Corel VideoStudio Vs Adobe Premiere Comparison

Have you ever struggled so much with a free video editing software that you were brought to tears? If you're planning to create any video media for your business or educational course, the helpfulness of a paid program cannot be understated. But knowing what to look for can be tough.

Two of the best video editing software choices today are Corel VideoStudio and Adobe Premiere. Both of these come with multiple pricing options that give you access to different features. The highest-priced choice unlocks every feature in the software, but not everyone will need that level of functionality.

I've taken a look at the different offerings and compared the two programs so you can determine which is a better investment for your video creation needs.

Overview of Corel VideoStudio and Adobe Premiere

Shared Features

  • Video editing software options with multiple tools.
  • Camera flexibility.
  • Customizable editing workspaces.
  • Exporting to traditional video formats.
  • Use of graphics and effects.
  • Tutorials and other resources available.
  • Audio editing and mixing capabilities.

Unique Corel VideoStudio Features

  • Live chat support.
  • Two multicam tracks at Pro level.
  • Six multicam tracks at Ultimate level.
  • Importing of Sony 4K content with Ultimate level.
  • Effects from Boris, NewBlue, and ProDad with Ultimate.
  • Motion-tracking capabilities.
  • 360 degree cam capabilities.
  • License purchasing with no subscription.

Unique Adobe Premiere Features

  • Beginner and advanced modes.
  • Watermark option.
  • Automatically generated storyboards.
  • Media tagging capabilities.
  • Exporting to virtually any format.


Corel VideoStudio

VideoStudio is available with two different options: Pro and Ultimate. When you purchase the license for either, it's free to use forever. You don't have to keep paying ongoing subscriptions.

Corel VideoStudio vs Adobe Premiere

The Pro license can be purchased at $79.99, with additional users upgrading at $59.99 each. The Ultimate license costs $99.99 and offers user upgrades at $79.99 per person.

The Pro software includes:

  • Trimming, cropping, splitting, merging, filtering, and placing effects on videos.
  • Two cameras for multi-camera editing.
  • 1,500+ video filters and effects.
  • Basic color grading.
  • 360 degree editing.
  • Webcam and screen recording software.
  • Split screen video and time remapping.
  • Uploading to Youtube and Vimeo.
  • Exporting to popular formats.
  • 50+ video templates.

With Ultimate, you get all of this plus:

  • 2,000+ video filters and effects.
  • Six cameras for multi-camera editing.
  • Full color grading.
  • Video mask creator.
  • Ultimate Effects Collection.
  • More exportable formats.
  • 100+ templates.

Adobe Premiere

With an annual subscription, Adobe Premiere Pro at its most basic level costs $19.99 monthly.

Corel VideoStudio vs Adobe Premiere

If you combine it with another creative cloud application, that price rises to $39.98 monthly.

For an annual subscription to the Full Adobe Creative Cloud, you'll pay $49.99 per month. If you only pay on a monthly basis, that increases to $74.99 per month.

These are pretty exorbitant costs considering they recur.

Winner: Corel VideoStudio

Corel VideoStudio lets you purchase either the Pro or Ultimate software to become a permanent license holder. You don't have to pay ongoing subscriptions. Unless you only intend to use Adobe's service for a month, Corel pays for itself almost immediately.

Project Management

Corel VideoStudio

There are a number of tools in VideoStudio that can take your project from beginning to end.

In addition to the many different video capture and editing formats, the interface itself has streamlined shortcuts and editing tools. There are also smart video and slideshow tools, along with creative resources.

Corel VideoStudio vs Adobe Premiere

The video creation process is very easy, and there's a highly visual interface for organizing your project.

First, you'll import your recorded video media and other resources. The you'll add each piece of media to the timeline. You can see the clips arranged at the side of the screen, which allows you to drag and drop to get the right arrangement.

Once you have your rough timeline, you can edit every aspect of the video. That includes trimming, clipping, adding transitions, adding effects, and other options.

It's unbelievably easy to add titles, transitions, filters, and music. Once you're done, you can export the video to a file format of your choice or upload it to a video sharing website.

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere is optimized for project management. All videos are referred to as "projects." When you're ready to start work on a new one, you'll click the "Open Project" or "New Project" button.

Import your files, edit, and save as you go.

Corel VideoStudio vs Adobe Premiere

Some unique Adobe features are the panels and workspaces. Panels have specific purposes for any given project. You can access them in your Windows menu and reposition or resize them based on their priority in your project.

Workspaces have preset layouts with different panel displays that can help with different tasks. There are some presets for working on audio, editing video, or doing other tasks. When you're using a panel, it will be highlighted in blue.

Winner: Adobe Premiere

Adobe's software is better streamlined for project management. There are preset tools that help you work on different tasks more efficiently, and the timelines help you lay out a video's progression even before you have all the footage.


Corel VideoStudio

Corel VideoStudio vs Adobe Premiere

Corel VideoStudio has many different learning resources available:

  • Help system integrated into the software.
  • 257 page PDF user guide with instructions on utilizing all the features.
  • Guides to understanding terminology.
  • Multiple official video tutorials and demonstrations.
  • Compilations of web-based resources.
  • Community with compiled discussions and resources.

This means that even though the software doesn't have a "beginner" mode, it's still easy to learn what you're doing.

Adobe Premiere

Corel VideoStudio vs Adobe Premiere

Premiere is designed with both Beginner and Expert modes. This can make it more user-friendly toward designers who are just starting out and a little overwhelmed by all the features. At the same time, there are still all the professional-level editing options you want in a software.

Multiple community tutorials are available online, but the quality can't be assured since they're made by third party individuals and companies.

Winner: VideoStudio

VideoStudio has far more comprehensive resources available to help you learn to use the software. Whether you prefer videos, hands-on demonstrations, user manuals, or forum interaction, there's a method that's been made for you.

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Pros and Cons of Corel VideoStudio


  • There aren't any subscription fees, since you just pay one fixed price to purchase a license and then another if you want to upgrade to more users.
  • You can choose from two different plans, both of which are packed with dynamic video features.
  • There are multiple multicam tracks, motion tracking capabilities, and 360 camera angles available, which the competing software doesn't include.


  • Corel VideoStudio doesn't have a beginner mode or the same number of video tutorials, so the learning curve can be a little steeper.

Pros and Cons of Adobe Premiere


  • It's one of the most versatile options available in terms of exporting, embedding, and uploading video content.
  • The storyboarded templates make it easy to create dynamic videos that follow a cohesive structure.
  • An overwhelming set of editing tools and resources is available, with beginner mode for those who are just learning how to edit.


  • You have to keep purchasing the service through an ongoing subscription rather than making a one-time payment to get a user license.

Final Thoughts: Which is Better?

Both of these editing software options are outfitted with enough resources, tools, and exporting options to take you from beginning to end of the video creation process. There are several features optimized for marketing videos and online tutorials, including streamlined template choices.

Adobe Premiere is ideal for people who want a software that has basically every component you could possibly ask for in a video editing program. It comes with a ton of convenience features that make it ideal for any workspace. But it also lacks some camera tools, and you can only use it for as long as you pay the subscription fee.

Meanwhile, Corel VideoStudio only requires one payment to download the software. Once you've purchased a license, you are the owner of the program. That's a rare and valuable thing these days. The upfront purchase price pays for itself in a few months when compared to the competition. And it has most of the same editing features equipped.


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