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A form is a type of element that is used to collect data from different sources. The data collected can be used to update existing contact information, create surveys, or build database that can be used as a reference. Today, many web developers are using forms to make their website more appealing.

If you are a web developer who is looking for an effective platform that creates forms, try using 123FormBuilder. This website has become one of the top form builders in the world today. The company, based in Romania, aims to create the most effective forms for their clients who wanted to gather information about their clients.


Visiting 123FormBuilder’s website today will enable you to choose their available packages, which can open new possibilities that will help you boost your career in web development. Try it out today and see how the platform can affect your business in a positive way.

The Company Behind

123FormBuilder is a company based in Romania. They follow four core values – customer-centric, adaptable, efficient, and fun. Following these core values enable the company to serve the people better.

Being a customer-centric company is important for The founders stated that the reason why they ended up becoming a successful company is because of the way they treat their customers. The company knows how to listen to customer complaints, and by listing down the problems encountered by their users, the company was able to resolve the issue and improve their services.


123FormBuilder is also proud of their adaptable nature. The company was able to grow from a two-man company to a company of more than 90 employees. With their adaptable nature, the company managed to face all challenges, and introduce changes in their strategies to make them more effective.

The business also experienced changes when it comes to taking care of their customers and fighting for what is right. The rapid technological changes around the world is also contributing to the changes that the company experiences.


The company also excels when it comes to creating an efficient way of how they can introduce new products to their users. The employees of work as a team that tries to improve their products when flaws are discovered.

Lastly, the employees who work for are also fun to work with. The company culture practiced inside their office is one of the reasons why they ended up becoming a successful firm. Being passionate with their job allows the employees to enjoy their stay.

Who Is the Target Market?

The target market of 123FormBuilder is web developers who wanted to use a reliable form builder website. The number one duty of a web developer is to create a website that his or her client wants. By using platforms like, gathering user information becomes easier.

When someone obtained the information about a customer, the next step would be marketing different products and services until they grab the offer. stated that they will keep on improving their services to increase the number of web developers who use their platform.


The number of users who has a paid subscription keeps on increasing, and the founders are happy with the current trend. began as a registered domain in 2008. The founders of the company wanted to expand their business, so subscription offers started to roll out in 2009. By 2011, an individual decided to join the business, and it signaled new opportunities for their growth.


By 2013, the number of employees working for 123FormBuilder grew to 20, and they all have a significant contribution to the business. In the year 2014, the company started to post their first $1 million yearly revenue. The following year, business people across Europe invested one million euros to the company.

In 2016, the investments made by various individuals led to the opening of new job posts. 20,000 people also started to become a subscriber for the company. By 2017, the number of employees rose to 80, and in 2018, the company celebrated their 10th year anniversary in the business.


Going from a small company to a massive business requires hard work and determination. The founders are happy knowing that many web developers trust the platform that they created. More effective websites are built, allowing businesses to capture customer information as simple as a walk in the park.

What Are the Plans That You Can Purchase?

The company offers three main plans for interested individuals who wanted to use their services. The first plan is called Basic, and you can use it for free. All you need to do is to visit 123FormBuilder, and then enter the information required by the page (like your email address). Once your account has been verified, you can start using the Basic plan.


If you have an additional budget, you might want to choose the Gold plan instead. It costs $24.99 per month, but if you will pay for your program on a yearly basis, the amount will become lower, requiring you to pay for only $249.96 per year, or equivalent to $20.83 per month.

The most expensive plan offered by is called the Platinum plan. This costs $44.99 per month, but you can save a lot of money if you will pay for it on a yearly basis. An annual price tag of $449.88 is assigned to the Platinum plan, but if you look at it closely, you can save more money. Per month, you are only required to pay an amount equivalent to $37.49 if you opt to pay every year.

What Are the Main Features of 123FormBuilder?

123FormBuilder has a lot of features. However, the feature that you receive depends on the plan that you purchased earlier.


If you purchased the Basic plan, here are the main features that you might experience:

  • Maximum of five forms.
  • Maximum of ten fields created per form.
  • Allows you to send 100 submissions per month.
  • Restricted to a single user only.
  • 100 API calls can be made every day.
  • The form builder creates forms fast and in real time.
  • Users of mobile phones can access your website without any problems.
  • The system will give you an access to form templates collection.
  • A technical support team will be helping you out.
  • Multi-factor authentication setting can be activated on your device.


If you purchased the Gold plan, here are the main features that you might experience:

  • Maximum of twenty forms
  • There are no limits on the number of fields you can create per form.
  • Allows you to send 5,000 submissions per month.
  • Restricted to a single user only.
  • An unlimited number of API calls can be made daily.
  • The form builder creates forms fast and in real time.
  • Users of mobile phones can access your website without any problems.
  • The system will give you an access to form templates collection.
  • Form calculations are now offered under this package.
  • A technical support team will be helping you out.
  • Multi-factor authentication setting can be activated on your device.
  • The website that you created will lack a backlink to


If you purchased the Platinum plan, all features stated under the Gold plan will be unlocked, with the addition of the following:

  • There are no limits on the number of forms.
  • Allows you to send 20,000 submissions per month.

When choosing the type of plan that you may want to purchase for your website, think of its advantages and disadvantages. One package might work well for you, but others might not.

What Are the Benefits of Using 123FormBuilder?

When using the platform, you can have the independence on what type of online form you would like to create – be it simple or complex. You will also be given the full control on how your website should look like. The only disadvantage of this feature is when you are totally unaware of how coding works.


Another advantage of using the is the additional features that they offer their users, like the “receive files” option, the “bring the data home” option, and the security options.


  • Create simple to complex forms.
  • Make your website more visually stunning.
  • Gather customer information easily.


  • The plans offered by the company can be costly, and there are many cheaper alternatives online.

Final Verdict

123FormBuilder is a highly-recommended platform for web developers who wanted to maximize their talent of building a visually-stunning website. Using this platform will give you all the tools that you need to create forms that can capture thousands of customer data.


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