A Gold IRA is seen by many as a smart investment option. Instead of having all of your retirement funds invested in the volatile stock market, a Gold IRA allows you to invest your funds in gold and other precious metals. This may help you be more prepared and financially secure when it comes time to retire.

Goldco is a company you may want to consider if you are interested in setting up a Gold IRA. Goldco's team can help you get your Gold or Silver IRA set up hassle-free to make sure you are setting yourself up for a good retirement. If you are interested in learning more about Goldco to determine if they are the right company for your Gold IRA needs, read through our review below.


Goldco Review

What is a Goldco Self-Directed IRA?

A Goldco Self-Directed IRA is a type of IRA that you can use to invest your retirements savings into precious metals, such as gold, silver, palladium, or platinum. Self-directed IRAs were started when the US Government passed the Employment Retirement Income Security Act in 1974. Before this act was passed, nearly all tax-advantaged retirement accounts were employer-run plans.


Now that Self-Directed IRAs are allowed, you have more control in how your retirement funds are invested. By choosing a Goldco Self-Directed IRA, you can choose to take some or all of your money out of the stock market and opt to invest it in precious metals.

Many people choose to keep some money invested in stocks with other funds invested in precious metals. This can keep your portfolio more diversified, which will keep you more protect in the event of a recession.

When you set up your Goldco Self-Directed IRA, you can choose which metals to include in your portfolio. You can choose from gold, silver, platinum, or palladium. All of these precious metals are used for a variety of both industrial and commercial applications, this can help increase their value in the future as supply will likely dip.

Reasons to Consider Choosing a Self-Directed Gold IRA

While a Gold IRA may not be for everyone, there are a variety of reasons you may want to consider it for your retirement portfolio. First, investing in gold and other precious metals is typically a more reliable investment. The value of gold typically stays relatively stable and can protect you against inflation and economic recessions.


When you choose to create a self-directed gold IRA, you can choose to set it up as a Roth account. Doing so can help you protect your earnings from being taxed, since you will prepay the taxes when you set up the account and won't have to pay taxes with you withdraw funds during retirement.

Finally, choosing a self-directed gold IRA is typically much more straightforward and easier to understand than some other self-directed IRA options like private placement investments. Plus, when you choose to work with Goldco, they will help walk you through all the necessary steps of getting your IRA set up and ready to go.

Gold IRAs

Gold is an excellent option to consider when you are thinking about setting up a precious metals IRA. Investing in gold can protect you if the value of the dollar weakens.


Gold is a smart investment option for a variety of reasons. Along with its use in jewelry, gold is also used in the production of solar panels, laptops, smartphones and more. The various ways gold is increasingly used in our technologically-driven society will help keep it in high-demand, which can help the value of your investment continue to rise.

If you choose to use gold for your self-directed IRA, you will need to use gold that has a purity level of at least .995. It also must have been issued by either the US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint, or the Royal Mint. These rules are set by the IRS.

If you set up a Gold IRA, the gold pieces in your portfolio are required to be held by an IRS approved custodian. Once you are 59 ½, you can take distributions from your account. You can choose whether to receive the physical precious metals in your account, or whether to sell them back at the current market price.

Silver IRAs

A Silver IRA is another popular option to consider. Many people consider silver an excellent investment option because of the numerous ways it is used in various industries. In addition to jewelry, silver is used in the production of solar panels, in numerous electronic items, and in medical fields and dentistry.


Also, since we are increasing our production of electronic devices world-wide, the demand for silver will only continue to grow. Currently, there is less of a global supply of silver than gold, indicating that silver may become more highly coveted in the future.

The IRS has developed guideline for the silver you can include in your IRA. It must have a purity of .999. Additionally, when you create a silver IRA, your pieces will need to be held by in an IRS-approved facility. A few of the popular silver pieces offered by Goldco include the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin, the Mexican Silver Libertad Coin, and the 20th Anniversary Britannia w/ Edge Lettering.

Rolling Over or Transferring Your Existing IRA

Some existing IRA accounts can be rolled over or transferred to a self-directed gold IRA account. If you are unsure whether your existing account can be rolled-over or transferred, contract a specialist at Goldco to help you.


Some of the employer sponsored plans that can be rolled-over include 401(k)s, 403(b)s, Roth 401(k)s, Roth 457(b)s, and some governmental plans. For most employer sponsored plans, there are plan requirements that will have to be met for rollovers to occur. If you are not sure if your requirements have been met, someone at Goldco can help you.

Individual accounts that are eligible for transferring to a self-directed gold IRA include Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEP IRAs, and Simple IRAs (after at least two years of ownership).

Resources Offered on Goldco's Website


When you visit Goldco's website, you'll be able to find a lot of other great resources that can help you learn more about Gold IRAs and with planning your retirement. Some of the retirement planning resources they offer include information on 401(k)s and rolling over a 401(k), starting an IRA, investing in an IRA, and deciding between and IRA and a 401(k),

Free Gold IRA Guide

If you are interested in learning more about Gold and Silver self-directed IRAs from Goldco, you can sign up to receive a free Gold IRA Guide. Just visit Goldco's website to enter your information, and they will mail you a copy of the guide.

The free guide will include information that can help you should you choose to set up a Gold or Silver IRA. Some of the information in the guide includes the types of gold and silver you can use in an IRA and how you can open a Gold or Silver IRA. They'll also share information about how using Goldco's services can help you protect the funds in your IRA or 401(k).


There is also a section of their website that is called the Knowledge Center. Under this section, you'll find links for downloading eBooks related to investing and setting yourself up for a successful retirement as well as videos designed to help you learn more about retirement and investment-related decisions. The Knowledge Center also includes information related to the daily gold and silver prices, as well as what can impact those prices.

Finally, the knowledge center also includes an FAQ section. Here you can find answers to commonly asked questions about setting up a Gold IRA with Goldco. This section can be extremely useful in helping you find answers to your questions before talking to a representative at Goldco.


  • You can set up gold, silver, palladium, or platinum self-directed IRAs with Goldco.
  • Their representatives can help walk you through the process of setting up your IRA or rolling over/transferring an existing IRA.
  • There are many tax benefits associated with choose a self-directed gold IRA.
  • You'll find a variety of resources and information related to investing and planning for retirement on their websites.
  • You can sign up to receive a free Gold IRA guide in the mail.


  • Goldco's representatives can walk you through what you'll need to do to set up your self-directed gold IRA account.
  • You can choose to invest in gold, silver, platinum, or palladium.
  • If you set up a Roth self-directed gold IRA, you will prepay taxes and won't need to pay with you withdraw funds.


  • If you request the free Gold IRA Guide, you will likely receive phone calls and email messages from Goldco encouraging you to sign up for one of their IRAs.

Final Verdict

As you can see, there are many reasons to consider creating a gold self-directed IRA with Goldco. Visit their website or contact a member of their team to learn more about the services they offer and get started.


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