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Traveling is a life-changing experience. My trips are always planned as I want to make the most out of them.

However, planning is stressful.

I once went to San Francisco where I completely overlooked the Fisherman’s Warf. Even after reading various attraction articles online, I somehow failed to prioritize this location on my visit.


This is why websites such as Way.com exist. Practically, it helps all these planning stages so that travelers can see the best spots on holiday, find parking at airports or cities, and even refuel at popular local eateries. But today, the website also sells events tickets at discounted prices.

Way.com Features

  • The website shows travelers where to go (popular attractions).
  • It shows where to eat great food at lower rates.
  • The service shows people how to navigate public transport.
  • It shows hourly (airport parking included).
  • The website shows available monthly parking spots in various cities.
  • Each parking location includes pictures, a map for direction and a review system.
  • The website shows local activities with prices and available dates.
  • There’s a system of reviews for these activities to boost user trust.
  • It sells tickets to live events and movies at a lower rate.

City Parking

Whenever I reach a new city, finding parking is always stressful. There is no major metropolitan area in the US where I managed to find parking quickly. Sometimes, I even prefer to pay more for parking just to find somewhere to leave my car.


If this is your case, the City Parking feature at Way.com helps. For example, I’m now planning a trip to Chicago to enjoy what the historic city has to offer. If I’m renting a car, it would be difficult for me to find parking, especially as I haven’t been to Chicago in my life.

I went on the website to see what’s available. The search returned 42 parking spots where you pay per hour. The cheapest was $2.5 and the most expensive parking spot was $23 per hour. These were all downtown locations.

Airport Parking

However, my friend from Ohio is also joining me and my group a day after we arrive. I’ll have to pick him up at the airport. Again, Way.com shows me what’s available at Chicago Midway International and at Chicago O’Hara International Airport. You can filter the results by the location or by price.


Parking Pass

OK, I get to Chicago and there are at least 10-15 attractions I want to check out. I was discussing with my friends how complicated it is to simply go and find a parking spot for each of these locations and then pay for them.

Way.com comes to meet my concerns with a Parking Pass. As its name suggests, it’s the type of one-off payment system which then allows you to park anywhere. Since I won’t be there for a month, a few daily parking passes should be enough.


The benefits of this pass are that it covers multiple parking lots. There are no minimum hours and no frequency restrictions to worry about. If you download the app, there’s a Find My Car feature there as well. Let’s say I wonder off the streets of Chicago and I don’t know how to get back to my car. The app guides me in this case.

Things to Do

There are a few things I want to check out in the city to relax and see what it has to offer. On Way.com, I found 605 activities in Chicago. There’s no way I can even consider all of these.


However, these activities can be sorted by popularity for each destination. I’ve already booked a river cruise and a downtown Segway tour. I think the Segway tour is good value for money as it shows me it's going to last for 3 hours.

From what I see on the tour’s reviews is that the tour guides are friendly and that this method of transportation covers vast areas which would be hard to walk to.

Where to Eat

I always dreamed about going to a dee-dish pizza in the windy city. I heard the Italian beef sandwich is quite popular as well. I’m certainly going to look at Way.com to see where I can eat these and other delicious foods.

Meal Plan

This is where eating gets interesting. As with the Parking Pass, Meal Plan is a feature that allows you to register to various restaurants and order food below the official menu price. There are three plans for 3 meals, 12 meals, and 20 meals to choose from.


Since I’ll be traveling with friends, I chose the 20 meal plans so that we cover at least one meal per day per person at a lower price. However, these meal plans are limited to only a number of cities so make sure you check your destination is covered before departure.

Event Parking

I’m not sure I’ll have the time to check out a local event. However, Way.com tells me my favorite comedian is in town. This is where things get interesting as you can book a parking spot close to your event right on the website.


Since I found cheap parking at a hotel, I went ahead and booked it even if I might not attend the event. You never know with these types of shows which attract thousands.

Is Way.com perfect?

Of course, Way.com is not perfect. It would be very hard for such a vast service to be always on point. For example, it has no locals on the platform to act as guides. I once went abroad where there were a website selling packages for locals to act as guides.

However, Way.com simplifies my upcoming Chicago trip. I know that no time is going to be wasted finding parking and I’ll enjoy the city properly.

At the moment, I still have no definite list of what I’ll do there. But I always check the ‘Things To DO’ are of Way.com for some inspiration. There’s a description for each of these activities and user reviews help you get a better perspective on what to expect.

Way.com Promo Codes

The latest and best Way.com discounts & deals will be updated and listed below!


  • Way.com covers all parking needs either short or long-term.
  • There’s a Parking Pass offering one-time payment for multiple parking locations.
  • A meal plan with discounts is available on the website.
  • Local attractions are included.
  • There’s a review system for everything that you can book on the website.
  • If you’re lucky, you can buy event tickets at discounted rates as well.


  • Meal Plan packages are currently only offered in a handful of cities.

Final Verdict

I find Way.com is essentially a tool to save time. It doesn’t reinvent the traveling experience, it makes it simpler.

As someone always caught up at work, it would take hours for me to track down various parking spots around the cities I travel to. I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly fed up with the growing number of parking tickets I got.

If you want to understand how Way.com works, you can check it out by inputting your next travel destination and seeing what you can do and where you can park. If you’re looking to get tickets to major events, I’d advise you to act quickly as well.


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