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The tourism industry continues to get a boost in the present. Many people around the world continue to engage in traveling, now that airline tickets are becoming cheaper. Various countries all over the world are relaxing their visa restrictions because they wanted to generate profit as well.

According to the latest studies, the global tourism industry generated more than $8.8 trillion, providing jobs to more than 300 million people. Based on the current outlook from the experts, it seems like the tourism industry will continue to thrive.

The continuous growth of the tourism industry paved the way for other businesses to earn money by creating products that will benefit travelers. One of the companies that benefited from the rising tourism industry is FUGU Luggage.

FUGU Luggage

FUGU Luggage is considered as the company that created the world’s first expandable luggage. They create durable luggage that can be expanded, and the reviews from the users are mostly positive. Many travelers who are going on a holiday abroad are happy with the product released by FUGU Luggage.

It has become a common problem for travelers to buy a lot of things while traveling, and later on, find out that their bags are already filled up. With FUGU Luggage, the bag can be expanded, making a lot of space for the items that were purchased.

If you have a friend or family member who loves to travel, FUGU Luggage would be a great gift idea. The creators of the bag designed it to the highest global standards.

How FUGU Luggage Became Successful?

FUGU Luggage is a company that was founded by an entrepreneur who needed additional luggage space. The idea came from his experience of bringing a small bag inside the airport. He needs to purchase a lot of souvenirs from his overseas trip, but he only has limited space inside his luggage.

FUGU Luggage

He immediately thought of creating an expandable suitcase that he can sell to people who travel a lot. The founder looked for business partners, and the idea gained a positive reaction from the prospects. When the company started receiving funds, the production of FUGU Luggage began.

The founder of the company, along with his business partners, aims to change the tourism industry. They wanted to encourage travelers to choose a more convenient way of traveling, and they also demonstrated how FUGU Luggage can help them. With dedication and hard work, the product started selling like pancakes and it became a hit, especially with frequent travelers.

Today, the company employs passionate and creative engineers who continue to change the design of luggage for the better. The creative minds working for FUGU Luggage became their key to success, and everyone keeps on sending their ideas on how to make the product better.

All of FUGU Luggage’s employees are keen on details, and they put better designs on their products. They also love to travel, and they are happy knowing that their products can save them a lot of time, space, and money.

The Expanding Target Market of FUGU Luggage

FUGU Luggage continues to demonstrate how they can gain the interest of the public in purchasing their luggage. One of the reasons why their bags kept on being patronized by the public is because of its numerous features. People will continue buying things that make traveling more convenient.

FUGU Luggage

Today, FUGU Luggage focuses on their emerging markets – the millennials and the retirees both share the urge to see the world, and they are the ones who keep on patronizing FUGU Luggage. Shortage of space has become a problem for travelers in the past, but with the introduction of expandable suitcases, this problem has been resolved.

What Are the Products Sold By FUGU Luggage?

  • Rollux.
  • Minilux.
  • Powerbank.
  • Accessories.


FUGU Luggage sells two main products – Rollux and Minilux. Rollux is a carry-on, full-size suitcase, and it costs $399. This product is great for those who wanted to put a lot of items inside their suitcase. Aside from its size, this product is also fashionable, durable, and comfortable. It can be carried anywhere since it is lightweight, and it has a lot of functions.

FUGU Luggage

Travelers who purchased Rollux are satisfied with the product. It gave them the freedom to go around places, and the flexibility to carry everything on hand. The manufacturers ensure the public that they will have a different travel experience when using this product.


Minilux is a miniature version of Rollux, and you can attach it as a different case on your overall luggage. It sells for $199, and it also comes with different functions. You can carry it anywhere since it is lightweight. You can also store anything inside this bag, and it can be expanded. There is no shortage of space when using Minilux.

FUGU Luggage


The two main accessories sold by FUGU Luggage are shoe bags and toiletries bags. Each costs $79, and it gives you additional space for your shoes and toiletries. Many travelers carry additional bags when traveling and it can be an inconvenience. Shoes are toiletries are placed inside these bags. With the accessories offered by FUGU Luggage, many will experience convenience.


FUGU Luggage allows travelers to charge their devices on the go. They also sell power banks for $29. With a power bank on hand, you will no longer experience a dead device. You can enjoy using your smartphone as long as you want because power will no longer be an issue.

FUGU Luggage

Additional offers from FUGU Luggage

Customers who wanted to purchase the products from FUGU can choose from three color designs – blue, turquoise, and orange. They can also return the products after thirty days if they are not satisfied with it.

What Are the Features of FUGU Luggage?

  • Expands 120%
  • Official standard check-in size and handcarry size.
  • User friendly.
  • Patented folding system.
  • A high quality product that is made from durable materials.
  • Water resistant.
  • Detachable spinner wheels.
  • USB port.
  • Endless pockets.
  • Stylish.

Expands 120%

FUGU Luggage created Rollux, which is considered as the best expandable suitcase in the market. This is an ideal bag for those who wanted to purchase a lot of items overseas when they are on a holiday. WIth an expandable case, the shortage of space will no longer become a problem for travelers.

Official Standard Check-In Size and Handcarry Size

Rules and regulations are strictly followed by airports around the world. The reason why airport officials are strict is because they do not want terrorists or criminals from slipping in. They also look after the weight of the luggage to ensure that the plane would not encounter any problems while in the air. FUGU Luggages are made to fit the dimensions permitted by the airport officials.

FUGU Luggage


The product is easy to use, and if you are clueless about how it works, there is an instruction manual that comes with every purchase. The manufacturers ensure their buyers that they would not face any problem setting up this bag because it is engineered close to perfection.

Patented Folding System

The folding system is one of the unique features of Rollux, and FUGU Luggage stated that they patented its design to stop others from copying the mechanism behind its instantaneously folding. The result – it becomes more convenient to open a new storage space inside the luggage and store ore items.

A High Quality Product That Is Made from Durable Materials

The manufacturers ensure their buyers that the luggage was made using the best materials. It enabled them to create a high-quality product that is durable and can resist wear and tear for a long time.

Water Resistant

The product resists water, making all of your stuff inside safe and dry. When you are traveling to a place where heavy rain is a possibility, the water resistant feature of the luggage will make you worry less.

Detachable Spinner Wheels

The spinner wheels that are located on the lower part of the luggage can be detached. This would allow the users to shift from using a wheeled-luggage to a normal luggage.

USB port

FUGU Luggage promises their users of a better traveling experience when using their products, and with a USB port on every Rollux bag, you can charge your devices on the go.

Endless Pockets

The luggage created by FUGU Luggage has a lot of pockets where you can put various items. There are no shortage of pockets with this product, but always remember where you are putting your things to make it easier to find.


The design of FUGU Luggage received a lot of awards from different organizations and award-giving bodies. The main reason why it was recognized is because of the convenience that it offers to the travelers.


  • The bags are expandable.
  • It can expand in a few seconds.
  • The spinner wheels are detachable and you can charge on the go.


  • Even if it is lightweight, the bags can be heavy if plenty of loads are put inside it.

Final Verdict

When going on an overseas trip, consider using FUGU Luggage. This product will give you a different experience when traveling, and you will realize how convenient your trip will be.


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