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I purchased a top electric heater a few years ago. It was working great and it provided extra heat for my bedroom during cold winter nights. But my electric heater stopped working in the middle of the winter when it was already out of warranty

I took it to a repair shop and I had to pay a few hundred dollars to have it back in good working condition. While I paid the sum as it was a cold winter, I stopped to think about what might happen with larger systems in my home in case there would be an issue with them.

As most homeowners know, heating or cooling systems are among the most expensive systems to maintain. This is another reason why I started looking for warranty policies that took care of these costs, based on a membership plan.

Cinch Home Services Review

I research many companies but Clinch Home Services is where I stopped. The company had good reviews. Unlike others, it also offered low cancellation fees. This reassured me I can simply walk away from the plan in case things wouldn’t work out. But this wasn’t the case.

Clinch Home Services Features

  • Home warranty protection plans for appliances and complete systems.
  • Quick compensation system based on claims.
  • The large company established in 1979.
  • Home warranty services cover between $420 and $744 for large repairs.
  • 24/7 service calls.
  • Available with emergency services.
  • $25 cancelation fee.
  • 180 days free re-service period.

Making a Claim

I was expecting a complicated process to have a Cinch Home Services professional come to check out my electric heater. It wasn’t complicated at all as I simply rang the company and they scheduled a visit.

Cinch Home Services Review

As I understood, there are quick to respond to emergency cases. My case wasn’t an emergency. As a result, a professional came in 2 days after my call to check my electric heater.

My partner and I discussed the type of plan we were going to choose at Cinch Home Services. This worked out great as my home appliances plan covered many electricals. However, after reviewing our priorities and larger investments we made for your family home, we’ve decided to move up to a platinum comprehensive plan.

Home Appliances Plan

This cover plan is where I started. My journey with Clinch Home Services was initially limited to household appliances.

The company covers appliances such as built-in dishwashers, microwaves, garbage disposers, and refrigerators. All kitchen appliances are covered in this plan. But then there are extras such as bathtubs and I know we’ll need another one as we have a child on the way.

Cinch Home Services Review

Home Systems Plan

If you need to cover home systems, you can join Cinch Home Service’s systems plan. It’s a type of next-step warranty that deals with large systems such as whole-house exhaust fans, doorbells, plumbing systems or heating and cooling systems.

These cost thousands of dollars to install. But they also cost a lot more than many expect when they need to be repaired. Since its better to minimize financial risks, especially as a family, this is the type of plan to choose for any type of large system which is out of warranty.

Combo Plan

But what if you want to ensure your entire home is covered by warranty for appliances and systems? The combo plan is where you need to look. It’s the type of comprehensive plan which covers all possible breakdowns. The price difference compared to the home systems plan might be worth it.

The main advantage of this system is that it gives you that extra reassurance you have your entire home covered. The more appliances and systems you have around the house, the more it makes sense to join this plan.


Pricing was where I was skeptical about Cinch Home Services as a new customer. I wasn’t sure it was worth investing in a monthly warranty protection plan instead of simply paying for the service my appliances needed from time to time.

Cinch Home Services Review

A monthly plan for all appliances costs $44.99. You’ll have to pay $51.99 for a systems plan. The comprehensive combo plan costs $61.99 per month.

It’s also important to remember there are other extras you can add to these plans. For example, a Cinch Home Services representative told me I can add my pool to the warranty plan for an extra $13.33. But extras are not limited to pools. You can add septic pumps and well pumps to your plans.

Special Offers - 1st Month Free

In terms of special offers, it’s always a good idea to check for any special discounts. If they change through the year, not the same can be said for new customers. When I enrolled in my warranty plan I received a free first month. Of course, I didn’t use the plan as I had to appliances to repair during the first month.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation costs proved too high at other companies for what I was willing to pay. Cinch Home Services offer a $25 cancellation fee option which I took. This means I can easily move to another company without having to pay too much.

If you decide to cancel your Cinch Home Services plan, you will need to let the company know 30 days in advance. This is how they now cancel anything up to a month. But even in the last month with the company, you may still make claims regularly.

Cinch Home Services Review

Emergency Service Availability

One of my friends had considerably fears about gas leaks. Such problems with home appliances can’t be overlooked. He switched off all electricals, opened the windows of the home and called Cinch Home Services under the emergency plan. A professional was soon at his door to find the cause of the leak.

Extras and Loyalty Plans

I was also happy to know that if my electric heater needed to be serviced again within 180 days, I wasn’t required to pay more. Such policies are an extra reassurance that the quality of the repair is up to standard.

Cinch Home Services builds trust with customers using such policies. I didn’t call the company again as my electric heater was properly fixed. But I discussed with my partner the possibility of upgrading our plans for extra reassurance with all systems around the house.


  • 3 plans according to personal budget.
  • Covers both small appliances and home systems.
  • Low cancellation fee.


  • It can take a few days to schedule repairs.

Final Verdict

Whenever I think about renovating my house and investing more in systems for heating or air conditioning, I think about the maintenance cost for them. Companies as Cinch Home Services exist int this space to offer a viable option of dealing with high repair bills.

I always compared their plan to pay for repairs every month. This helps my financials as I know my family doesn’t need to empty its credit cards just to deal with regular appliance fixes.

If you’re unsure about what type of plan you need, make sure to visit Cinch Home Service’s website to read more. You can also call the company today to explain your situation to a customer’s representative. The company advises you on your most popular appliances and they know them well. For example, they offer a specific warranty for Whirpool bathtubs due to their increasing popularity.


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