Chicago Steak Company Review – Dry-Aged Beef and Prime Steaks

I’m just going to cut to the chase -- I can never say no to a delicious, juicy steak. Especially when it’s exploding with flavor. I like my steaks aged and cooked to perfection (I’m a medium-rare kind of guy).

There was a time when I wanted to age and flavor my steaks the way those fancy steakhouses do it. But let’s face it, I’m no culinary genius by any stretch of the imagination.

But if you are craving steaks that are flavored and aged to bring out the best flavor, Chicago Steak Company has that kind of beef. Plus, they have a wide selection of steaks that I couldn’t even find in my local grocery stores.

Chicago Steak Company

Yes, they have steaks that come in various cuts. But they also have burgers made from beef that is aged up to 28 days for maximum flavor.

One bite and it’s nothing compared to those other burgers you will find at those fast-food restaurants. In fact, I tried one of those premium Angus burgers one time and I knew that it blows those McDonald’s cheeseburgers right out of the water.

Chicago Steak Company Features

  • A large selection of steaks of various cuts and burgers. Made from beef that is aged up to 28 days for the best flavor.
  • Quality meats like ham, chicken, ribs, and roasts.
  • Has a selection of fresh fish and seafood if beef is not your thing.
  • A wide variety of desserts for after dinner.
  • Free shipping when you purchase select items on their list.
  • Comes with a few essentials like cutting boards and aprons for when you are making magic in the kitchen with their wide selection of meats.
  • Has a lot of gift ideas for your friends, family, co-workers, etc.


I could go on all day long about steaks. I absolutely love them. And I absolutely love them when they are so tasty as well.

In fact, you have a wide selection of different steaks to choose from. You can choose between Angus, dry-aged, wet-aged, or American Waygu.

Chicago Steak Company

Plus, you have so many cuts to choose from. You can choose between cuts like these:

  • Strip steaks
  • Filet mignon
  • Ribeye
  • Prime rib
  • Top sirloin
  • T-bone
  • Tomahawk ribeye
  • Porterhouse

I’ll tell you something, these steaks are handpicked for quality. They just don’t choose at complete random.

You are getting the top-quality beef that is hand-cut and aged to perfection. Simply put, you’re getting nothing but the best.

Believe me, you won’t find anything quite like it in your local grocery store. My favorite so far is the prime dry-aged bone-in ribeye (I can taste it right now just talking about it).

Steak Burgers

These steak burgers are the best. You can choose between Angus or Waygu steak burgers.

Either way, these are going to be the best burgers you’ve ever tried -- bar none. One bite of these and you will never go to a McDonald’s or a Wendy’s to eat another burger ever again.

Chicago Steak Company

You can get them in regular size or you can get them in the half-pound size. Why spend money on a quarter pounder when you can get more beef?

Once you have these cooked to perfection, you’ll fall in love with the delicious juiciness that only these burgers can offer. Not to mention, the flavor is something you’ll never get tired of.

Chicken, Pork, and Ribs

OK, as much as I love to talk about beef that’s not the only meat Chicago Steak Company offers. They also have a nice selection of chicken, pork, and ribs.

They have chicken breast that is marinated in either honey dijon or lemon herb. Personally, I’m a sucker for the honey dijon (especially the honey dijon mustard).

Chicago Steak Company

Plus, you can get pork chops that are available in boneless or boned-in. If you love pork chops and want something different from what you get at the grocery store, I’d give these a try if I were you.

Last but not least, you have to try Coach Ditka’s Pork Baby Back Ribs. Yes, the legendary football coach himself knows quite a bit about ribs.

You would be hard-pressed to try these ribs especially with the sauce it’s covered with. And it’s all made from Coach Dikta’s famous recipe.

If you think you’ve had mouthwatering ribs before, you haven’t tried anything like these. Don’t be surprised if these taste better than the last rack of ribs you’ve had at your local BBQ joint.

Roasts, Ham & Turkey

I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t a fan of roasts. If you like cooking in a crockpot, you might want to try out the Chateaubriand Tenderloin Roast after cooking it for a few hours.

Slow-cooking is definitely worth the wait. The rib roast is also a good choice if you want something that will be slow-cooked to juicy, tasty perfection.

Chicago Steak Company

Also, the holidays wouldn’t be the same without your choice of hams or turkey. You can choose between the Berkshire Kurobuta Whole Boneless Ham or a free-range turkey that comes with no antibiotics (but very tasty meat).

Why fight through the holiday traffic and trips to the grocery store when you can get a ham or turkey from Chicago Steak Company? It’s worth getting it from them rather than go from store to store only to find that everything is sold out.

Fresh Fish and Seafood

I’ll let you in on a little secret -- I think seafood is delicious. I would go on vacation somewhere and I would find a place where they can cook up something fresh.

Chicago Steak Company

Then again, I can pretty much get the same from Chicago Steak Company. You can get a wide variety of fish from Salmon, Chilean Sea Bass, Swordfish, Maine Lobster Tail, and even Maryland Crab Cakes.

Of course, you can get a good combination of both seafood and beef with their surf and turf packages. Imagine eating some juicy filet mignon with some Maine lobster tail.

Desserts and Side Dishes

I don’t think you can do a good dinner without any delicious sides. Chicago Steak Company has its bases covered here in that department.

You can choose between mac and cheese and a good selection of casseroles like green bean, broccoli rice, or baked potato.

Chicago Steak Company

Plus, nothing can cap off a great meal like a good dessert. They have a nice selection of cakes and cheesecakes to choose from.

One suggestion I can make as far as desserts, you should get the cheesecake sampler. You can get the best of so many worlds for dessert.

Essentials and Apparel

If you are looking to order some of the best foods that Chicago Steak Company has to offer, you can probably grab a few things for that nice touch in the kitchen. You can get an apron and your choice of a maple or walnut cutting board.

Chicago Steak Company

Before I forget, they do have a steak seasoning that you can use so you can season your own steaks (or the steaks you get). Either way, get ready for a kick that your taste buds won’t even see coming.

Gift Packages

If you are looking for gift packages, there’s always one for any kind of person (or people). There are plenty of him or her gift packages and even corporate gift packages for your co-workers (or employees).

Chicago Steak Company

Can’t decide on what to give for food? You can easily purchase a Chicago Steak Company Gift card so they can choose the best foods that you know they’ll enjoy.

Give it to someone who loves steaks, meats, or anything that is available on their menu. Not a bad option when you can’t figure out which meats they’ll enjoy.

Chicago Steak Company Promo Codes

We will keep this area updated with the latest and best Chicago Steak Company coupons & discounts!


  • So many options for meat.
  • Excellent idea for gifts.
  • No-commitment ordering.


  • Some of the meats can be a bit pricey.

Final Verdict

The Chicago Steak Company is one place I can say will deliver as far as giving you nothing but the best steaks, burgers, and other meats. I cannot say enough about their steaks and burgers.

This is the perfect option for you if you are not a fan of cooking dinner from scratch. Plus, it’s a great option when you want to cook all kinds of meats to perfection without the hard work.

Not only that, you can save yourself time trying to track down the best meats. You probably won’t find anything quite like high-quality in your local grocery store.

Simply put, you are getting nothing but the best when it comes to steaks, burgers, and different kinds of meat. And you’ll taste the difference once you have cooked them.

If you want to try steaks or different meats that you know will be worth the money (and the saved trips from the grocery store), the Chicago Steak Company has dinner ready and waiting for you.


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