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My son is growing up so fast, I just wish he wouldn’t. I know I can’t stop the clock, but life goes on. He’s at that age where he can be able to take the Driver’s Ed course. While he is so excited to get behind the wheel of his own vehicle, I am also a bit scared. But I know I’ll get over it soon enough once he takes the course and gets his license.

The thing with his school’s Driver’s Ed course, the one-time fee is quite high. Don’t get me wrong, my household income is more than enough to get us by. But the schools are asking for quite a bit when it comes to Driver’s Ed courses. That and my son hates getting up much earlier than he has to. So I thought about considering other options for him.


After doing some research online, I felt like I was looking for a needle in a haystack. That’s when a family friend told me about Aceable. He said that his daughter was able to get her license by taking approved driving courses through a mobile app. In today’s world of technology, I never knew such a thing existed. But I wasn’t the least surprised.

Aceable Features

  • Take a state-approved Driver’s Ed course so you can learn the basic ins and outs of driving. This includes the laws, rules of the road, and so much more in order to become a good driver.
  • Defensive driving courses for when you want to take a calm, but calculated approach to preventing accidents or any other road incidents.
  • Fun, interactive content that you can enjoy while learning driving skills from the basic to the advanced level.
  • Unlimited test preparation materials that will help you get ready for your permit or license test.
  • Get friendly help 7 days a week from a team of experts ready to answer any questions or address concerns when needed.

Driver’s Ed Courses

I can say right now that the Driver’s Ed course that my son takes through the Aceable app is nothing short of impressive. I know this because I was able to check out the course materials myself. I never knew that Driver’s Ed could be this fun and interactive.


My son was taking note and was able to study the basics of driving and knowing what speed was appropriate in residential neighborhoods, outside city limits, and so much more. If he had a question, he could always ask and get it answered in the shortest amount of time possible. The educational material was easily accessible and can be watched again and again in case you missed something important.

You can be able to clear through an entire Driver’s Ed course in just a few hours. But that’s no substitute for practice. I make sure that my son is getting in his practice reps before he is able to take the test. I hand him the keys to my car and we drive around the block and do a bit of a road review of what he’s learned. So far, he’s been impressive. A couple of close calls because of a couple of small critters that dare to test our nerves and zip across the street.

All Driver’s Ed courses are approved by participating states and their respected department of motor vehicles. And that’s not all when your teen successfully completes their Driver’s Ed course, they get a free month of Allstate’s roadside assistance. That will come in handy just in case things go wrong with my car when my son is taking it out for a spin. Plus, I believe that the more practice we put in the better the chance he’ll come into his road test more prepared and with more confidence.

Defensive Driving And Additional Courses

While I’m excited that my son will finally be able to have the freedom to drive, I also worry about what might happen to him on the road. I haven’t been too impressed with the way some of our motorists have been behaving as of late. So I think it was important for Aceable to provide defensive driving courses. 

That way, not only would my son know what to do in certain situations but so would I. I’ve always been slightly intimidated by those on the road that seem to be going a little too fast and bobbing and weaving into traffic. It’s also good to keep a level head and deal with it in the best way possible.


Plus, taking these defensive driving courses will also save you some trouble. That’s because without defensive driving skills, you are more likely to commit road violations that may add demerit points. Depending on your state, if you rack up enough points you will risk getting your license suspended for an allotted amount of time.

Also, if you do get in trouble you can be able to take courses on how you can be able to contest your ticket or be able to allow it to have less impact on your driving record. On top of that, a ticket or a suspended license might also mean you’ll have to pay more for your car insurance premium.

The last thing you need is to pay more because you got in trouble. That’s where the courses come in handy. You’ll have the knowledge to prepare for what might come next in the event of a ticket or a possible suspension of your license.

Low-Cost Courses

If you are looking for Driver’s Ed courses that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, Aceable is the place. Even for the prices that they are going for, you get plenty of value out of every course. Most Driver’s Ed courses that the schools offer you will cost you hundreds of dollars. 


That might deter a lot of students from signing up. If you are a parent and your teen is interested in taking a Driver’s Ed course, there’s a good chance they’ll be able to learn how to drive using Aceable and their highly actionable and interactive courses.

Adult and Senior Courses

You thought the classes were just for teens? Nope. Even adults and seniors can take specific driver’s courses that will help them become much safer drivers. In fact, some of the courses are aimed at seniors.


And my dad is still driving well into his 70s. I want him to be aware of certain things so he can be able to drive without having to deal with any additional issues. Seniors can drive safely if and when you give them the right materials to follow.


  • Reasonably priced Driver’s Ed courses.
  • Courses are easy to follow and interactive.
  • Available for teens, adults, and seniors.
  • One free month of Allstate Roadside Assistance.


  • Only available in select states.

Final Verdict

If you have a teen that is willing to learn and wants to know the basics of driving without spending hundreds of dollars, I highly recommend that you check out the Aceable app. You’ll be able to sign up for courses for a reasonable price and learn as much about driving in a few hours tops. Before you know it, your teen will be ready and able to take the test and pass it with flying colors.


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