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Do you ever worry that you're not getting the most out of a vacation? When you travel to new places, you have a chance to experience things totally unique to the area. Every new spot has things to do and see that you can't get anywhere else. But knowing how and where to find these adventures can be difficult.

Baltic Tours is a company that's been operating since 1991. Nowadays, there are 26 total programs that take 3,500 travelers through Baltic countries, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Scandinavia, Russia, and other countries every year. Each of the tours is slightly different, so whether you're a rugged wilderness adventurer or looking for beachy relaxation, there's something available.

Baltic Tours


  • Guided tours are available in twelve different countries, and all tours are guaranteed departure.
  • Tours include unique places and activities, restaurants and local cuisine, and local businesses.
  • Up to 42 people can be part of one group, with 30 to 35 being the maximum.
  • Basic tour prices are calculated for each individual using a twin bed in a hotel, with optional extra features for an additional fee.
  • Tours are offered in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Italian.
  • Children below age 2 tour for free, while children from 2 to 12 tour for half price.

Tour Structure

Every tour you book is guaranteed departure, no matter the size of the group. The majority of groups end up having around 30 to 35 guests, but some might include up to 42.

Baltic Tours

Many tours go through several countries over a period of multiple days. There will be attractions and experiences planned in advance. Each day has a specific itinerary, and you're also given the freedom to choose your own excursions at certain points.

On the first day, the group comes together and has a welcome meeting with the tour guide. The guide will explain the basics of the tour and expectations. If there are any safety concerns or important cultural notes, you'll be informed during the meeting. This is a day for settling in and preparing for sightseeing.

Baltic Tours

Each tour day following that will include travel and sightseeing. You can expect a significant amount of walking from place to place, along with a few hours of driving per day. The time spent on the road will vary depending on how much ground you're covering.

Some plans include scheduled tours every day. Others have a mix of scheduled tours and relaxed days during which you're free to make your own plans for the day. During these free days, you're still given information about places to do optional tours or have meals.

On the day of departure, you'll have breakfast at your final hotel. You'll then travel to the airport using whatever travel accommodations you've arranged. You have the option of arranging for the tour group to drive you to the airport for an additional fee.

Quick Information While Browsing

As you hover over the different tour packages available on the website, you'll be shown some quick facts and statistics. The top of each individual tour page expands on these. Each writeup tells you:

  • The basic tour price for a single adult in a room with a twin-sized bed.
  • The number of countries involved in the tour.
  • The number of days the tour lasts.
  • The recommended age of the average tourist.
  • The number of unique objects integrated into the tour experience.
  • The types of experiences involved such as sightseeing, history, culture, city tours, local experiences, wellness and spas, museums, and galleries.
Baltic Tours

This quick overview gives enough information for you to tell whether this sounds like the kind of vacation that you'd enjoy and can afford.

Basic Travel Package

Each tour comes with different pricing and basics. The published base price is for an adult with a twin bed, and it includes everything on the published tour plan labeled "included." If anything on the tour plan is labeled "optional," that means it's an extra expense you'll need to pay for out-of-pocket.

Baltic Tours

Special Features

There are a variety of additional features that you can incorporate into your tour for an extra price. The main ones are:

  • Hotel stays before and after the scheduled tour.
  • Local cuisine and buffet hotel dinners.
  • Optional additional activities.
  • Transfers to and from the airport when arriving and departing.

The private transportation vehicles can be pre-ordered for groups of one to three or four to seven guests. If the party is made up of more than seven guests, a special request must be made. The price for this addendum varies depending on your city of arrival or departure.

People who book private transport will be met at the airport by their driver, who will be holding a board with their name. Information regarding departure transfers will be provided by the tour guide before the tour ends.

Baltic Tours

One of the best ways to experience local culture is by eating meals at local restaurants. To that end, Baltic Tours has a number of local cuisine options to recommend in every area. You can participate in social dinners, or you can have a relaxed buffet-style dinner in the hotel. Should you choose, you can also partake in both.

Pre-tour stays are popular for travelers from overseas. Flights across the ocean are long and cramped, and jet lag can take a toll. Many people prefer to schedule a day or two to rest and recuperate before they begin the tour. In these cases, Baltic Tours can arrange extra days in the hotel.

Pre-tour and post-tour stays are also recommended for individuals who have more interests than time. Giving yourself a little extra free time in the city means being able to have more experiences.

Optional Excursions

Every day of the tour will include optional excursions on top of the basic tours. Each of these is compatible with the basic tour schedule, so you won't miss the basic tours if you also attend optional ones.

Baltic Tours

Baltic Tours recommends that individuals reserve and pay for their optional tours in advance so they don't miss out on availability. Of course, you should only partake in optional excursions that will enhance your vacation experience. You don't need to see everything to get the most out of your time.

Food and Local Cuisine

Local restaurants will be recommended on every day of the tour. These are places that are culturally significant and great spots for social outings. To get a taste of the local food, culture, and energy, one of the most relaxed things you can do is check out one of the recommended restaurants for dinner.

Hotel Recommendations

You have the freedom to choose which hotel you stay in during the tour. To help make trip planning easier and enhance guest experiences, Baltic Tours has put together a long list of hotel recommendations in different cities.

Baltic Tours

Each hotel on the website has a star rating based on the number of amenities provided. The ones with fewer amenities still provide high-quality comfort and customer service, but they tend to be more inexpensive.

The website offers small write-ups about the hotels explaining the merits of their location, history, aesthetic, and amenities. If the space has cultural significance within the surrounding area, Baltic Tours will let you know. Picking the right hotel means being comfortable and relaxed during your down time, which is vital to a stress-free vacation.


  • Tours are offered in five languages in twelve different countries, with a maximum tour group of 42 people.
  • Different tours focus on different activities and areas of interest, so you can experience the things you want to while avoiding those you don't.
  • You can browse available tours based on their location, length of trip, and the number of places or objects involved.


  • The tour company isn't equipped to help with other travel issues like flight booking, visa issues, and passport renewals, so you'll need to take care of these things yourself.

Baltic Tours Promo Codes

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Final Verdict

In addition to offering tours in Baltic countries, Baltic Tours provides tours for several other European and Asian countries as well. Tours come with a range of different prices and activities. The basic price is per individual, though up to 42 people can participate in a single tour.

Having an experienced tour guide is one of the best ways to make the most of a vacation. And since different tours focus on different things, you can pick the one that most reflects your ideal vacation. Maybe you're interested in local art and museums, or maybe your interests are geared more toward nature and food. Baltic Tours has you covered.

If you're planning your next vacation, check out the packages available and see what kinds of memorable experiences you could be having.


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