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It’s about that time again. It’s time for me to change my tires.

And you know what that means? I go to my local shop and I wait for the old tires to get removed and the new ones installed.

The wait can be agonizing. Especially on days when I am at the shop and a few other people are ahead of me.

Not to mention, where I live the tire selection is quite limited. And they’re quite expensive as well.

Discount Tire Direct

I can go from one shop to another and it will be the same result. A limited choice of expensive tires.

Time to go online to see what I can find. That’s when I come across Discount Tire Direct.

Finally, a place where I can choose the tires that fit my vehicle best. And I pay for my tires at reasonable prices.

Needless to say, I was quite amazed by the choices that were presented.

Discount Tires Direct Features

  • Over 50 brands of tires and wheels to choose from. This includes all of your major brand names like Goodyear, Michelin, and Firestone (among others).
  • Compatible with any make, model, or year vehicle. So you can get the perfect fit for your tires no matter what.
  • Accessories like suspensions and caliper covers that are available to ensure that your vehicle is performing at its peak.
  • Free shipping that is fast guaranteed.

So Many Brand Names to Choose from

I’m not going to lie -- I’m not a tire or wheel expert. All I want are a good set of tires that will last me a long time and won’t have to wear and tear on me so fast.

I can find the best tires that fit my preferences and needs in no time. I ended up with a set of Goodyear tires that have lasted me quite a while now.

Discount Tire Direct

And it’s got the potential to clock in some serious miles. So how many brands of tires can you choose from? Try nearly 60 brands!

That’s a whole lot more compared to what you’re limited to at your local tire store. You can decide on which tires will fit you best and you can install them yourself once they arrive at your door.

Build Your Own Tire Package

I love this feature. Because I get to decide on which tires are best for me based on a few factors.

I can tell them what my vehicle’s make, model, year, size, and brand. I love how I have the power to decide what I want for my vehicle in the palm of my hand (or with a few clicks of the mouse).

Discount Tire Direct

By the time I have all of my information plugged in, I can be able to decide which tires are best for me. And that’s when I’m given the options which will fit me best.

Then comes the process of elimination, which is really tough. So if you are having a hard time deciding you should consider your budget.

From there, you can choose the best tires that you can afford in terms of quality and performance. Whether it’s just for the front, rear, or both you’ll get the tires you need to keep your vehicle running.

Wheel Visualizer

Imagine seeing what your tires look like on your vehicle before you even order them. Well, you can do just that with the website’s wheel visualizer.

Discount Tire Direct

In fact, I actually tried that out when I initially visited the site. I was able to see how my tires looked in my car before I even ordered them.

I knew that they would look perfect and right there, I made my decision. If you are having a hard time putting together a tire package for your vehicle, I highly suggest the wheel visualizer as your go-to feature on the Discount Tire Direct site.

Suspension and Accessories

Is your vehicle more of an off-road kind of vehicle? Do you need shocks and other accessories for a car or truck that is not afraid to get down and dirty? They have suspensions and caliper covers that are available for you.

Discount Tire Direct

Now, I’m not an off-road kind of guy. But my neighbor has a Jeep that he uses for off-roading purposes. He told me that he was having a hard time finding the right kind of suspension and shocks for his Jeep. So I recommended to him to check out Discount Tire Direct since I’ve noticed they had that kind of stuff.

Not only did he get the suspension and shocks that he wanted, but he managed to get a 4-set of tires that turned out to be better than expected. Let’s just say that if you can spread the good word around, you can definitely make someone’s life a lot easier. Especially when it comes to tires.

Also, they have a good selection of tire and vehicle cleaning products. On a nice day, I want to be able to give my car a good cleaning from the inside and out.

Once I’m finished, it has a nice shine to it and looks good as new. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t give it a spin afterward just to show off (well, just a little bit).

Quick Shipping

If you want tires without having to wait weeks for shipment, then you’ve come to the right place. I didn’t have to wait too long for mine to arrive for my vehicle.

Typically, your order gets shipped out 24 hours after ordering. At best, you can expect the tires to arrive within 2 to 4 business days. I’ll take that over a few weeks any day.

Add that with the reasonable prices you get, then it’s obvious that Discount Tire Direct is the no brainer option when it comes to finding your tires or wheels.

Discount Tire Direct

Shipped to Your Installer

Can’t do the install yourself? No problem. You can leave special instruction with Discount Tire Direct on where they can go.

From there, you can go to the shop and have them installed in minutes rather than wait a long time. It’s also a lot better than trying to figure out which tires are best for your vehicle.

You got the tires you want, now you can rely on the professionals you trust to tack them on. Plus, you’ll pay less anyways since it’s just for the install service alone.

Discount Tire Direct Promo Codes

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  • Plenty of tire brands to choose from.
  • The wheel visualizer is simple and easy to navigate.
  • Includes plenty of accessories like suspensions, shocks, cleaning products, etc.
  • Reasonable prices compared to your local tire shops.


  • May take a bit longer for special orders to ship.

Final Verdict

I love the tires that I got from Discount Tire Direct. These days, I don’t have to go from store to store to find the best tire deal.

If I need additional accessories, I can probably look there first before I go anywhere else. Plus, you can’t go wrong with the prices.

If you are looking for tires that will be perfect for your vehicle, I highly suggest the wheel visualizer as your best place to start. If you are a bit familiar with tires, you can put together your own package.

But either way, you’ll get the best tires from so many popular brand names. Why settle for a limited choice in your local area when you can get a pair of tires that fit you best without the guessing games?


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