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I have taken plenty of pictures over the course of my life. Probably since I’ve been able to gain enough knowledge to use a camera. In recent years, I managed to take a lot of them that involved landscapes and even my own family. Some of them should be on the wall rather than tucked away in some file folder on the computer.

So I thought it would be nice to at least print a few up and display them on the wall. It wasn’t long ago when I was visiting a friend of mine that she had some pictures hanging on the wall. Some of them were of her family and a couple of her dogs. They were all on large canvases.

Canvas People

I asked her where she got them and she told me that CanvasPeople can take any photo you upload and they’ll put it on a canvas for you to display at your home.

CanvasPeople Review

  • Get personalized canvas featuring your favorite photos that you can proudly display on your wall. It can be a family portrait or a picture of someone who matters to you the most.
  • Upload photos to plenty of items like throw blankets, coffee mugs, calendars, and much more.
  • High-quality images made perfect for you. No pixelations or low quality ever.
  • Create your own canvas photos and items for gifts that will last a lifetime. Whether it’s for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, and more the gift of a canvas or personalized items are always a great idea.

Upload Your Favorite Photos

Today, it’s never been easy for me to get items that are custom made to fit my personal touch. There are a ton of photos that I would love to have on my wall or even on an item or two. The problem is which ones do I want to upload?

Canvas People

But if it’s a gift for someone in my family, I make sure I choose the right photos. As long as I have a photo album, I could never be out of gift ideas that I can put together for CanvasPeople to work their magic.

Gifts For Any Occasions

Canvas People

If you are celebrating a wedding, what better way to commemorate that special day by uploading it and adding it on a canvas? It’s a work of art and it tells a story that only you can tell. You can also create custom canvases and items that mark the birth of your child. The celebration might not last long, but the memory of a new arrival will always last forever.

NFL Sports Canvas Prints

Canvas People

Who is your favorite team? If your family are all die-hard fans, why not upload a photo of all of you in your favorite apparel? With all 32 teams, you can upload a photo to a canvas that will bring out the superfan in you.

You can even upload a photo of you and the family at a game and tell the story of how awesome it was to spend a Sunday with thousands of your fellow fans. If you want to fly your flag at home, do it with a personalized canvas.

Metal Canvas

If you truly want a canvas that will last you a long time, I highly suggest you go with the metal canvases. They are made from high-quality aluminum that is built to not scratch, fade, or crack. Those can hold up a lot longer compared to regular canvases in my opinion.

Canvas People

You can be able to upload your photo of choice as usual and order a canvas size that will fit you best. You can also add some of your favorite special effects that will bring that photo out more. No matter what material canvas you go with, it’s the memory and the stories that count a whole lot more.

Stock Canvases

My kids have their own separate rooms. And they love it when they decorate it to fit their personal tastes and preferences. When I was looking for canvases for a gift not to long ago, I noticed that they had some stock canvases of various pictures and charts.

Canvas People

One of them was the periodic table of elements. My oldest kid wants to be a scientist when he grows up, so I thought that would be nice to have on his wall so he can be able to look at it and be reminded of his dream.

You can get canvases that will be perfect for hanging around the house. They include stock photos of various scenes and landscapes and even inspirational messages. I love it when I have some decorations in my home that represents positivity.

And I don’t mean the “live, laugh, love” wall hangings that I see just about anywhere. I can find something that will fit my personality and style and hang it somewhere at home. It can be the hallway, the bathroom, or even the bedroom.

Pillows, Coffee Mugs, and More

What if a canvas isn’t really something you want? No problem, there are plenty of other items that CanvasPeople has. You can upload your favorite photos on pillows, coffee mugs, and plaques. These are just a sample of awesome gift ideas for any occasion or just for yourself.

Canvas People

In fact, when it was my mom’s birthday this past year I wanted to surprise her with a coffee mug with a photo of her favorite dog that she had when she was a kid. I was able to find an old photo, scan it, and then upload it. Let’s just say that she was quite ecstatic when she got the gift on her birthday. She loved that dog so much. And I’m sure she will drink from only that mug from here on out.

Not Just For The Home

I know I have said that these make great decorations for the home, but you can also hang up these canvas pictures in your office. And remember, you can actually get them in coffee mugs for your desk.

Canvas People

Nothing says “this is my coffee cup” like one of your favorite pictures like a family portrait or a picture of your dog. I don’t have to rely on the office coffee mugs anymore since they are usually taken before I get to the office. But nevertheless, you can deck out your office or workspace the way you want it.

Canvas People Promo Codes

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  • Upload any photo you want to a canvas.
  • Plenty of gift ideas to choose from.
  • Choose from plenty of sizes and special effects for all of your photos.
  • Custom items for reasonable prices.
  • Plenty of discounts and promotions.


  • None.

Final Verdict

I would not recommend anyone else other than CanvasPeople if and when I want custom made decor for my home. I can also find this useful if I want to send a customized gift to the most important people in my life. All it takes is finding that favorite photo and uploading it to a canvas or even a coffee mug.

If you are one of those people who tend to have a terrible time figuring out what kind of gift you can get someone, you might want to give them something that gives them a personal touch.


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