RoboForm Vs Dashlane Comparison

Is it safe to store all of your passwords in the same place? The answer is yes - as long as you trust the security of your storage area. RoboForm and Dashlane are both password management systems with excellent security features. But there are a few ways in which these services are significantly different.

Overview of Roboform and Dashlane

Shared Features

  • Password generation software that creates strong and unique passwords.
  • Master password protects data.
  • One-sided data encryption.
  • Free base plans.
  • Optional premium plans.
  • Security features including password practice monitoring.
  • Offered two-factor authentication.
  • Automatic account login.
  • Automatic form filling.

Unique Roboform Features

  • Family-specific software option.
  • Separate identity options that let you manage personal and work logins differently.
  • Unlimited password storage.
  • Multiple data sets for form fill storage.
  • Site bookmarks.

Unique Dashlane Features

  • More comprehensive security features.
  • Password changer allows changing of every password at once.
  • Direct adding of passwords to the app to save them.
  • Premium VPN and WiFi protection.
  • Dark web monitoring.
  • Premium Secure Notes storage with unlimited sharing.
  • Premium use of U2F-compatible software.
  • Emergency contact designation for someone who can open your account if you can't.



The downloaded RoboForm interface is compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS systems. Since the download page automatically takes into account the device you're on, you don't have to hunt for the correct platform's file.

Roboform vs Dashlane

Passwords can be imported from services including Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Dashlane, Keeper, 1Password, and LastPass. CSV files can also be imported.

At the left of the screen, you're given five categories for data storage:

  • Safenotes
  • Contacts
  • Identities
  • Bookmarks
  • Logins

The Identities section can store your personal data. It allows you to have multiple data sets for filling in different forms. Meanwhile, the Contacts section securely protects information of people in your life. Safenotes is what's used for information that can't be sorted into other categories.

The extra organizational system is helpful - you can create multiple folders for each section and display them in a tree.

The interface isn't very sophisticated, but it is very easy to use.


The Dashlane interface is simple to use, and it doesn't have the same limitations that the competition's does. With this option, you can enter the password directly into the app to save it. This means that you can add the information for several different logins at once.

Roboform vs Dashlane

The service can be accessed through mobile and desktop apps. If you have been using another password manager or a browser password saver, Dashlane might be able to import your information. The existing apps that can be imported are:

  • Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers
  • RoboForm
  • PasswordWallet
  • 1Password
  • LastPass
  • A CSV file

If you want to use additional devices after you set your account up on your original device, you'll need to use a security code emailed to you. With two-factor authentication, you'll need to use a six-digit code sent to your phone.

Using the service through a computer is easy since you can log into the website, use a downloaded browser extension, or use the downloaded application. The downloaded application has the best features and easiest-to-use interface.

All primary sections are organized at the left of the screen, while you can look at your data in gridded or listed format using the right. The majority of websites have their icons saved in the software, so you get a more visually-pleasing experience and have an easier time finding things.

Winner: Dashlane

Dashlane wins because of the extra features and ease of use of their interface. You can find passwords and other information easily by checking for the icon of the website in question. In addition, you can access your account through a browser extension or the website itself.

Security Options


RoboForm uses strong encryption methods alongside a key-stretching algorithm. Two-factor authentication is available as well.

Roboform vs Dashlane

The software also has a calculator that gives you a Security Score. This tells you how secure your information is based on your duplicated logins, reused passwords, and individual password strength.

Secure sharing is available between parties, with data encrypted throughout every part of the sending and receiving of files.


Dashlane's free plan has a number of security features. All of your form data and passwords are securely protected and encrypted. You also get alerts if there are any reported breaches of any linked accounts.

Roboform vs Dashlane

The plan allows for secure sharing of up to five passwords or other notes with family or friends who also have the app. Two-factor authentication is available. If you have unexpected technical issues, there are limited data restoring options as well.

You have to upgrade to a Premium plan to make use of the more advanced security features.

Winner: Roboform

Both free plans have the same basic security measures and protection levels, but RoboForm's Security Score is a nice added touch in keeping you safe.

Premium Features and Pricing


RoboForm has one paid plan tier called RoboForm Everywhere. For individuals, the cost is $23.88 per year. For a family plan that lets up to five people have access, the cost is $47.75 per year.

Roboform vs Dashlane

In addition to the basic options that come with the free plan, RoboForm Everywhere offers these additional features:

  • Full data syncing across all linked devices.
  • Two factor authentication options.
  • Cloud backup options.
  • Secure folder sharing between parties.
  • Emergency contact access.
  • Website browsing access and protection.
  • Priority customer support available 24/7.


In addition to the basic protection features in the original plan, Dashlane's Premium service costs $4.99 per month and offers:

  • Unlimited stored passwords.
  • Automatic data syncing.
  • Dark web monitoring software with personalized alerts.
  • VPN connectivity when using unsecured WiFi networks.
  • Storage space for non-password sensitive files.
Roboform vs Dashlane

The Premium Plus service adds:

  • Credit monitoring in real time.
  • Support for identity restoration if your identity becomes compromised.
  • Up to a million dollars in Identity Theft insurance coverage.

Most password management systems don't offer extra identity protection for other areas of your life. This sets Dashlane apart from the competition.

Winner: Dashlane

Though it's a more expensive option overall, the extra features that come with Dashlane make the premium access worth it. The VPN access and dark web monitoring alone are worth the price. Plus you get identity protection with the highest paid tier.

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Pros and Cons of Roboform


  • The free RoboForm tool has fewer limitations on password management than the free Dashlane tool.
  • Multiple different data sets can be saved for filling out forms, which means you can have multiple addresses and payment methods used.
  • The Family Plan allows up to five people to use the same subscription, which saves significant amounts of money.


  • The paid plans don't have the same robust security features that the competition offers.

Pros and Cons of Dashlane


  • The emergency contact form lets you set conditions in which another person can be given access to your account, in case you aren't able to.
  • Premium accounts give you access to VPN connections to protect your data and browsing habits.
  • Dark Web Monitoring services are available for Premium users, including personalized alerts for when your personal information is detected.


  • The free services have limited password storage, and each account can only be used by one person.

Final Thoughts: Which is Better?

Both of these password management systems are highly-valued choices with excellent security and convenience features. The right one for you depends on what features are a bigger priority.

RoboForm is the better option if you're looking for a free service. It's also the best option if you have multiple individuals you want to protect with the same subscription, since the Family Plan lets up to five people connect at once. There's also more advanced form filling capabilities.

Dashlane is right for you if you're looking for more advanced security measures, including additional options on top of two-factor authentication. If you have a Premium account, you get personalized alerts if your information is used on the dark web, and you can access VPN services to protect your data.


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