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Whenever I see a top football game, I just wished there was a way to record it simply for me to watch again in the future. But this is not limited to games. Whenever I see a good movie, I want to have it saved. Good music also helps to be saved on my smartphone. I can listen to my favorite tracks while away in areas with no internet coverage.

This used to be complicated and I had to use multiple software and other tools to record all of this content. But Audials One 2020 gathers all these tools in a simple platform. Furthermore, it gives me access to online TV and radio stations. I can record my own content from these as well.

Audials One 2020 Review

I’m a huge fan of Netflix shows. The software also helps me record shows perfectly legal to keep and watch again on lazy weekends. But there are other interesting features the software has to offer.

Audials One 2020 Features

  • HD images saving from streaming services.
  • New Spotify playlists drag and drop import feature.
  • A new subtitles import function.
  • Access to music charts from popular websites.
  • YouTube playlist import.
  • Create a list of music genres.
  • Over 100,000 streaming radio stations.
  • Ads-free recording from radio stations.
  • Included audio editor function.
  • Included app for simple data transfer.

Record Videos at 1080p

As one of the new 202 features, the software now includes 1080p HD video recording. Customers have asked for better resolution on video files and the company now has this option. What I like the most is I can save my Netflix and Hulu shows in top video quality as they already look fantastic.

Audials One 2020 Review

But video recording is also faster with this year’s version. It doesn’t take long before an episode of Designated Survivor is saved on my laptop. While it might seem complicated to save videos due to the laborious interfaces, it’s actually easy.

Record Songs from the Web and from Radio Stations

A famous feature of the software is the song's recording capability. It allowed many music fans to save their most appreciated tracks. Today, the software has upgraded this feature as well.

Audials One 2020 Review

There are multiple methods of recording songs. Apart from recognizing the artist and the name of the song instantly, the software also records these songs from any medium. You can record them from the TV on the radio.

Inside the software, you can navigate to the radio stations menu tab. There are over 100,000 radio stations from around the world here. You’ll be able to set your own favorites depending on your favorite music genres. This is why I quickly navigate to my top 3 radio stations to listen to new and appealing songs from virtually any band or singer.

Edit Audio Files with a Built-In Editor

If there’s anything you’d like to do with your recordings, you now have this freedom. I like to cut out any intros and outros which are not necessary. This is specifically useful for long mix songs which are not necessarily needed in full length for me to listen.

Audials One 2020 Review

But you can also merge songs into a single file. There’s no direct advantage to this. However, if you don’t want to press the skip button track while listening to music, it can be the only alternative, especially for devices that pause a bit in-between songs.

Cut-Out Ads from Your Recorded Songs

The software also recognized ads and asks you if you want to remove them. There’s a visual interpretation of the ads as well. As a result, they are quickly removed from the recordings if not needed. Furthermore, ads might also ruin a movie and I apply the same editing option for my video files.

Organize Movies by Genre

Needless to say that I now have thousands of recorded songs to listen to. But at some point, it becomes tiring to search for each one of these songs manually. But there’s a new feature this year which selects the songs according to category. I only have 2-3 songs from thousands of tracks that haven’t been categorized properly and I think it's impressive.

Audials One 2020 Review

Download YouTube Songs and Videos

YouTube is my favorite video platform and possibly my favorite website. But some videos are taken down or I can’t find them when I need to. During the summer months, I want to remodel my house. I found an interesting YouTube channel with not so many views which shows you how to do this on your own.

Audials One 2020 Review

I didn’t take any risk and I downloaded all the videos from this channel to my computer. After the download, I categorized the videos according to the areas of my house. I have 2 videos for the bedroom and 5 videos for the kitchen. It’s a type of guided learning which I can benefit from when applying the knowledge on my home.

Access Most Popular Music Through Charts

Another interesting feature is the access to popular music charts. It can be time-consuming to always look for the latest songs. As a result, I now have 50 websites which chart’s I find appealing to me. This is why I’m already considering saving all of the songs these charts rate.

Audials One 2020 Review

Of course, the most popular websites rank the most popular singers and bands. But I have a few genre-specific charts in the indie-rock area which I check on a weekly basis.

Install the App to Transfer Your Files

There’s an improved official app as well. It was only when I used a fitness watch that I realized I still need to download songs to it if I want to listen to music on my Bluetooth headphones without carrying a smartphone. The app is intuitive and a lot easier to use than computer software.

Audials One 2020 Review

But I also use the app to discover new songs. It’s the type of all-in-one app which has replaces other music apps I had on my smartphone.


The software costs $49.90. I find it very affordable for what it can do. If you got to the payment option on the website, you’ll also be able to pay for it in your local currency if buying from abroad. Payment methods include popular credit and debit cards. PayPal payments are not supported.

Audials One 2020 Promo Codes

We will keep this area updated with the latest and best Audials On 2020 coupons & discounts!


  • Excellent HD 1080p video recording quality.
  • The software imports YouTube playlists.
  • It works with online radios.


  • You can’t pay for the software with PayPal.

Final Verdict

If you think the software is too complicated you’re not alone. However, you also have limited features on the smartphone app. It’s a lot easier to use. But once you start recording a couple of songs or videos, you’ll be comfortable with the software anyway. If you still need a bit of help with the software, there’s a library of resources on the website under the Resources menu tab.

There’s no trial version at the moment. But given its low price, you can purchase and download it without investing too much. Its advantages are hard to match. It combines all the video and audio recording functions you may need. The best part is that it does it at a considerably lower price than other professional recording software.


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