasting it on unnecessary applications. Combined with the gaming performance tool, this is a knockout.

Iolo System Mechanic

NetBooster works with your internet connection, optimizing your settings so you get a faster upload and download speed. Gaming, downloading, streaming, and connecting to websites all become noticeably faster and smoother.

The startup optimization tool blocks unnecessary programs from running when your computer first starts. This makes startup faster and improves your overall performance as you use the computer.

The program accelerator detects software issues like misalignments and corruption. It realigns your system to give you the fastest possible access when launching and using your programs.

Security and Protection

The system is designed with a comprehensive set of security features. These can compete with the protection of a basic antivirus software.

One important security feature is the Windows optimizer. Whenever there are security holes in the Windows operating system, the program will apply the latest patches. This helps ensure that you aren't vulnerable because you're using an outdated version of the software without realizing it.

Iolo System Mechanic

Also part of the suite is the Incinerator. This tool is used to permanently delete sensitive files that you don't want anymore. They'll be completely removed from your hard drive in ways that cannot be recovered. It's a good tool for anyone who deals with sensitive data or simply wants an additional layer of privacy protection.

A new feature of the latest version is the deceptive programs remover. This functions exactly like a malware scanner. It identifies programs you might not want on your computer and removes them. This includes actively malicious programs and nuisance programs. Both of these types of program can have a major impact on your computer performance.

Iolo System Mechanic Promo Codes

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  • Each purchase comes with unlimited licenses, so you can use the program on multiple devices and share with people in your household.
  • The system goes beyond performance enhancement, giving you an explanation about the problems with your computer and teaching you how to manage your system in the future.
  • Multiple privacy tools are available to help protect your data and keep your browsing private online.


  • The system doesn't boost internet connection quite as well as some of the competing products, but it's still very impressive.

Final Verdict

It's hard to beat this system when it comes to boosting your computer performance. Since you can use the program on all of your home PCs, it's also one of the most affordable options on the market.

Unlike antivirus programs, which only search for malware and actively malicious programs, this system boosts your entire system. It fixes errors in the hard drive, deletes programs and files that are cluttering your space, and automatically optimizes your computer for the maximum possible performance.


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