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As someone who conceal carries, I believe it’s important to have the right holster for your pistol. I take my right to bear arms very seriously. And I will do what I can to ensure that I am carrying safely and with security in mind. After all, it’s pretty much required by law to utilize a holster if and when I am carrying my pistol. Whether I am out and about or at home, I keep my pistol at my side knowing that danger might be in the near vicinity at any given time.

That’s one thing I learned about survival tactics. Danger may lurk somewhere to a point where you might need to defend yourself. When it came time to change things up a bit, I wanted a holster that I knew would last a long time. That’s when I came across the Bianchi Holster.


Now I have a holster that is not only durable, but it feels comfortable inside the waistband. Durable, concealable, and reliable are just the way I like my holsters.

Bianchi Holsters Features

  • Get pistol holsters made from high-quality nylon or leather. No matter which you choose, you are able to get a holster that will ensure that your pistol is concealed and out of sight
  • Holsters specifically designed to handle the work of law enforcement, military, and civilians. When duty calls, you’ll have a holster that will keep your pistol secure in place until you need it.
  • Be prepared and stay prepared with duty gear made from high-quality materials. Whether it’s magazine pouches or duty belts, you’ll get survival gear that is built to last and able to handle the dangerous tasks if and when they happen.
  • Never lose anything again with different types of holders. Magazines, keys, knives, and so many of your EDC tools should be with you at all times rather than go missing.

Pistol Holsters

As I’ve mentioned before, a pistol holster will do you some good if you conceal carry. I have concealed carried for the last five years. Up to this point, I haven’t used my pistol in a life and death situation. But if something needs to be done, I know I will be prepared. That’s why a good, reliable pistol is perhaps one of the best EDC tools to have.


You can get holsters that are made from high-quality materials so they can stay reliable for a long time. Choose between nylon or leather, it’s your call. I chose leather because it’s a bit more rugged and it’s a lot more comfortable to wear inside the waistband. Plus, I can draw a bit faster with a leather holster and I am less likely to experience snagging.

There was a time when I was at the shooting range to put in some practice shots. And I remember practicing my draws unloaded when the pistol would snag because of a poor quality holster I had. Thankfully, it was unloaded and I wasn’t in any danger. But imagine that happened at a time when you had to defend yourself. A pistol getting caught at your holster will put you at a dangerous disadvantage. And that won’t bode well for you when dealing with one or more invaders or attackers.

The holsters do vary depending on size. So it would be a good idea to know what your pistol’s size is before deciding on a holster. Some holsters will be too small for larger pistols and vise versa. I wouldn’t want to put my .380 in a holster that’s designated for a 9mm, would you?

Duty Gear

Whether you are in law enforcement, the military, or a prepper it’s important to have the right gear to carry your EDC tools with. If you are serious about having all the right tools handy just in case you need them, it takes the right kind of gear. That’s why they have plenty of magazine holders that I can use whenever I am at the range.


Who says I can’t have too many rounds? Whenever I’m target shooting or even shooting competitively, I need just enough to get through the session. If I’m conceal carrying, then a few might be sufficient.

What I also noticed is the number of high-quality belts that Bianchi Holsters makes. They are made from materials like leather or nylon that is proven to handle a heavy load of gear and can take plenty of damage and abuse.

Those tactical belts are built like a tank, so I wouldn’t write them off as regular belts if I were you. If you want gear that is tough, reliable, and will definitely prepare you for those tactical situations then Bianchi might be the brand to consider.

Gear Bags

As I mentioned before, I shoot competitively. So I have a pistol that is dedicated to such a purpose. While I don’t carry it every day, I always know that I can be able to store it safely and out of sight. That’s what the gear bags are there for.


Not only are they perfect for guns, but you can store extra equipment like magazines, cleaning kits, or maybe a few accessories that you might consider installing at some point like sights. Plus, you can get a bucket organizer for the purpose of keeping your gun gear organized so you don’t have to fiddle around and find the small things.

I know how easy it can be to lose a few small bullets. Not to mention, I tend to use this for all of my unloaded rounds. Sometimes, I load my own rounds using an ammo press. It’s a skill that I have gotten good at over the years, but it can be hard work sometimes. Plus, it saves me a bit of money that would otherwise go to an expensive box of bullets.

Durable and Reliable

Let me let you in on a little secret: if something is made from high-quality materials like nylon or leather, then you know it’s going to be super tough. I also believe that reliability and durability go hand in hand.


If it’s tough enough to do the job, it won’t rip and tear to the point where it won’t hold your pistol or any of your gear. This is something I urge you to do when it comes to finding holsters or holders for any of your EDC accessories.


  • Available in different designs and sizes.
  • Made from high-quality materials like nylon or leather.
  • Perfect for concealed carry or tactical applications.
  • Lightweight and very tough.
  • Duty belts do a good job handling a large load of tools.


  • Some holsters may not fit depending on the pistol you use for concealed carry.

Final Verdict

If you want a brand that you can depend on for reliability and high-quality, Bianchi might be the name you want to trust. Sure, there are plenty of brand names out there. But Bianchi has the gear for every prepper, police officer, or military member that intends to be prepared and stay prepared for any survival situation. They have it all and you would be hard-pressed to find a brand that was consistent in making the gear that users need most.


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