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Are you planning an overseas vacation but having a hard time looking for the cheapest tickets online? In today’s world, looking for the best airline ticket deals no longer requires you to search the internet for hours. Websites such as JetRadar will give you the lowest airline tickets for your next vacation!

JetRadar is an online travel agency, and they focus on providing the best deals for their users. They partner with different airline companies and hotels around the world to secure the cheapest deals. Users can simply visit their website and enter the destination of their choice, and JetRadar will search for the lowest-priced airline tickets and hotels.


If you wanted to learn more about JetRadar, continue reading this article and discover how you can save a lot of money by planning your next vacation using the deals that they offer.

What Are the Features of Jetradar?

When you visit for the first time, you will notice a lot of features on their homepage. Clicking these features will take you to a different page, or will execute a special action on the homepage.

Dark Mode

This feature is located on the upper right corner of the website. This is a small, circular, orange button that you can click. Once you click it, the website will become darker. This is great for people who wanted to conserve power. Browsing the website on dark mode also makes your eyes feel more relaxed.


Clicking this button again will deactivate the dark mode and will return to its normal state. This is a small feature that the developers added to make browsing for cheap airline tickets more comfortable for the user.

Searching for Cheap Airline Tickets using JetRadar

JetRadar became popular with international travelers because of their cheap airline tickets. If you wanted to save a lot of money on your next trip abroad, we recommend using JetRadar to search for affordable flights.

To begin, go to their website at Then, select what your ticket options are. You should indicate if you wanted to buy a one-way ticket or a roundtrip ticket. You can also choose a multi-city search if you are planning to go on multiple destinations.


Once you decided what type of ticket you would like to buy, you need to enter your city of origin and the destinations that you have in mind. You should also enter your preferred departure date and your preferred return date.

Another thing that you should include in your booking information is the number of adults, children, or infants that will also travel with you. Lastly, select the airline class where you wanted to sit. There are currently four options – economy class, comfort class, business class, and first-class.

If you wanted to save a lot of money, you should select an economy class. However, if you have a few dollars to spend, you can opt for the comfort class. Once you are done, there is a tick box on the lower portion of the drop-down menus asking you if you wanted to open Checking it will open a new window. Click “search flights” to proceed.

Choosing Your Flight

After you searched for the available flights on your preferred travel dates, JetRadar will gather all of the cheapest tickets on the internet that you can buy. The new window will present you with the cheapest tickets, and it will show up on the uppermost part of the list.

In this new window, you can select which currency should be displayed. This will help you decide which flights are the most affordable. There will be a new set of information that will be displayed on this new window, including the airline brand, stopover information, and the landing schedule.


If you have a lot of baggage, you can also order for check-in baggage while looking for a flight. The fee depends on the airline, but JetRadar assures you that it will not cost you a lot of money.

There is also a filter inside this new page that opened. This new filter will enable you to customize your trip. This will give you a lot of freedom choosing how you wanted your trip to be.

Keep in mind that only those with flexible travel schedules can enjoy the cheapest rates on JetRadar. If you need to travel on a specific date, you may not be able to find the best deals on their website. Make sure that you don’t have any prior commitment and you are open to schedule changes if you wanted to save more money.

Easy Hotel Booking with JetRadar

Another helpful feature offered by JetRadar lets you search for the best hotels in your preferred destination. On top of that, the website promises its users that they will find hotels where you can receive discounts of up to 60%.

To start using this feature, you need to enter the city where you are going. Then, add your preferred travel dates, and the number of your companions. Once you’re done, click “find hotels” and a new window will open.


This new window will give you a summary of all the hotels that can be found in your preferred destination. In this new window, you will be given the option to change the currency. The cheapest hotel will also appear at the top of the search results.

Another important thing that you should look at is the number of stars that the hotel received. The higher the stars, the better their services should be. Next to the stars would be the score given by the guests, and the address of the hotel should appear below their scores.

A photo of the room that you are trying to book will also appear in this new window. This will help you decide if you will take the room or not.

JetRadar also summarizes the prices given by its competitors to this specific room. This is the website’s way of being transparent to its users, showing them that they can also provide hotels for a low price.


If you are overwhelmed with the amount of information being shown on your screen, you can use the filter feature on the left side of the window. Using this filter will enable you to select the room based on your preferences.

The filter enables you to sort the hotels based on their popularity, the price per night, star rating, guest rating, property type, distance from the city center, the district where they are located, the facilities that are available inside the room, and other room options that you might want to try.

JetRadar wanted to give you the most memorable holiday, so be sure to use their features whenever you are planning to go on a vacation.

Using the JetRadar App

You can also download the JetRadar app on your smartphone. This will help you book flights and hotels on the go. You can also compare the prices on your smartphone to help you snatch the best deals. JetRadar’s application can be downloaded through Google Play for Android phones and the App Store for iPhones.


  • JetRadar offers the cheapest airline flights on the internet, and they have regular promotions.
  • They have a secured booking system.
  • You can compare the prices on their website.


  • They don’t have a record, so it will be impossible to view customer complaints if there are any.

JetRadar Promo Codes

The latest and best JetRadar coupon codes & discounts will be updated and listed below!

Current Special Offers Page - click here

jetradar review - Conclusion


JetRadar uses a very simple design. It has plain, blue wallpaper that turns darker if you switch to dark mode. This helps users to go straight to what they wanted – book cheap flights and hotel rooms. Without any additional graphics, the JetRadar website looks fresh and simple.

Compared to other websites that display tons of advertisements and graphics on their homepage, JetRadar wanted to preserve its simplicity. This enables them to get new clients because their website is easy to look at and it does not look intimidating.

Ease of Use

JetRadar is easy to use. Everything is direct to the point – you select your origin, your destination, your travel dates, and the number of people who will join you – and voila! The results are displayed in an instant. Even those who are not familiar with online travel agencies will find JetRadar easy to use.

Availability of Flights and the Availability of Hotel Rooms

There are no shortages of flights or hotel rooms at JetRadar. They have thousands of partners around the world, and the company assures all travelers that there will be an affordable ticket waiting for them to grab. They also make sure that promotions are running all year round.

Final Thoughts on this jetradar review

Overall, JetRadar is a great website to use if you are looking for the cheapest airline tickets and hotel rooms for your next vacation. It has a simple design, and it is very easy to use. Their smartphone application enables the users to book flights and reserve hotel rooms on the go, which is a big plus.

There are a lot of airline tickets and hotel rooms that you can choose from their website, and JetRadar loads fast.

We recommend this website for those who wanted to go on a holiday and have a tight budget. You can still enjoy your trip because JetRadar will give you the best deals.


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