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When I’m on the road, I often look for the best accommodations. If I’m on a business trip for a few days, I find a good hotel that has all the amenities and is close by to some places of interest like a few restaurants, buildings where I can rent office space for an hour, and so on. But my job also has me in a temporary place for a few months at a time.

If I’m going to be somewhere for about 3 months, I’m obviously not going to take the chance and live out of a hotel room. I want to be able to have private accommodations and find a place I can call home for the duration of my visit. Plus, I don’t want my company to spend an arm and a leg for staying in a hotel room day in and day out for that long anyway. I want privacy. I want to be able to work in peace without the noise or the abrupt arrival of the cleaning crew (nothing against them, though. They do a great job keeping their rooms spic and span).

Corporate Housing By Owner

So I decided to exercise more options beyond hotels. That’s when I decided on exploring apartments. However, I ran into another slew of problems. Some landlords want long-term leases that are longer than a year. And they won’t bend or budge on anything shorter than that. Plus, any short-term lease apartment will have me paying more than those who intend to stay for the long-term. This makes the decision process hard.

Then I discovered Corporate Housing By Owner. Once I came across the site, I was able to find places I was interested in checking out in the city I was going to for work. I only needed a place for three months and was able to land one in the quickest amount of time.

Corporate Housing by Owner Features

  • Allows you to search for short-term leases in major cities and book them accordingly.
  • Up to date property listings so you know what’s available and when.
  • Gives property owners an easy to use dashboard to add posts for openings on their property including geographical information.

Short-Term Leases in One Click

You know how you go on an apartment search website and you have to filter between so many options. Short-term lease, furnished, and a price range of $x to $y? The only difference here is that you won’t need to search high and low for any furnished, short-term lease spaces here. In fact, you can find them all on one site.

Corporate Housing By Owner

I was quite happy to find a condo that was fully furnished in Las Vegas when I was there helping my company open a new office. Plus, I got it at a pretty good price. I stayed there for a reasonable price of $2000 a month. In fact, I’d guess that anyone on a long-term lease would pay more than that.

Plus, I can choose how long I can stay. If I’m staying for a month, done. Two months? Yep. And the price never changes. You get the listing price period and nothing more.

Up to Date and Recent Listings

Openings are available every single day. The last thing I want to do is call a property manager about a place, only to find out it’s no longer available and they “forgot” to take down the post. I hate that. CHBO is by far one of the most reliable listing sites for short-term corporate housing since they post new listings every day and take down any filled spaces if needed. I can be able to book a place, even if it was posted earlier that same day. You no longer have to play the “hit and miss” game anymore. If you have your eyes set on a place, you can get it.

Corporate Housing By Owner

Easy to Use for Property Owners

I have a friend of mine who is a property manager in Houston. His target market includes businesspeople like myself. He was complaining about how he had to jump through some complicated hoops when it came to posting his listings. I told him about CHBO and he was amazed by how easy it was to create a listing and monitor all the activity from one well-organized dashboard. Plus, he is able to find the package that fits him best without spending an arm and a leg.

Corporate Housing By Owner


  • You can find short-term corporate housing a reasonable prices.
  • Easy to search and navigate.
  • Perfect for property managers to use for listings.


  • Some may be put off by the fees.

Final Verdict

I was impressed with what I could find on Corporate Housing By Owner. I was able to find a place where I could stay for a while until things were all set and ready to go. My company can take me somewhere for an extended business trip or when I need to oversee the opening and development of a new branch being opened.

No matter where I go, I know I’ll find a place in no time. If you are struggling to find corporate housing or a short-term lease and hate the idea of living out of hotel rooms, you’re not alone. CHBO is the one solution I trust and for good reason.

If you are a property manager that is looking to fill some spaces even for the short-term, you ought to consider putting out a few listings. I’m certain that you may get some fill-ups in no time (especially from businesspeople who just need a place to crash when the workday is done).


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