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When I was looking for spare parts for my Dodge Ram, I quickly realized just how expensive they are. My vehicle’s maintenance was never cheap. But I had no idea how much more I’d have to spend on parts coming from a smaller MX5.

Now, some parts are universal. These include air filters. Since these parts fit multiple vehicles, they were easier to source at a good price. But most parts are specific to my vehicle and I needed to find a way to buy them at better prices. Otherwise, I even considering selling my Ram as I did not intend to increase my spare parts budget too much.


After asking a few members of an online forum about their Dodge Ram maintenance costs, they recommended AutoAnything for most purchases. Since then, the online shop has been the place where I make most purchases.

But if you’re looking for good deals on auto parts, there’s a good chance you’ll find them on this website as well. It sells parts for many types of vehicles which you can select by make and manufacturing year.

Autoanything Features

  • A large selection of motor parts.
  • The website sells interior and exterior car accessories.
  • Rare parts include airbag systems and window parts.
  • Daily deals and discounts.
  • Customer support online and over the phone.
  • All orders dispatched daily if placed before 2 PM (Pacific time).
  • Supported payment methods include PayPal.


When I first got my Dodge Ram, there was plenty of excitement around the purchase. But this wasn’t a new vehicle and it needed a few upgrades. One of the first upgrades of my vehicle was its battery. I went online to the e-commerce store and I ordered my battery.

My Optima Yellow Top battery is working fine even today a few years later. It wasn’t the cheapest option for me to consider on the website. However, I wanted a durable 13.1V battery which I could count on even during the winter months.


Needless to say, it arrived at my door a few days later. As you may expect, it wasn’t the lightest battery. At nearly 60lbs, it was a bit complicated to move around. I then took it, my car mechanic, to have it installed for me. He showed me how to do it myself. On my next battery purchase, which I expect in a few years, I’m going to replace it myself.

Now, this type of battery is available in various sizes and capacities. You may have a smaller car and you may still use it to power your vehicle for years to come. Make sure you take your time to read what others are saying about the performance and installation of these batteries on your vehicle. The included online review sections are where you’ll find such first-hand information.

Oils and Additives

When it comes to oils and additives, you’ll also find a few options on the website. You may also find a few products which improve your vehicle’s performance.


As for me, I’ve only purchased DistancePlus Oil Filters here. I think I got the best price for this filter and I’m ordering again when I need to change my oil. If you’re a bit unsure of the oils and filters your vehicle needs, feel free to check the online search tools to identify your car or SUV.

Otherwise, you can also check the owner’s manual for this information. In case you’re looking to add performance filters to your car, you may simply rely on the information on the website in terms of compatibility. Rest assured you can send them back if they don’t fit your vehicle.

Roof Racks

Other interesting purchases for me are roof racks. My wife’s car is a bit small to fit a road bike inside. But when we’re both off cycling, it seems that we can only take the Ram. But I’ve ordered a roof rack for her car directly from the online shop.


It was as good if not better than described. The quality of the materials was superb. It also performs well. It holds 2 bikes without any wobble and without touching the carbon frames. It becomes one of the most interesting additions to my car which surpasses the sports air filter where I expected enhanced engine performance.

Man Cave Products

When shopping for products on this website, I also found the man cave section. It’s unlike anything else I’ve seen before. All the products I want in my garage space for me seem to be here. From interesting chairs that look like a wheel to doormats with sports teams logos, you’ll be able to find interesting choices.


But for me, its these little purchases I make with each order that get me excited. Sure, good SUV batteries are always welcomed but I want something for myself with each order I place.

Performance Air Filters

The simplest method of giving your car or SUV a little boost is by adding in a sports air filter. This is a simple operation that any car shop can do. They simply remove the old air filter and add the new one without intervening in the CPU.


With better throttle response and improved torque, these air filters are a top addition. They are not as cheap as a standard air filter. But performance parts are always going to cost a bit more. For me, the investment results in more fun behind the wheel.

AutoAnything Discounts & Coupons

If you’re a cheapies fan like me, the daily discounts section is where I start shopping. These deals change every day. Some of them might not apply to all products. Normally, new products in stock are those which are not discounted. But there are thousands of other products which may be discounted. If you’re not in a rush to purchase these car parts, you may end up in this section more often to see what’s on discounts.

We will keep this section updated with the most up to date and best AutoAnything coupons...


  • Deliveries within 5 days.
  • Free shipping policy on most products.
  • Express delivery is available upon request.


  • No international deliveries.

Final Verdict

The online shop is one of the preferred options for pick-up drivers. Since it doesn’t have the overheads costs of physical stores, it offers better prices. Its inventory is also considerably wider than what’s found in other shops. As seen above, apart from vehicle parts and performance parts, it also sells plenty of accessories.

A few good deals are published and updated frequently throughout the week. My advice is to go online and check the discounts every day. For example, this is how I was able to purchase my seat covers at a 50% discount.

But it’s not just the accessories that are discounted. A few months back, I found the same considerable discount on performance brake fluid. I’ve purchased a couple of bottles. They should last at least until I sell the vehicle a few years from now.

Otherwise, I might simply give it to other pick-up owners on my street. It was a deal I just couldn’t overlook with increasing parts and accessories prices, especially on larger vehicles.


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