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One of my favorite hobbies is writing a blog. Usually I write about lifestyle topics.

I love writing about what I know about travel, personal style, wellness, and those odds and ends topics. But often times, I rely on photos and videos to make each post look not so bland.

There are times when I’m pressed for time or I don’t plan on using any of my own photos or videos. So, I had to find an alternative site that will give me all kinds of additional options for content.

Then this idea came to mind: stock photos! Some of the sites I came across allowed me to download them for free.


The problem was that my options were so limited. And I wasn’t even satisfied with the stock photo as a whole.

Some of the ones I wanted for a certain topic didn’t look relevant enough. Then I found DepositPhotos.

Since finding them, I now have a reliable source on where I can find the best stock photos. Not only that, they have stock vectors and photos that I can add onto my website anytime I wish.

Depositphotos Features

  • Includes royalty-free photos that you can download every week for free when you sign up for their mailing list.
  • Offers royalty-free vectors and videos for your website and ads.
  • Includes individual plans for photos, vectors, and videos. Available monthly and annually.
  • Standard or extended license on-demand photos and videos available right at your fingertips.

Royalty-Free Photos

Photos are my bread and butter as far as my content goes. And let’s face it, I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg just because I’m using someone else’s photo.

Look, don’t get me wrong here. I appreciate a person’s art. And I hope they get paid for their hard work.


But there are some photographers out there that charge for a ridiculous percentage regarding royalties. So my other best option would be to find stock photos that fit the personality of my website (and every blog post).

Stock photos don’t always have to be for blogs. If you have a website that has a slider feature, you’ll have plenty of stock photos at your disposal that is relevant to your business.

Once you have your batch of photos chosen, you can download them and be able to use them anytime you please. Believe me, you really don’t want to miss out on these high-quality photos that will really make your website or blog pop.

Vector Graphics

One of my other favorites about DepositPhotos is its wide variety of vector graphics that are perfect for my blog cover photos. In fact, I am starting to use them a bit more than the stock photos themselves.

I really love the different designs and styles that they use. One of them is the comic-like vectors. I’m a sucker for comic books, so the vectors do kind of match my personality a bit.


But they are a really good alternative to regular stock photos if and when you need them for certain things. You also get a good sample of clip art to put to good use as well.

When I recommended this to a friend of mine who puts together events in my city, she had so many designs at her disposal for flyers. Already, she’s used a couple of their designs for flyers for some of her recent events.

She said that some people loved the flyers because they were vibrant and eye-catching. If you are looking for vector graphics that will really stand out, this might be the place to get them.


If you want the best looking videos in stunning quality, you’d be wise to get them here. You’ll get a wide variety of videos that are available in standard or high definition.


If you want something that will really pop, then you’ll definitely want to check out the collection of 4K stock videos. Each video is stunning in quality, I’m in awe each time I watch them. Call me weird, but I don’t often get “wowed” by stock photos!

Editorial Photos

If you run a news website or blog, you can get royalty-free editorial images direct from here. Since I am pondering the idea of running a blog about feature films in the future, I know exactly where I’ll get my editorial photos if I decide to go forward with the project.


Being a journalist does have it’s perks. But if you are doing online publications, the need for photos and videos is always constant.

The editorial stock photos made available to you will be perfect for any topic you are focusing on. Plus, you’ll be able to choose the photo you want if it’s relevant to your editorial topic.

Considering the idea of a sports blog? They have a category for that.

Want to cut your teeth into the world of fashion news? There’s a category for that too.

Subscription Plans That Fit Your Budget

There are two types of subscription plans: individual and business. Of course, I go with the individual subscription since it’s only me operating the blog.

No matter which one you choose, the packages are similar. Let’s take a look at one of my favorites:

  • Flexible Plan
  • Regular Subscriptions
  • On-Demand Downloads

This is a subscription plan that will last an entire year. You can download any photo or vector of any size.

You can choose between 15, 25, or 100 images. Plus, you’ll have the choice of downloading a standard or extended license depending on your needs.

Video Downloads

Videos are downloaded on a package basis and don’t have a monthly subscription. You can download a limited amount of videos depending on the number you want.


You can choose between standard or high definition. Alternatively, you can also choose 4K videos if you want.

Your choices are 1 video, 5 videos, or 25 videos for one package.


  • Flexible plan is perfect for budget users.
  • Downloads for flexible plan carry over every month.
  • Excellent for individual bloggers and businesses.
  • High-quality vectors, photos, and videos.


  • Videos not included in a monthly subscription.

Final Verdict

I know there are plenty of stock photos out there. But some places want you to pay a ridiculous amount.

And of course, you want stock photos and videos free from those pesky watermarks. Sure, you can get a handful of them for free but the design or photo might not be the best match.

If you want the best in stock photos, vectors, and videos then I would highly recommend DepositPhotos for all of your needs. Your website or blog might need a little bit of life breathed into it with the help of a few great graphics.

Plus, it’s also a great place to get vectors for cover photos, ads, and flyers. With DepositPhotos, the sky is pretty much the limit at a reasonable prices.


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