Regal Assets Review

Regal Assets is an investment house that allows people to make a number of important decisions for their financial future, and the company has built a reputation for excellence over the last ten years, and they provide services for all the different investments that you might like to make.

If you are searching for a particular type of investment, you may find it with Regal Assets. Read more below about how the Regal Assets team can help you.

What Are You Investing?

You are investing cash for your future, and the Regal Assets team creates an account for you to use, ensures that you can track your money, increase your investments, or pull out cash when you are ready.

Regal Assets Review

You should talk with a broker at Regal Assets to learn what they can do for you. The broker that you talk to will take you through all the options that you have when investing your money. They can do everything from a "regular" gold investment to doing gold IRA rollovers.

The Regal IRA

The Regal IRA gives you all the tax benefits of using an IRA, but this IRA is specially customized for customers of Regal Assets. You get much higher returns from this IRA because it has a proven track record, and you can work with your broker to ensure that you are adjusting your account to reflect your investment needs.

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Most people who are trying to make money from their IRA may want to be more aggressive. These customers can choose to be more aggressive, or you may decide that you want to be more conservative so that you have a better guarantee when you pull your money out. Regal Assets is one of our top recommended gold IRA companies.

Precious Metals

Investing in precious metals is one of the best choices that you can make when you are trying to save for the future. Investing in gold or silver is a good choice because the gold and silver markets have been on the rise for a long time. You can invest in every aspect of gold such as gold bars, gold futures, and gold production.

Regal Assets Review

There are a lot of people who prefer to use gold because the price is stable, but you may also try silver, platinum, and other precious metals that are traded around the world.


Cryptocurrency is an important part of your investment portfolio because you need to diversify your spending. When you are investing in cryptocurrency, it might be too confusing to download several apps, watch the currencies on your own, and learn how they are trending.

Regal Assets Review

When you work with Regal Assets, you can get your broker to show you what they would do in the same situation. Your broker will watch the value of every cryptocurrency you have chosen, and you will receive messages explaining what your best options are when choosing new currencies.

Invest In Watches

Regal Assets even partners with Franck Muller watches as part of your overall investment journey. There are several things that you can do with a nice watch aside from wearing it to the office. You may choose to use watches as an investment item because you sell them when they rise in value, or you may use the watch every day as a symbol of your success.

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Regal Assets Review - Ladies Collection

Franck Muller watches are just one part of what Regal Assets can do for you, but a good watch could turn into a lovely bit of extra cash when you need it.

Customer Care

You can contact the customer care associates for Regal Assets during their normal business hours and send emails when you have questions. You can be forwarded to a broker, or you can contact your broker directly.

It all depends on who you would like to speak to when you need help with your account. Plus, this company invests heavily in customer service so that you feel comfortable with the state of your account.

Pros and Cons of Regal Assets

Regal Assets has some very good points such as:


  • Brokers who will customize your account and investments.
  • Investment options that include their own IRA.
  • A watch line that will gain value after you have made a purchase.
  • A customer care line that allows you to get quick answers to your questions.
  • A growing brand that can offer more resources than a smaller investment house.

Regal Assets might scare you away because:


  • Using just the company’s IRA might not make you feel comfortable with your retirement investments.
  • You might want to invest in stocks independently.
  • You may prefer to have more control over your account.

Final Verdict

Anyone who would like to start investing for their future should try out Regal Assets to see what they can do to save money, earn money, and get investment assistance.

You are given a broker who can do a lot for you, and you can invest in everything from crypto currency and metals to watches. You can use the Regal Assets IRA, and you may prefer to have your broker customize everything so that you are not wasting time.


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