Screencast O Matic Vs Camtasia Comparison

Do you ever struggle with finding good screen capture software for your small business? The majority of marketers need to make videos and resource tools using screen capture programs. But many of those available on the market are optimized for gaming or live streaming.

For video editors, two of the most popular solutions are Camtasia and Screencast O Matic. But these tools are very different in some ways, one of the most significant being price. Camtasia costs several hundred dollars, while even the highest pricing tier of Screencast O Matic costs only around forty.

Why? Which is worth the investment?

I've taken a look at the different features so you can decide which is best for your budget and needs.

Overview of Screencast O Matic and Camtasia

Shared Features

  • Screencasting services with paid features.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • Webcam recording on PC.
  • Microphone audio recording.
  • Generation of SWF and Windows Media files.

Unique Screencast O Matic Features

  • Free version available.
  • Compatible with Linux.
  • Webcam recording on all operating platforms.
  • Video editing with paid version.
  • Generation of Quicktime files.

Unique Camtasia Features

  • System audio recording.
  • Feature-heavy video editing software.
  • Generation of H.264, AVI, and FLV files.
  • Pause/resume function.

Plan Options

Screencast O Matic

Screencast O Matic comes with three plans. One is the basic free program, and the other two are paid options.

The free program is completely free to download and use. Though the features are significantly limited, there's still enough functionality to make basic videos. You can also use the free version if you want to test whether the interface is one you like working with.

Screencast O Matic vs Camtasia

The Deluxe version, which only costs $18 per year, removes the limitations placed on the free tool. It also gives you access to the video editing software, which the free tool lacks.

The Premier version, priced at around $40 per year, adds even more choices. This is the only version that lets you include your brand with videos and upload videos longer than 15 minutes. You also get 100 GB of bandwidth per month, access to a stock library, and multiple secure backup options for your completed and in-progress videos.


Camtasia doesn't have different pricing tiers with different available features. Every purchase comes with all of the software's included capabilities. Instead, the company prices the software by number of licenses.

Screencast O Matic vs Camtasia

A single license costs about $249 and allows you to install the program on two machines. Educators, non-profits, and government entities may be subject to discounts on their pricing.

To upgrade the software so more people can use it, the cost is around $100 for every additional license purchased.

Winner: Screencast O Matic

Screencast O Matic wins because it has multiple plans available depending on what features you need. The free version also lets you try the software out to see whether you like it. In addition, even the Premier plan costs about a fifth of the total cost for one Camtasia license.

Recording and Editing

Screencast O Matic

With Screencast O Matic, you can record your webcam, full screen, or a screen window. You can zoom in during recordings, trim recordings, and type captions. With the paid options, you can draw, create GIFs, and take screenshots, as well as record your system audio.

Screencast O Matic vs Camtasia

The scripting tool is a huge asset, as it lets you narrate a video after you've shot it. Paid versions also include automatic speech-to-text captions.

In editing, the paid versions let you add music, edit multiple audio tracks, import other media, and move around different recording sections. There's also automatic removal of silences, adding of rich text, ability to adjust speed, and ability to animate transitions and overlays.

Even a green screen filter is available for greater editing prowess.


Camtasia is packed with rich recording and editing features.

You can record your screen, webcam, system audio, and microphone input. The tool allows for voice narration and closed captioning. You can also choose between recording your entire screen or just a certain region, which can help if you need to use part of your screen for other things.

Screencast O Matic vs Camtasia

The software automatically balances the audio and smooths the cursor path. You also have access to a large resource library, video assets, and customizable themes. There are detailed device framing options. You can even download a mobile app to record your mobile screen.

When you get to the editing stage, some of the editing tools include:

  • Speed adjustment.
  • Animations, transitions, highlights, and blurring.
  • Video and cursor effects.
  • Shapes and annotations.
  • Color removal.
  • Multiple audio and video layers.
  • Breakdown of elements for easy editing.
  • Full canvas editing capability.
  • Ability to produce 60 fps.

Winner: Screencast O Matic

Unless you have extremely complex editing needs, Screencast O Matic has everything you need to edit a video at a fraction of Camtasia's price. Both paid versions contain the majority of the video editing and screen capture tools.


Screencast O Matic

The sharing tools for this service depend on the version you're using.

The free version has watermarks and won't record videos longer than fifteen minutes. You can publish to Youtube and Screencast O Matic. There's also quick share buttons for G Classroom, Twitter, and Facebook.

Screencast O Matic vs Camtasia

With the Deluxe version, the sharing tools include:

  • Removal of watermarks.
  • Publishing to Vimeo, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

The Premier version gives you:

  • 100 GB of bandwidth per month (instead of 2 GB).
  • Ability to use domain and brand.
  • Uploading videos longer than fifteen minutes.
  • Backing up recordings to online storage.
  • Automatically transferring Android and iOS recordings to your desktop editor.


Screencast O Matic vs Camtasia

Camtasia has a variety of sharing and customization options, including:

  • Fully customizable themes that can include images and logos.
  • Library sharing across projects.
  • PowerPoint importing.
  • Project sharing across platforms.
  • Uploading and publishing to whatever venue you choose.

Winner: Camtasia

Camtasia has extremely versatile options that aren't limited by different pricing structures. You can customize your videos with whatever length and marketing copy you want. They can be published to whatever online spaces you want. In addition, the project and library sharing features are ideal for collaboration.

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Pros and Cons of Screencast O Matic


  • The software has extremely good script functionality when you have scripted videos, allowing you to record and superimpose vocal audio over your screen capture.
  • The interface is very easy to use and has most of the features that the average person needs in their screen capture software.
  • There's a free tool available, and the paid version with full functionality is extremely affordable.


  • Screencast O Matic doesn't have the same professional-level video editing software integrated, so you won't get as many features as you will with the competition.

Pros and Cons of Camtasia


  • The software is designed to be an all-in-one video editor, so it has some of the best editing tools after you create your screen capture video.
  • A huge amount of other media can be imported thanks to the large number of file format integrations.
  • The multi-track editing lets you use many different elements and variables simultaneously throughout the editing process.


  • The software is pricey and much more feature-loaded than most people need for their screen capture options, which can also make it run more slowly.

Final Thoughts: Which is Better?

Both of these screen recording options offer ideal functionality for those creating screen capture videos. The Pro version of Screencast O Matic has some functional video editing software in addition to screen capture capabilities.

For professional-level editors, Camtasia is the best choice. The video editing software is rich with features. You can record your screen audio as well as your voice. Plus, you can use the multi-track tool to edit multiple layers at a time, adjusting each layer individually until you find the right balance.

Screencast O Matic is best for those who want a more affordable screen capture and video editing software. Though it doesn't come with the same level of feature enrichment, it is still very advanced. A free version is available. For eighteen dollars a year, the Deluxe version offers full functionality, and the Premier version offers further resources for about forty dollars a year.


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