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Look at your wall – does it look empty or dull? If it looks boring, you should start hanging something on it to make it look better!

Most homeowners prefer hanging paintings on their walls to give it a little upgrade. However, there is a growing trend today of reprinting your favorite photos to the size of a painting and hanging it on your wall. It gives your home a more personalized vibe.

If you are interested in getting huge prints of your favorite photos, you should start checking a website called Canvaspop. This website allows the users to print their favorite photos. The customization feature within the website also makes the process more fun.


Head on to today and discover what the website offers. We also listed down the features found on the website, and the reasons why you should consider them for your next photo prints.

Canvaspop as a Company

Canvaspop is passionate about the quality of their product. They are proud of their products, and they assure their clients that the canvas prints that they make will last for a lifetime. The company uses only the best materials, and they are handcrafting them in their offices across North America.


Today, Canvaspop is experiencing exponential growth, thanks to the countless promotions that the company enjoys. They wanted to make their customers happy and satisfied with the products that they create. The company also maintains a helpful customer service department that assists anyone who has questions.

For Canvaspop, what is important is their obsession with products that look good. They wanted to highlight the best in every photograph, and reprinting the photos using high-quality materials enables them to create a stunning digital art.

The company continues to serve the public, and they encourage anyone to try out their website and print their photos.

The Growing Market of Canvaspop

Canvaspop does not discriminate. They welcome everyone who wanted to have their photos printed. It does not matter if you are a professional photographer or a mother who wanted to print her child’s photo – Canvaspop will help you out no matter what your needs are.


The great thing about Canvaspop is that they promote the artistic side of everybody. They set up a website that is easy to use, and when combined with their high-quality products, the number of traffic started to soar.

Today, many people visit the Canvaspop website to order a nice print of their photos. This also resulted to the company’s growing market. Canvaspop is expecting growth in the years to come, and they are optimistic when referring to the current market trend.

What Are the Features of Canvaspop?

  • Products and Gifts for Everybody.
  • Coupons and Deals.
  • Photo Editing and Customization.
  • Chat Support.

Products and Gifts for Everybody

Are you looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? Or maybe, you are just looking for something to hang on your wall? No matter what your needs are – be it a gift for someone you love or a decoration on your wall – Canvaspop will always make sure that you will receive a nice photo printed on a canvas.


Through the years, Canvaspop becomes increasingly popular because of their high-quality canvas prints. You can use their editing feature to customize your print, and get the digital proof later on for free.

The company offers five main products – canvas pritns, frame prints, pet portraits, photo collages, and triptych prints.

Canvas prints are perfect for those who wanted to put something on their wall. Frame prints make a canvas print look more elegant. Pet portraits are becoming more popular with pet lovers. Photo collages combines multiple photos in a single canvas. Lastly, triptych prints divides a single photo into three different pieces, making it an ideal decoration inside the living room or the bedroom.

Coupons and Deals


The company also offers a lot of coupons and discounts for customers who wanted to save a lot of money. You can check this option to verify what the code for the month is, and apply it when checking out.

Photo Editing and Customization

To start creating a canvas print, click Get Started from the homepage, and it will redirect you to a new page. This is where you can edit and customize your print. The images that you will use can be uploaded from Facebook, Instagram, or directly from your computer. After the image has been uploaded, you can select the print size.


There are four sizes available - 8x10 inches, which costs $54; 12x16 inches, which costs $76; 18x24 inches, which costs $108; and 30x40 inches, which costs $191. Alternatively, you can choose a customized size and enter the dimensions yourself.

The next part of the customization process is the addition of frames. You can select the color of the frame, and each design will be considered as an add-on. This will increase the price of your order.

Lastly, there’s the photo editing section. There are ten filters, including the Black and White filter, which is offered for free. Once you are satisfied with your edit, you can go ahead and place your order.

Chat Function

If you have additional questions regarding the products from Canvaspop, you can use the chat option. A representative will speak with you, and answer all of your questions.

What Are the Benefits of Using Canvaspop?

If you are looking for a company that prints photographs in a professional manner, you should consider Canvaspop. Using their website has a lot of benefits, and you will end up having a beautiful copy of your favorite photos.


One of the reasons why Canvaspop is slowly becoming a favorite is because of their passion to create beautiful portraits. You will never go wrong with the company – once you uploaded the photo that you wanted to print, they will start using their state of the art equipment to print it.

You can choose from framed or unframed photos, or you can also select triptych prints if you wanted to stylize your home. You can also create perfect gifts using their website, and the people who will receive a nice print of their photo would surely like it.


  • Canvaspop’s website is easy to use.
  • Uploading photos are hassle-free, and there are a lot of sizes, frames, and filters to choose from.
  • They print beautiful photos.


  • The only free filter on their website is the black and white filter.


Canvaspop is one of the best online companies that provide photography printing services. Their products are created by professionals, and they keep on satisfying their customers with the outputs, resulting to their increasing popularity.

If you wanted to print your photos, you should try checking out their website and engage in their customization option. Aside from printing your photos, you can also buy frames, or change its size depending on where you would like to place it.

Overall, this website will entice photography enthusiasts to print their works. It is also a great tool that can be used by families to preserve the life moments that they love to treasure. You can visit their website and give their services a try.

Testing the Website

You can visit their website at, and the first thing that you will see is their homepage. There are many options on the homepage – the header hosts the products, gifts, deals, login, cart, and language options.

Clicking the Products option will display the different print types that Canvaspop produces. The company offers canvas prints, frame prints, pet portraits, photo collages, and triptych prints. The canvas prints and the frame prints are among the most popular.

When you click on the Gifts option, you will be redirected to a page that provides you with ideas on what kind of print you should give your loved one. If you are undecided, you can create a gift card instead. This will allow you to save time and create a customized and personalized gift for that special person.

Clicking on Deals will provide you with a list of all active deals that the website offers. These deals provide you with a code that you can use to earn discounts. Using the codes will help you print photos at a lower price. This is ideal for those who wanted to save money while at the same time, receive a beautiful masterpiece.

If you registered with Canvaspop, you can use the login option. If you purchased something, it should appear on the cart. Your previous transactions should also appear once you logged in.

On the rightmost corner of the header, you can see the language option. Multiple languages are available, and you can also select the currency that you wanted to be displayed on the website. This is helpful, especially if you are ordering from overseas.

Canvaspop Coupon Codes

The latest and best Canvaspop promo codes and discounts will be updated and listed below!

55% Off Canvas, Framed & Collage Prints! - click here and enter code "BEMINE"

50% Off Wall Art! - click here and enter code "CANVAS50"

Final Verdict

Canvaspop is a great tool that you can use to create beautiful photographs that you can hang on the wall. We highly recommend their website because it is easy to use, and there are a lot of options for creating a customized output.

They also provide a lot of discounts, and it is really helpful especially when first-time customers wanted to check the quality of their work. Based on our experience, using their website is fast and hassle-free, from choosing the size of the canvas to paying for the final product.


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