Buzzsprout Review

Do you want to be able to share your ideas and opinions with others? Would you like to start your own podcast? Buzzsprout provides hosting for podcasts and can help you get your podcast up and ready to share with others.

To help you learn more about the features offered by Buzzsprout, we conducted an in-depth review of the company. By reading through our reviews, you should be able to determine if they are the right solution to help you host your podcast.

Buzzsprout Review

Podcast Hosting

When you use Buzzsprout to host your podcast, you'll be able to create the perfect website where your listeners will be able to find your podcast. You can customize the look of the website to match your brand. Buzzsprout also allows you to create a custom URL for your website to make it easy for listeners to find your page.

Podcast Hosting

Buzzsprout automatically optimizes each of your podcasts for you; you won't need to worry about filetypes or ID3 tags. All you'll need to do is upload your podcast on Buzzsprout, and they'll take care of the rest. You can choose to have your podcast published as soon as you upload, or you can schedule it to be published on a certain day and time.

When you use Buzzsprout to host your podcasts, you'll be able to easily create an attractive and functional podcast player that will be displayed on your website. You can customize the look and feel of the podcast player to make it match your website, content, or personality.

Customizable Podcast Player

The player will allow your listeners to have control over what they are listening to. They'll be able to use it to skip forwards or backwards through your podcast to skip ahead or catch something they missed the first time. They can also use the player to play your podcast at twice the normal speed, allowing them to listen to more information in a smaller amount of time.

Buzzsprout also offers features that are designed to help you organize each of your podcasts and make it easier for your listeners to access them. You can create chapter markers to segment your podcast into different pieces.

Chapter markers can help you listeners preview what they'll be listening to, decide which sections they want to listen to, and return later to listen to a specific section a second (or third) time.

Promoting Your Podcast

Buzzsprout can help you create a Visual Soundbite for your podcast. You can use your Visual Soundbite to help you promote your podcast on social media and encourage your followers to share it with their friends.

Podcast Transcriptions

Buzzsprout will also allow you to create a transcription of your podcast before it gets published. In addition to helping some of your followers, such as those who have a hearing impairment or like to speed read, a transcription can also help make your podcast accessible to search engines. This can help drive more traffic to your site and help you increase your followers.

If you are already utilizing podcast tools, such as Alitu, Chartable, or PodTrac, don't worry. Buzzsprout integrates with these other services to provide you with the best possible experience.

Tracking Your Podcast

Buzzsprout can help you keep track of how your podcast is performing. You will be able to view data related to how many total times people have listened to your podcasts, which apps your listeners are using, and the locations of your listeners.

Podcast Stats

Finding out this information can help you to form deeper connections to your listeners. You can also use this information to identify other groups of people who aren't currently listening to your podcast that you may be able to reach.

Buzzsprout also likes to keep you updated when your podcast reaches big milestone. They'll let you know about any new achievements or personal records you may have set, so you'll be able to take a moment and reflect on your success.


Help Guides

When you sign up with Buzzsprout, you can also be confident that you'll be able to find support when you need it. Their customer support team is responsive and ready to help you tackle any obstacles you may encounter. They also offer a private Facebook community where you'll be able to reach out to admins and other users for tips and tricks for creating and promoting your podcasts.

The team at Buzzsprout also has created podcasting guides. These guides are designed to help you learn some of the important elements in creating podcasts and creating a large listener base.

Selecting the Right Plan

All of Buzzsprout's (paid) plans will provide you with 250GB of bandwidth each month. You'll also be able to create a website for your podcast, create custom players, and view statistics related to your website.


There are four plans that you can choose from. The first plan, the Free Plan, will let you upload up to two hours of content each month. Your podcasts will be hosted and available for 90 days after they are posted.

The next plan lets you upload up to three hours of content each month. You will receive unlimited storage space and the episodes you load will be hosted indefinitely. If you wish to upload more content, you will pay an additional $4 for each hour of content.

With the next plan, you will be able to upload as much as six hours of content. This plan also provides you with unlimited storage and will allow your podcast episodes to be hosted indefinitely. You will need to pay $3 for each hour of additional content you want to add with this plan.

The final plan offered by Buzzsprout lets you upload up to 12 hours of content each month. Again, you will receive unlimited storage and your podcast will be hosted indefinitely. You'll only need to pay an additional $2 for each extra hour of content you want to add with this plan.

Buzzsprout also offers two add-on options that you can add to any of their plans. One of these add-ons is for 192k stereo optimization. This is a better option than their standard 96k mono optimization if your show incorporates a lot of music or uses an advanced recording setup.

The second add-on option is to have episode transcription completed by Buzzsprout. You'll pay per each minute of transcription. Having your episodes transcribed can help them appear when users search for related topics in a search engine.


  • You can customize the player for your podcast.
  • Buzzsprout allows you to break your podcast down into different chapters.
  • Buzzsprout offers a 90-day free trial to let you experiment with all the tools and features they have to offer.


  • They do not offer any savings for signing up for a yearly plan. You can only purchase monthly plans.

Final Verdict

Buzzsprout will provide you with all the tools you'll need to share your podcasts with your audience. You'll be able to create an attractive website and customize your podcast player to match your specific brand and content. These features will help make your podcast more memorable to your customers and will keep them coming back to listen again and again.

We think you'll love everything that Buzzsprout has to offer; check out their website today to get started!


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