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Do you want to make sure that your date is who they say they are? Or maybe you want to find out whether a for-sale property is selling at a low rate for a reason? There are billions of public records available with answers to many similar questions, but if you're working by yourself, the research process can be exhaustive.

Background check services provide this information for a fee. They will search through available public, historical, court, and online records. Different services have different search tools, reports, databases, and available information.

Two common choices of service are BeenVerified and Spokeo. They have a number of similar services, but the search tools and compiled reports do have some differences. I've taken a look at each to help you understand which will provide the information you want.

Overview of BeenVerified and Spokeo

Shared Features

  • Background check and data finder sites.
  • Use of millions of records.
  • People lookup tools.
  • Public records search feature.
  • Reverse phone lookup.
  • Reverse address searching.
  • Email searching.
  • Social media searching.
  • Subscription-based plans with unlimited searches.
  • Single search pricing options.

Unique BeenVerified Features

  • VIN lookup.
  • Criminal records search.
  • Mobile app for easy searching.
  • Apple Watch app.
  • Court runner service.

Unique Spokeo Features

  • Mobile app to screen and filter calls.
  • Tools to help you remove yourself from the internet.
  • 3.9 billion historical records.
  • Searching of more than 120 social networks.

Types of Search

Both services let you search by names, telephone numbers, addresses, and emails.


BeenVerified vs Spokeo

BeenVerified has a VIN lookup tool. By searching a VIN, you get a report including:

  • Vehicle specifications.
  • Market value.
  • Cost of ownership.
  • Theft and accident records.
  • Recalls and warranties.
  • Sale listings.

There's also the court runner service for non-digitized data.


BeenVerified vs Spokeo

Spokeo lacks the VIN tool or court runner services. It depends on a "branching" type of search pattern - getting more detailed information about items in your first initial search.

Winner: BeenVerified

BeenVerified offers all the same search tools as Spokeo, with the addition of a VIN search and court runner services.

Report Information


When you search for a person with BeenVerified, you'll be given a comprehensive report that's broken down into multiple separate pages.

The first page is the Personal Overview page. This tells you the name, age, current town of residence, and current physical address. It also provides the basic educational background, current email address, and current phone number. Basic aliases are also included.

BeenVerified vs Spokeo

At the right of this overview is a list of the more detailed report pages. The number of results is displayed beside each topic. Some might not have any records. This gives you a quick birds-eye glance regarding debt, property ownership, social media presence, address history, criminal history, and other information.

The pages in a report include:

  • Contact information.
  • Known relatives.
  • Known associates.
  • Known impostors.
  • Known social media presences.
  • Public photos.
  • Education information.
  • Profession and work history.
  • Property ownership information.
  • Criminal records and traffic citations.
  • Bankruptcies.
  • Liens and judgments.
  • Permits and licenses.

This is a very comprehensive amount of information organized into an easy-to-navigate format. If you want further information about any of the included pieces, you can follow the trails with a monthly subscription. But even a single search can answer most questions you have about a person.


BeenVerified vs Spokeo

When you search for a person on Spokeo, the report will include any information that's been found regarding any of the following:

  • Name, age, birth year or date, and any known aliases.
  • Contact numbers, type of phone, city of origin, and mobile carrier.
  • Known email addresses.
  • Location history regarding where they've lived with the years lived there.
  • Information about whether they live in a single-family home, apartment, or other dwelling.
  • Current physical address, whether they own the building, and public information about property value.
  • Past physical addresses with the same information.
  • A map pinpointing their move history.
  • Immediate family members with basic contact information.
  • Current employment and past employment history.
  • Any court cases they were involved in.

You can access this information with a one-off search. If you have an unlimited search subscription, this report will give you further jumping-off points. You can use the information on an initial report in the following ways:

  • Searching for social media profiles attached to the email.
  • Searching for information about the telephone number's history.
  • Searching a full property history including all current residents and past tenants.
  • Searching for more in-depth court case information.
  • Searching for information about any found assets they own like homes, cars, or businesses.

Winner: BeenVerified

The BeenVerified report provides a wealth of information about people in an organized, easy-to-read format. You can learn a lot at a glance, and there are detailed pages in multiple specific categories to give further insight. Spokeo's reports are similarly comprehensive, but not broken down quite as neatly.



BeenVerified compiles public records from a wide variety of different sources. These include not only legal documents, but also publicly available information from different companies and websites.

BeenVerified vs Spokeo

The database is made up of information pulled from sources including:

  • Criminal records.
  • Speeding tickets and traffic infractions.
  • Property records.
  • Magazine subscriptions.
  • Mortgage agreements.
  • Cell phone rebates.
  • Social networking profiles.
  • Blog posts.

Unfortunately, the service makes it difficult to find an exact list of how information is compiled.

If you need information that hasn't been put on the internet, there's a court runner service. Court runners go to physical court buildings to gather on-paper information that hasn't been digitized.


Spokeo is more transparent about the sources for its database. The service searches billions of public records spanning a wide variety of institutions.

BeenVerified vs Spokeo

Some of the data sources include:

  • Court records.
  • Property agreements.
  • Debt and bankruptcy filings.
  • Address and license information.
  • Any other publicly available legal agreement or government information.
  • Surveys.
  • Mailing lists.
  • Social media profiles.
  • Billions of historical records.

The social media database is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. Rather than searching just the largest networks, Spokeo goes through more than 120 networking sites to see if there are any attached profiles.

Winner: Spokeo

Spokeo appears to have a larger database of information, especially where social media networking is concerned. In addition, the company is more transparent regarding the sources for their data.

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Pros and Cons of BeenVerified


  • The service includes a comprehensive criminal record search that can give you the state or nationwide information about someone's criminal proceedings, plus the outcome of the case and any sentencing.
  • There are mobile apps available, including a specialized app made for an Apple Watch.
  • You can pay for a court runner service to access documents that haven't been uploaded online.


  • The service might not have as many available records as the competition.

Pros and Cons of Spokeo


  • The social networking search feature is one of the most comprehensive on the market, comprising over 120 social networks.
  • Information for all searches includes data found in 3.9 billion historical records.
  • There's a mobile app that can screen your calls, give you caller information, and warn you if a call is likely to be a scammer.


  • The available types of reports are limited, as there isn't a specific VIN lookup service or a specific criminal records search tool.

Final Thoughts: Which Is Better?

Both of these lookup services have very similar structuring and pricing. They both allow you unlimited searches of public records on a monthly subscription basis, along with one-off search pricing. They also both have many of the same search features. The best one for you depends on what information you want.

Spokeo uses the largest database of public information. In addition to the records currently on file at varying offices and courts throughout the US, the system also looks through 3.9 billion historical records and over 120 social networks.

Meanwhile, BeenVerified has more specific search and reporting options. You can do a search specifically to find someone's state or national criminal history. You can also look up a vehicle's VIN number and find the information attached. There are even court runner services for on-paper information that hasn't yet been digitized.


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