Identity Guard Review

It seems we can barely go a day anymore without hearing about the latest security breech from some large company. You never know when your personal information may be hacked or stolen by someone with a malicious intent. Identity theft could lead to new accounts being opened in your name, numerous charges that you'll be left to cover, hours of headache trying to restore your identity, and much more.

Identity Guard was developed to provide you with protection against having your identity stolen. When you sign up with Identity Guard, you'll be able to rest easy knowing your identity is protected.

Identity Guard is a leader in the identity theft protection industry. They were featured in our article on the Top 5 Identity Theft Protection Services. To help you learn more about how Identity Guard can offer protection and peace of mind, we've completed a more thorough review of the services they offer.

Identity Guard Review

What Is Identity Guard?

Identity Guard constantly works to create new solutions to address the ever-growing threats of identity theft. They have started working the IBM Watson to put artificial intelligence to work at helping detect threats to identify and offer additional protections to their clients. Watson works to analyze data and determine risks so that consumers can be notified of potential issues before they become big problems.

Identity Guard Review

Identity Guard and their parent company, Intersections Inc., have been working on providing protection against identity theft for more than 20 years. When you sign up with Identity Guard, you can receive protection for your personal information, your financial data, your computer, and more.

How Identity Guard Works

When you sign up with Identity Guard, you will be able to feel better knowing that your personal information is being professionally monitored. After you get started with Identity Guard, you'll create a watchlist.

When you create your watchlist, you'll identify which areas of your identity and which forms of information you want Identity Guard to monitor. Adding more items to your watchlist will help ensure that you are more protected against identity theft.

Identity Guard Review

Identity Guard will provide you with some best practices to lower your risk of identity theft. They will also constantly scan for any signs of identity theft. They use the power of IBM Watson to look for any threats to your identity or signs of your personal data anywhere it does not belong.

Whenever Identity Guard detects anything that looks like a possible threat, you will be notified right away. One type of notification you will receive is when any activity is detected on your accounts. This could be related to your address or phone number being changed on an existing account or may mean that a new credit card account was opened using your name.

You will also receive alerts if Identity Guard finds any of your personal information on the dark web. They will let you know what was found and will help you assess the level of risk.

Identity Guard will also keep you updated with information related to data breaches. This can help you determine if your personal information may have been compromised in a particular breach.

Identity Guard Review

Each alert that you receive will let you view your level of risk to help you determine the appropriate next steps. You will receive alerts through the Identity Guard mobile app and your email.

Recovering Your Identity

Identity Guard Review

If your identity is stolen, Identity Guard will help you recover it. You will be assigned a personal case manager who will help you through each step of the identity recovery process. They will be there to answer any questions you may have or help you complete the necessary paperwork.

Identity Guard also offers a $1,000,000 insurance policy. This policy can help you recover money you lost due to your identity being stolen.


Identity Guard offers three different levels of protection for you to choose from. Each plan option can be purchased as an individual plan or a family plan. If you are looking to provide identity protection for multiple individuals in your household, the family plan can help you save on the total cost of protection. With any of the plans, you can save money each month for signing up for an annual plan instead of a monthly plan.

Identity Guard Review

Individual Plan

The three plans you can choose from are the Value Plan, the Premier Plan, and the Total Plan. All three plans include scanning and protection from IBM Watson, $1,000,000 in identity theft insurance, a dedicated case manager if your identity is stolen, access to the online identity dashboard to monitor your account, and the mobile app.

You'll also receive alerts any time your personal information is found on the dark web, when any higher-risk transactions are made, or if any threats are detected by Watson.

Identity Guard Review

Family Plan

If you upgrade to the Premier Plan, you'll also receive a monthly credit score, notification of changes from the three credit bureaus, alerts if your bank accounts are taken over, and notifications if anyone tries to open a bank account using your information.

Identity Guard's top plan, the Total Plan, adds additional coverage and benefits to what the Premier Plan offers. With this plan, you'll also receive a three-bureau credit report and a social insight report to keep you more informed and protected.

Identity Guard for Businesses

If you operate a business, you can also sign up for identity protection services from Identity Guard. Their data breach readiness services can help you be prepared in the event your company experiences a data breach.

Identity Guard Review

They will help you identify your risks of experiencing a breach and offer tools and suggestions to help you minimize these risks. Identity Guard will also provide training to your employees related to cybersecurity and keeping data protected.

Their breach response services are designed to help companies who have experienced a data breach. They can help you implement your breach response program immediately following the data breach in order to minimize the negative impact from the breach. Identity Guard will also help you provide identity theft protection to any of your customers who may have be impacted by your breach.


  • All of Identity Guards plans include $1,000,000 in insurance to cover lost money due to identity theft.
  • You can sign up for a family plan to protect the identities of everyone in your home.
  • You will receive alerts anytime suspicious activity is detected.


  • You will need to sign up for the Total Plan in order to receive a three-bureau credit report.

Final Verdict

If you are looking to keep your identity and personal information out of the wrong hands, sign up with Identity Guard today. The services they offer will keep you and your personal information protected against online predators.


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