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Do you find yourself frustrated by the limitations of free video editing software? Most free systems don't have the tools necessary to create high-quality renderings. Or if they do, you can't export your video without a watermark. The best solution is to upgrade to paid video editing software, but it can be hard to know where to start.

Two of the most prominent video editing companies are Cyberlink and Adobe. These creators have many different products with different levels of feature editing. I've taken a look at the latest versions of Cyberlink PowerDirector and Adobe Premiere Elements, the top editing software options from both companies.

Both of the programs have easy-to-use interfaces loaded with video and audio editing tools. They also both come with enough resources for both beginners and professionals to use. But they do have some key differences that could make or break a purchase.

Overview of Cyberlink and Adobe

Adobe and Cyberlink both have a variety of video editing products available. These features are found in Cyberlink PowerDirector 16 Ultra and Adobe Premiere Elements 15.

Shared Features

  • Video editing software for short and feature length videos.
  • Film editing capabilities.
  • Motion graphics software.
  • Color editing and balancing.
  • Multiple effects and transitions.
  • Labels and titling tools.
  • Easy encoding and exporting.
  • Support for multiple video types and formats.
  • Compatible with Windows platforms.

Unique Cyberlink Features

  • One time payment for permanent use license.
  • 4K and 3D footage.
  • 360-degree footage editing tools.
  • Express project module for easier editing.
  • Motion tracking.
  • Integrated magic movie wizard.
  • Movie-level color balancing for cinematic projects.
  • Integration with BorisFX, Prodad, and NewBlueFX.

Unique Adobe Features

  • Subscription-based with monthly or annual payments.
  • Simultaneous and shared projects between users.
  • VR visual and audio editing with sphere rotation technology.
  • Regional closed caption standards.
  • Typing tool.
  • Direct publishing to multiple platforms.
  • Resource libraries.
  • Integration with Microsoft Team and Adobe products.
  • Available for Mac devices.



Cyberlink has outfitted the PowerDirector software with a few different pricing options. There's a free trial available to let you experiment with the interface and determine whether the tools will work for you.

The basic PowerDirector software costs $139.99 for a single license. This gives you access to the base video and audio editing tools. You also get 10 GB of cloud storage to back up your projects.

Cyberlink vs Adobe

The Ultra package gives you 25 GB of cloud storage for one year and costs $279.99.

The Ultimate package comes with 50 GB of cloud storage. In addition to the baseline features, it also comes with advanced video editing features. This version also lets you import professionally-formatted videos, making it a great option for the pros. It can be purchased for $399.99.

The Director Suite comes with the basic PowerDirector software. It also includes PhotoDirector, AudioDirector, ColorDirector, unlimited premium plug-in access, and unlimited access to effects and content packs. There's 100 GB of cloud storage. The price is $299.99.


Adobe Premiere Elements is available on a monthly and annual subscription basis. You may be able to get permanent licenses to use the software as well.

Cyberlink vs Adobe

There are two pricing options. The basic software costs $99.99. There's also a bundle available at $149.99 that combines Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements.

Winner: Cyberlink

Cyberlink wins because of the multiple pricing options that let you choose the feature set that fits your needs best. However, for a simpler pricing structure and cheaper overall purchase, the better choice is Premiere Elements.

Number of Users


The Cyberlink software cannot be used on multiple computers simultaneously. This means that multiple individuals cannot work on projects through a single purchase. Even if they're working on different projects, the system won't allow it.

Cyberlink vs Adobe

With that said, the software purchase is not restricted to any one device. As long as only one individual uses it, you can install the program and work on projects on unlimited computers.


When you make a basic Premiere Elements purchase with Adobe, there is a limit to the number of devices the software can be installed on. You must limit your download to two computers. But there are packages that will allow for multiple users and more devices.

Cyberlink vs Adobe

One of the biggest selling points of Premiere Elements is that you can have simultaneous project work. This means that multiple people can use the program at the same time through one subscription. In addition, you can share projects between multiple users.

Winner: Adobe

The Premiere Elements software is specifically designed to be used by teams, while the Cyberlink software is made more for individual editors. This means that Premiere Elements works best for those who have large video editing teams in their businesses, or who are working on large cinematic projects with multiple editors.



Cyberlink vs Adobe

Cyberlink has guidelines and tips in the software itself. In addition, the online support center gives you immediate access to:

  • Frequently asked questions.
  • New software patches.
  • User guides.
  • Support tickets.
  • Checking on your product or support ticket status.

Phone support is also available should you have any issues with your purchase or the software itself.

You can get one-on-one live chat support. Before you're connected to a support member, the website guides you through a series of questions to narrow down the issue you're having. This ensures that you're connected to an individual equipped to help.


Cyberlink vs Adobe

Adobe offers a number of different resources to help both beginners and professionals learn to navigate the software. In addition to guidance inside the interface itself, there's also an online knowledge center.

When you access the knowledge center, you can see the following:

  • A quick guide to getting started.
  • A comprehensive user guide.
  • Tutorials for using nearly every element of the software for a variety of different projects.
  • Frequently asked questions.
  • Troubleshooting tips.
  • Featured articles.

You can also join the community forums.

Support can be found from Adobe through live chat services, phone customer support, and a help ticketing system.

Winner: Cyberlink

Cyberlink's streamlined chat services help you connect to someone who can help on a faster basis. The ability to check on the status of your support tickets is also super helpful. Both of these companies have detailed knowledge centers and support tools, though.

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Pros and Cons of Cyberlink


  • The software is able to provide cinematic and feature editing for long videos regardless of your skill level.
  • There are more than 100 video editing tools, more than 100 cameras, and more than 500 built-in templates and effects.
  • The software is yours to use permanently once you purchase a license, and you also get a cloud connection to back up and export your projects.


  • The audio editing capabilities aren't as robust as with some other editing tools, so you might need to use an additional audio software if you have complex sound needs.

Pros and Cons of Adobe


  • The interface is super simple and easy to use, and there are editing tips that make it good for both beginners and advanced professionals.
  • The software comes with a lot of video effects, transition tools, and text editing.
  • There's powerful audio editing capabilities that you'd typically need a separate sound editing program for.


  • The software is only available on a subscription basis, so the costs can add up if you intend to use an advanced version for multiple years.

Final Thoughts: Which Is Better?

Both of these systems are solid video editing programs that give you everything you need to do basic video creation. They both have easy-to-use interfaces that allow beginners and experts alike to create films. The right one for you is mostly a matter of what features and pricing structure you prioritize most highly.

Adobe Premiere Elements works best for people working on team projects. It's often favored by companies creating marketing tools or presentations, though some professional film editors use it for cinematic experiences as well. The subscription-based pricing includes project sharing capabilities.

Cyberlink PowerDirector is best optimized for individuals who want a robust video software that they own permanently. With one payment, you have license to use the program for a lifetime. There's one user per license. Because of the number of cinema-based tools, this software is often used by film students and amateur directors.


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