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The same problem arises whenever I travel. Where do I stay? Hotels are not cheap. In some cases, they don’t even offer what they promise.

If I were to recall the number of times I overpaid for poor accommodation, I’d write a long post only on this topic. If you have the same issue trusting and finding hotels, you need to take a look at the website. includes classic city hotels, apartments, city homes, country retreats, holiday homes, and resorts.

Practically, it covers major accommodation options that you can book and filter by price. Review & Coupons

It was always a dream of mine to travel to Europe. I could take a few weeks off work to visit London, Paris, and Italy. Manually looking for accommodation in 3 countries scares me. How many days will I need to find something decent?

I began my research at My arrival is at London’s Heathrow airport so I need a hotel straightaway. The neighborhood selection tool on proves handy when you only need a hotel in a certain area. Features

  • There are many other interesting features and filters to rely on at Here’s a brief overview of what I found so far.
  • offers worldwide accommodation booking services.
  • You can book hotels directly online or by phone.
  • The website offers a vast selection of chain and independent hotels.
  • There’s a system of rewards where you get 1 free night after collecting 10 nights.
  • This rewards system applies to all listing booked through
  • You can sort listings by price, date, area, guest rating, star rating, amenities and by landmark proximity.
  • There’s a system of guest reviews and guest photos for added transparency.
  • You have the option of only browsing hotels with a free cancelation option.
  • There are no cancelation fees at
  • You can see the price in the local currency.
  • All your bookings are managed under your personal account.
  • If you have a hotel or other accommodation, you can list it on the website as well.


Have you ever tried to look for hotels only for apartment rentals to show up? I know I’ve faced the issue before. But there’s an option on the website which only shows you hotels you can book.

This means you don’t have to lose time simply browsing through thousands of irrelevant listings. Those who think this is not a major issue need to re-evaluate their booking process. Review & Coupons

When I searched for London accommodation I got 9.686 results on I had to sort them somehow to avoid spending days finding the right accommodation.

My plan here was to attend an event at the Royal Albert Hall. It was late in the evening and I did not want to travel too much back to my accommodation. As a result, I found accommodation right next to the event hall. If you’re also looking to stay in a particular area, I strongly suggest using the Landmark filter on the left side of the screen in your hotel search.


I have a tip for you if you’re traveling with kids. Booking a larger room or multiple rooms in hotels can be expensive, especially in cities such as London. This is the main reason I’m recommending apartments as fully-viable accommodation. Review & Coupons

There are so many great apartments that run similarly to hotels to choose from. I’ve already checked prices and they prove better than hotels, especially for groups. At the same time, they can be located in areas where hotels can’t. As a result, you may find perfect apartments with impressive views at

City Homes

City homes, lodges, and cottages are also listed on I think these options are great for long-term accommodation. Let’s say you want to spend a few weeks away with your family. These options might be your home away from home. Review & Coupons

There are various prices here as well. My tip is to avoid central locations unless you really need them. Otherwise, you won’t find the best deals as the location is the most important pricing criteria on the website.

Country Retreats

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to visit the picturesque British countryside on my next trip. However, offers attractive listings for those who want to get away from busy cities. Accommodation in rural areas benefits from larger rooms and multiple outdoor activities. Review & Coupons

If you’re looking to relax, maybe swim at the pool and go on short nature walks, you should take this option into consideration.


If you’re after a unique experience, you can book various houseboats around the world. lists some of the most interesting houseboats which run like real hotels. While docked in London or Budapest, you may still find a room on a boat, which is a luxury experience most of the time.


Resorts offer an all-inclusive experience. You can spend your time without leaving the premises with various activities and access to restaurants. They might be more expensive, but they offer the holiday vibe many are after. Review & Coupons

As for me, I’ll be staying at an Italian resort with free breakfast, free parking, and amazing views. If you’re planning a few days at a resort, I’d recommend contacting the host in advance to get an idea of things you can do once there. This is done through under your user account.

Daily Deals

There are new deals published on every day. For example, I found my Paris accommodation through the Daily Deals section of the website. Before you make a booking, check the daily deals to see if you are able to find a bargain. Review & Coupons

Luxury Hotels For Less

In certain periods, luxury hotels offer considerable discounts. It might be they simply need to book rooms in the off-seasons. There’s an area of the website on where you can specifically look for these deals. You never know when you’re going to stumble upon your hidden gem there. Review & Coupons

Price Match Guarantee

One of the most interesting policies offers for me is the price match. Instead of me looking on hundreds of websites to check the best price on a certain hotel, I can simply rely on this feature.

Here’s how it works. If you find the same accommodation listed at a better price elsewhere, matches that price for you. I’ve actually found on hotel slightly cheaper elsewhere and I submitted a price match form. Within a couple of days, the customer service team reimbursed the difference to my account. Promo Codes

We will keep this section updated with the most up to date and best discounts that are currently available!


  • has thousands of listings for all budgets.
  • Apartments and country retreats are also listed on the platform.
  • A Theme filter allows users to choose accommodation in categories such as business, family or luxury.
  • There are no hidden cancelation fees on
  • The platform matches the lowest price on your accommodation.


  • No options for car rentals.

Final Verdict is a platform for accommodation booking which includes thousands of listings in most countries around the world.

For me, the platform is the all-in-one accommodation solution for any type of leave or holiday plan. As with all hotels, pricing is dynamic. If you’re planning your next holiday, feel free to go on the website to check your dates for the exact price for your accommodation.


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