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Communication is one of the most important things that business owners should focus on. Without proper communication, their business can perform poorly, leading to low income. There are many companies today assisting business owners who wanted to set up a powerful communications system.

FreedomVoice is a company that aims to provide quality communications to business owners. They offer a cloud number or a cloud phone to those who are interested, and they are trying to help them build their business. Since the company’s establishment, FreedomVoice is proud to say that they were able to help a lot of businesses.


If you are a business owner who wanted to experience growth, you should continue reading this article and find out why working with FreedomVoice will give you an edge. Discover how the company can transform the way you do business, and how you can find clients who can contribute to the growth of your business.

Using the Cloud Number and the Cloud Phone

FreedomVoice offers two major products – Cloud Number and Cloud Phone. It is normal for business people to ask a question about the difference between the two. Here are the main differences:


Cloud Number

Business owners who decide to purchase a cloud number from FreedomVoice will be given a professional 1-800 number. Aside from the 1-800 number, they can also receive a local number that comes with a virtual assistant. It depends on what they need, and FreedomVoice will assess how they can help a business.

If you purchased a cloud number from FreedomVoice, you can use it on your business cards, and that will be the number to be contacted by your customers. They can also use mobile applications to give you a call or send you a text message. This is beneficial in helping your business grow, and you will be surprised how many people will start knowing what your business is all about.


When you started using FreedomVoice, you will be given an option to manage it easily using a smartphone. All of the controls will be sourced from a smartphone, and you can use the device to create a personalized greeting when someone reaches your hotline.

The free mobile app, on the other hand, will enable business owners to check their voicemails or faxes easily. They can also use it to make calls, as well as receiving or sending a text message. The good thing about this app is that it enables you to do all of these things no matter where you are. This is beneficial especially if you are that type of business person who is always on the go.


Another benefit of the cloud number is that your smartphone will be notifying you if the call that you are receiving is classified as a business call. When the system detects that it is a business call, you will be given a prompt, and you can answer them professionally.

The company is proud to say that they are one of the first virtual phone number providers that caters to the smaller businesses. They have become instrumental in transforming the lives of more than 250,000 business owners. Since 1996, these small businesses started growing exponentially, and they keep on receiving five star reviews from their customers.

Cloud Phone

FreedomVoice also offers the Cloud Phone to their users. This phone is plug-and-play, and you can enjoy unlimited calls for only $29.95 per month. If you wanted to try it out, the company offers a 30-day trial. You can use the phone during the trial period, and if you did not like it, you can return it without paying anything.


With cloud phones, FreedomVoice is positive that businesses across the United States will change drastically. The company behind this product said that the people would have to say goodbye to the wirings, and it will be easier to set up.

Big ticket hardware, different contracts that lasts for so many years and customer support team that is uninspired will also need to go once the cloud phones have been set up. When you purchase the phones from FreedomVoice, the company will be shipping it to you, and all you need to do is to plug it, make sure that it is connected to the internet, and then start using it.


When you start using the cloud phone, the system will generate a professional dial tone for you. The unlimited calling feature will also be generated instantaneously. This type of business setup enabled FreedomVoice to encourage more than 250,000 business people to buy their products.

FreedomVoice as a Company

The founders of FreedomVoice wanted to help small businesses across the United States grow exponentially. They believe that the company they established would become the voice of small business. The smart and effective tools for communication that they developed made a difference.


FreedomVoice is proud of what they have achieved in the past two decades. They became a reliable company that extends their assistance to anyone who might need it. More than 200,000 businesses across the country benefited from the services that they provided.

Today, the company continues to innovate the services that they provide because they believe that even small businesses deserve a chance to grow.

The Target Market of FreedomVoice


Entrepreneurs are the primary target market of FreedomVoice. The company stated that they will help business people who wanted to see their business grow. They continue to serve the public when it comes to their communication needs. They develop excellent devices that provide unlimited calling services, which is important for every business.

What Are the Main Features of FreedomVoice?

Cloud Number

  • Generate the Best Number for your Business.
  • Leave a Good First Impression When Someone Calls Your Business.
  • Stay Connected Anywhere.
  • Top Quality Services and Reliability.
  • Work with Passionate People.
  • Transforming Dreams to Reality

Cloud Phone

  • Plug-and-Play Setup.
  • Quality Support.
  • Unlimited Calling Services without Contracts.
  • Top Quality and Reliable Services.
  • Works Anywhere.
  • Add More Phones as your Business Grow.

Generate the Best Number for Your Business

Depending on the type of business that you operate, you might want to choose a 1-800 number or a local hotline for your business. Make sure to choose the right option to reap the best business benefits.

Leave a Good First Impression When Someone Calls Your Business

Creating a custom greeting that will be used by the employees will help you create a good first impression with the customers. When your agents sound friendly, the customer can find it easier to work with your business and you will start to notice that the number of people who is working with you increases.

Stay Connected Anywhere

With the FreedomVoice app, you can be connected anywhere. You can use their phones and do additional tasks like faxing to continue service your clients. This will portray you as a professional who constantly gives importance to work.

Top Quality Services and Reliability

The company is making sure that all of their clients are receiving the highest quality of service. They are also projecting themselves as a reliable business entity that is open to helping the public with their communications need.

Work with Passionate People

FreedomVoice is one of the few companies in the United States that does not discriminate. As long as the candidate has the passion to serve, they will be accepted.

Transforming Dreams to Reality

The company continues to inspect the business and see what other options they can provide to help you manage it effectively.

Plug-and-Play Setup

Setting up your cloud phone is not complicated. Following the simple instructions will enable you to find out what to do next when installing it on your system.

Quality Support

If you are not satisfied with the things that you did, you can contact the quality support and ask for them. They can even send a technician who can help you out.

Unlimited Calling Services Without Contracts

You can use the cloud phone to perform unlimited calling. This can help your business grow exponentially because you will start to develop formal communications.

Works Anywhere

With cloud phone on hand, you can work anywhere you wanted without thinking negatively. You can finish the tasks that you have to complete without experiencing any issues.

Add More Phones as Your Business Grow

As your business grow, it is important to add more phones. The company will supply you with additional phones whenever you need it, for a discounted price.


  • Trusted by a lot of businesses.
  • Will make your company look more professional.
  • Easy to set up.


  • The packages are expensive.

Final Verdict

FreedomVoice has a lot of features that business owners would enjoy. If you wanted to set up a business and you wanted a reliable contact center, take advantage of the cloud number and the cloud phone services offered by Freedom Voice.

We highly recommend this platform, and if you wanted to start using their services, you can head onto their official website and start choosing the program that you wanted. The website has a simple design, and it is easy to spot where the options are.


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