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I don’t know about you, but I tend to be a little bit on guard when it comes to people these days. It’s hard to trust a lot of people these days for anything these days. But it’s important to keep yourself in the loop of things so you know you are dealing with the right person.

Especially when I’m in the position to hire people for my business. When I was beginning the application process to hire people, I wanted to go beyond just calling references. 


Plus, I wanted something simple where I am able to do background checks on each one of my applicants. That way if I see a red flag, I can make the decision to not hire the person. That’s when I found BeenVerified. With this, I can look up any pertinent information that I need and be able to get to know that person a bit.

BeenVerified Features

  • A people search that will let you know of any family connections, past addresses, and other information that may come in handy so you can make sure that you are dealing with the real deal and not an imposter.
  • Have some concerns about a person? You can check to see if they have a criminal record. Comes in handy if you are an employer, a landlord, or anyone doing background checks on people who might be buying, working, or renting from you.
  • Did you get a call from a suspicious number? You can use the reverse phone number lookup so you can reveal who the number belongs to.
  • Reverse address lookup will give you information on who is currently owning the property. Perfect if you are interested in real estate transactions or if you found a place that may seem abandoned and may need to be taken care of properly.
  • Not sure who sent you that email? Look them up using the email search tool so you get an idea of who it is.
  • Look up public records of a person, place, VIN numbers, and so much more without having to deal with any more guesswork.

People Search

Before I go any further, this is a tool that is not just helpful for employers. But it’s also great for those who are looking for someone who they haven’t seen in a very long time. In fact, I was having a conversation with my wife not too long ago about a classmate that we had been talking about. I asked myself about where he might be now.


In fact, I hadn’t seen him since a class reunion many years ago. Well, luck would have it I had the people search tool at my disposal. Let’s just say he’s alive and well living on the opposite end of the country (and of course, I connected with him on social media since them).

But if you have no idea where someone might be these days, it’s good to use this lookup tool so you can check to see where they are or if they’re still alive. In fact, if you are looking for any long lost relatives or friends, you might find this tool come quite in handy.

Criminal Record Search

In my business, I know that searching for any criminal convictions will be important. Especially crimes like theft, burglary, and even white-collar crimes. The last thing I want to do is hire someone to work for me and steal from myself or the company.


If you are having suspicions about a person and have a name, you can plug it into the criminal record search. These records will include speeding tickets, traffic infractions, arrest records, and so much more. I can say right now that this feature has saved me so many headaches and frustrations. It’s already hard to find good people to hire.

But this keeps me ahead of the game so I know which applicants to consider hiring and which ones to not hire. Speeding tickets and traffic violations, that’s nothing. But any other criminal activity that I see as negative to my business image is something I don’t want.

Reverse Phone

There are times when I would get these local numbers. But they are not ordinary people. In fact, I find out every day that a lot of scammers are using local phone numbers. However, I use this reverse phone search if I need to.


If you ever dream of prank calling me or anything, hopefully I won’t have to find you. OK, I’m somewhat joking. But let that serve as a warning to those who might. But if you ever get that number that keeps calling you and have no idea who it is, use this tool. It might just end the guessing game right then and there.

Reverse Address

I have a friend of mine who is a real estate agent. He specializes in rehabilitating and refurbishing homes that have been abandoned. He said that finding the previous owners of these houses was a major pain. So I was able to recommend him BeenVerified.


After all, it did have a reverse address feature where he can look up who last lived there and be able to contact them. From there, he can buy the house for a good deal so he can get it fixed up and re-sell the place for a much higher profit. He knows that people are looking for a place to live. And he knows that a house that is not in the best condition can still be fixed if necessary.

Email Search

Aside from suspicious phone numbers, I also get emails from addresses that I don’t recognize. Nine times out of ten, I’m able to know who sent me one. But if I don’t have a name, I make sure that I look it up using the email search.


That way I could get a name and send them a reply figuring out why they were reaching out to me. It’s bad enough that you can email someone and not provide them a name. But typically they’re just spammers. Thank goodness for spam folders and virus scanning tools.

Public Records

If you are looking for any records pertaining to a specific name, you can find it right here. Sometimes, these come in handy when I just want all the information I need in one sitting.


You can get the pertinent information you want without having to spend hours digging and digging. You’ll get plenty of information including the address, criminal record information, and so much more.

BeenVerified Promo Codes

We will keep this area updated with the latest and best BeenVerified discounts & coupons...


  • Easy to use.
  • Simple to search for people and addresses.
  • Has a wealth of information at your disposal.
  • Perfect for searching for a long lost relative or friend and also for employers doing background checks.


  • Doesn’t do any non-digital searches.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a person or a place of interest, BeenVerified might be your best resource to date. I highly suggest that you use this tool for anything that might help you out about a person or a place. Also, it just might save you the frustration of having to deal with someone you thought you could trust, but turned out to be the opposite. If not for BeenVerified, hiring the right people for me would have been difficult.


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