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Do you avoid planning adventurous vacations because of how much hassle it is to book them? Some people find that they don't travel even when they have money because of how difficult it is to get everything in place. That's without even considering the struggle of comparing hotel and flight rates.

Travel booking apps and websites are designed to change that. The goal of this industry is to provide software that lets you compare different booking options and plan your next trip with a few clicks or button taps. and are two travel planning websites with accompanying mobile apps. They allow you to search lodging based on different parameters, look at deals, and check out the offerings in different destinations all over the globe.

There are a few key differences in the setup of each, though. I've taken a look at both systems to help you decide which will give you the easier booking experience.

Overview of and

Shared Features

  • Travel booking programs.
  • Ability to book hotels.
  • Ability to bundle hotel and flight packages.
  • Website browsing by city and destination.
  • Rewards programs.
  • Mobile apps available for Android and iOS.
  • Finding bookings through search filters.
  • Price matching guarantee if a person finds the same booking at a cheaper price.

Unique Features

  • Booking reservations with resorts.
  • Booking reservations with vacation homes.
  • Booking reservations with country retreats.
  • Booking reservations with city homes.
  • Booking reservations with apartments.
  • Free hotel night for every ten nights spent in a hotel.
  • Ability to browse things to do.

Unique Features

  • Transparent review system that includes both negative and positive reviews.
  • Rewards program includes credits to your account and instant discounts.
  • Ability to book flights.
  • Ability to book car rentals.
  • Ability to book airport taxis.
  • Ability to book attractions and experiences.

Booking Lodging vs

It's fairly simple to book lodging through In addition to having hotel deals worldwide, the service also allows you to book vacation homes, resorts, city homes, and temporary apartment rentals. You just need to choose the category you want to browse.

On the homepage, you can get started immediately by inputting:

  • Your destination.
  • Check-in and check-out dates.
  • The number of rooms you need.
  • The number of adults and children coming.

Once you enter these parameters, the system will generate a list. Across the top, you have options to sort by different criteria:

  • Featured
  • Distance
  • Guest rating
  • Star rating
  • Price vs

On the left, you'll find a filter bar. This allows you to search for amenities like free breakfast, free WiFi, a pool, and pet-friendly options. You can narrow down results based on your minimum or maximum price, as well as search only certain star ratings.

With each filter category, you just check the box next to listings you're interested in. There are filters for:

  • Type of lodging.
  • Available amenities.
  • City neighborhood.
  • Proximity to city landmarks.
  • Lodging themes.
  • Accessibility options.

It's super easy to go through the lists and check boxes without needing to page through complicated drop-down lists or multiple screens. vs has the same basic search feature on the homepage including number of rooms, travelers, check-in and check-out dates, and destination. You can also check a box indicating that you're traveling for work.

Once you search, you can sort the results by the following categories:

  • Review score and price.
  • Star rating and price.
  • Price low to high.
  • Homes shown first. vs

The filtering system is a similar checkbox setup. For budget, you have to choose a predetermined checkbox rather than being able to input your own minimum and maximum values.

The included filter categories are:

  • Star rating.
  • Amenities like fitness centers and spas.
  • Searching by only available properties or discounted properties.
  • Free cancellation or no prepayment reservation policies.
  • 24-hour front desk open.
  • Meals.
  • Type of stay.
  • Type of lodging.
  • Bed preferences.
  • Review scores.
  • Hotel facilities.
  • Room amenities like spa tubs, kitchenettes, and air conditioning.
  • City neighborhood.
  • Hotel chain.
  • Hotel accessibility.
  • Individual room accessibility.

Though this looks like a lot more customization, the actual checkboxes are basically all included with the other filtering system. Unfortunately, breaking the system down into so many categories that could be combined can make the process a little overwhelming.


The search features are much easier to use, and the filtering systems are simple while still being detailed.

Other Bookings vs specializes in lodging booking, rather than being an all-purpose booking site. As such, its alternative booking options are limited. You can search for things to do over certain dates in different cities, but whether booking is available through the app varies.

The app technically lets you book flights alone, though it makes this function hard to find. But it will allow you to bundle flight and hotel bookings to get a discount on both. To get started, all you need to enter is:

  • Departure and return date.
  • City or airport of origin and destination.
  • Economy, business, or first class flights.
  • How many travelers there are and rooms needed.
  • Whether a hotel is only needed for part of the stay. vs has the same functions. It's very easy to find single flight bookings. It's also easy to find flight and hotel bundles.

In addition, the site has both car rentals and airport taxis available to schedule ahead of time. You can also buy tickets or make reservations for events and spaces in your city ahead of time, which makes it super easy to plan every day of your vacation with something special.


Thanks to the additional features available through, you can set up every aspect of your vacation in advance. You can book a flight and hotel several months ahead of time. Once you've landed, you can also have an airport taxi or car rental set up, and you can get tickets or make event plans for every day of your vacation.

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Pros and Cons of


  • The service allows you to book hotels all over the world.
  • There are multiple different types of lodging you can book including apartments, resorts, retreats, vacation homes, and city homes.
  • You can browse guides and information about attractions in cities all over the world, and you get a free hotel night for every ten nights booked.


  • The service is limited to booking lodging or booking lodging and flight bundles, rather than having other rentals and single flights available.

Pros and Cons of


  • The service has a transparent review system that allows you to see both the good and the bad reviews of any given place.
  • You have the ability to book car rentals, airport taxis, multiple types of lodging, flights, and to browse different deals.
  • You can book tickets or reservations to varying attractions at your preferred destination.


  • The filtering system is sometimes difficult to use and not very intuitive, so it can take longer to find the match you're looking for.

Final Thoughts: Which is Better?

Both of these services are great choices when you're planning your vacation. They work best for booking ahead of time, since that gives you access to better discounts and lowers the chances that you'll accidentally book a room that's been sold. There are mobile apps and rewards programs available. is the best website when you want to book lodging in a given area. It has a wide selection of hotels at discount prices, plus it provides access to other types of lodging as well. The search parameters are very easy to use, the rewards program is straightforward, and the app gives you resources for plotting your vacation. works best for those who want to plan and book every aspect of their vacation ahead of time. Not only can you book your flight and lodging, but you can also get an airport taxi, rental car, and get tickets for any attractions or venues you want to visit. Just keep in mind that there are fewer deals, and the search function is a little difficult to maneuver.


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