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It’s hard for me to accept the fact that my son is growing up. It seems like yesterday when I was coaching his little league team. But now, he’s getting older and is thinking about where he wants to go to school. He says that he wants to work in the forensic science field later in life. But he is also focused on something else -- getting his driver’s license.

Driver’s ed courses at his school are kind of steep in price. Sure, I could afford it and all. But the schedule is no picnic for him. This includes getting up at 4 AM and having to get to the class at around 6:30 AM. On some days, it also includes driving practice as well. I had a bit of a hunch about something. With so many things available online these days, shouldn’t there be a driver’s ed course that you could take?

I decided to take a look around and came across I’m quite impressed with the curriculum and how cost-effective it can be compared to what my son’s school was offering. On top of that, he can learn about basic and advanced driving skills at any given time during the day. Features

  • Driver’s Ed courses for students and adults in every state taught by approved instructors.
  • In-car lessons with improved instructors that will patiently guide you through the process and help students gain the confidence they need behind the wheel (available in California, Texas, and Georgia).
  • Defensive driving and traffic school courses available for those who may have had traffic violations in the past.

Informative Online Courses

One of the things that my son loves is watching video lessons on YouTube. He has the knack for learning a few things for himself. When I found out that had video lessons that were easy to understand, my son was able to watch each video lesson while absorbing the information and taking notes when necessary.

The courses that are available are not just for teens, but adults and seniors can take lessons online so they can do their best to become safer drivers. Imagine what wonders can be done for your auto insurance policy. Safe drivers get a pretty good reward, you know.

If for example you are moving to another state, the traffic laws may change. So it’s important to know if there are any changes in your new home state. And that’s where these lessons on will come in handy. Plus, it would be a convenience for my son to know this if he’s considering a school out of state.

As mentioned, it has classes for seniors on how they can drive safely even at their advanced age. My dad is in his 70s now and still likes to drive from home to where he wants to go. And he doesn’t want to give up driving anytime soon. I suggested to him to check out the online courses that will help him land a discount not just for being a senior citizen, but also being a safe driver in an age bracket where accidents can happen. Plus, I’m hoping with his safe driving my poor mother can stop using the “oh crap” handle while he’s driving.

In-Car Lessons

When my son absorbs enough information and studies his notes, he is able to know what to do when he is out driving. He puts what he learns to the test in the in-car lessons. His instructor is a pretty good guy. Patient, informative, and always has an answer to a question. He is not afraid to tell my son what he needs to work on (and my son understands and can fix any mistakes easily).

As a parent, I am quite confident in knowing that my son is behind the wheel of a vehicle that is tested for safety and passes with flying colors. He said to me at first that it was kind of weird driving a Mini Cooper for practice. But he said it wasn’t so bad after driving it a couple of times. He said the handling was good and he felt a lot comfortable behind the wheel. Now I’m thinking that he might want one for his own. Don’t push your luck, kiddo. But I say it in jest (while veering off-topic a bit).

[Note: In-car lessons are available to students in the states of California, Georgia, and Texas]

Defensive Driving and Traffic School

I know my son will be a great driver and will keep a clean record. However, violations and demerit points that will be tacked onto your license can be a pain. If you have dealt with any traffic infractions, you can learn exactly how to clear off those points and re-start with a clean slate.

And by the way, there are some drivers out there that are not too courteous on the roads. So, I suggested to my son to take the defensive driving lessons. Not only will these defensive driving techniques make him a more aware driver, but it will also be a lifesaver.


  • Informative instructors with a wealth of knowledge about driving.
  • Classes can be taken at anytime.
  • Reasonably priced compared to on-site Driver’s Ed courses.
  • Courses available for all ages from teens to seniors.
  • Auto insurance discounts are available.


  • In-car lessons not available in every state.

Final Verdict

My son was happy with (and so was I). In fact, I can say the same about my dad after he took the senior driving course. I’m even more speechless knowing that he was able to take an online course since it’s not crazy about computers.

If you want driver’s ed courses within a few clicks, then I would be hard-pressed to find anything else like I am glad that they finally have a driver’s ed course that a student can take any time, anywhere, and any day.


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