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My story with jewelry started with ordering various creations online. At one point, I decided to make jewelry on my own. Since then, I’ve created thousands of unique pieces of jewelry I sell online. But purchasing the wholesale materials proved an issue at the beginning.

It wasn’t worth purchasing these materials at a high price as I’d lose my profit. So I found to purchase my own materials. This is the small business or the enthusiast’s sister website to which sells larger quantities per order.

Pandahall Review

Now, as you might already know, simply splitting beads and findings into categories is a large problem. This is why I like Pandahall so much. It simplifies the entire process considerably and it offers a simple approach if you’re looking for a quick purchase.

However, you would still spend more time than expected on the website since there are thousands of products to choose from. I think it’s worth it as the prices are very good.

Pandahall Features

  • Thousands of mixed beads and findings to choose from.
  • Express delivery of up to 7 days on all orders.
  • Airmail delivery of up to 30 days.
  • No minimum order policy.
  • Supported payments include credit cards, bank transfer, and PayPal.
  • 48-hour dispatch from Chinese warehouses.
  • 3% discount on orders above $500.
  • Free shipping on selected products.
  • Included e-catalog for new products.

Jewelry Beads

There are many types of beads you can choose from. I love acrylic beads as they are lightweight and joyfully colored. On the right person, it is one of the most impressive types of jewelry.

Pandahall Review

Resin and wooden beads are also available in their thousands. However, I stick to my acrylic beads as I want to specialize in this type of creations with a distinct bright look. I usually pay around $10 for 10 beads here. However, as my online presence grew, I already started to see improvements in sales and started ordering more.

3%, 6%and 9% discounts are among the most popular options to save on beads purchases. In my case, this means ordering more stock. But it’s not a problem as I keep them in a few clear boxes so they’re easy to access and store.


There are so many beautiful findings to choose from at Pandahall. However, my most purchased product is the stainless steel chain connectors. They are very durable and their versatility is impressive as well. I find they can be included even as side decoration on my jewelry.

Pandahall Review

If I normally use regular metal chain findings, I’m now looking to incorporate more bronze findings as well. If they might be harder to match once finished to certain outfits, my customers are already asking for a golden-like alternative on these tiny and attractive findings.

Earring findings also proved very difficult to source until I found Pandahall. I’m now juggling tens of products for various looks. My brass-plated earring findings prove to be the new hit. I’m also discussing them with a few sellers who also confirm they’re in high demand.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are always popular. It seems that no matter how much fashion changes, they’re always practical and they can look good. I use various hair accessories on my own jewelry collection.

Pandahall Review

I’m just ordering alloy hair bobby pins with added pearls. I think they look fantastic. I’m also hiring a model to take a few photos of her wearing the hairpins. I’m thinking of dressing her up in formal attire as these elegant hairpins are excellent for any formal event.

Sewing Materials

Sewing materials are self-explanatory. I’m able to find good materials at very affordable rates. Since I use sewing materials nearly every day, I also keep them in larger stocks. I’d also recommend you purchase them in advance, especially if you’re choosing the more affordable air mail delivery option.

Pandahall Review

Mixed Products

An interesting shopping method on Pandahall is with mixed product purchases. This is where you can combine various products for a better price. Unfortunately, you can’t pick and choose the products yourself. You have to choose one of the packages which are already published on the website.

Pandahall Review

These purchases are particularly useful for small batch jewelry, which is also my case. With these packages, you can create original jewelry regularly.

However, it’s also important to note that these are not permanent products. Scaling production can’t rely on mixed products as a result.

Placing an Order

You need to create an account to place an order on Pandahall. This is where you need to add your contact information and delivery address. You’ll also find the shipping information in your account.

Pandahall Review

A standard shipping pack without any free shipping offers costs $.39 up to 112 grams when sent by UPS to the US. All other companies’ cost of delivery is also clearly listed in your customer’s account.

Return Policy

Returns are accepted in normal conditions at Pandahall. As long as the products are in the original packaging and as long as they are accompanied by the purchasing receipt, you can make a claim and return your products.


Coupons are rarely published on Pandhall. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t exist. From time to time, I get emails from my favorite sellers with various products to choose from. This also means you have the ability to save some money with some purchases from time to time.

Pandahall Review

At the same time, there’s a point system in place which differentiates customers. The more points you have, the better the chances of securing a coupon. Simply put, the more you spend, the higher the chances of securing discounts are.

Points are attributed per sale and they are quantified to your account. I already have hundreds of thousands of points. You may collect them as well. 500 points are offered when you spend $1. These points can be turned to coupons, but they are all limited to a few select sellers on the platform.

Pandahall Promo Codes

We keep this area updated with the latest and best coupon codes & discounts from Pandahall!


  • All products are sold at a low rate and shipped from China.
  • Thousands of jewelry accessories and materials to choose from.
  • Orders are dispatched from factories within 24 hours.


  • It takes 30 days for the products to arrive with the most affordable shipping plan.

Final Verdict

Pandahall is still growing as a platform. However, it was just what I needed when sourcing my jewelry materials. It is the middle man between me and the manufacturers in China.

But most importantly, the platform allowed me to create and grow my own business. I have the freedom of purchasing materials at a price that can’t be matched in the US.

Since direct shipping is improving, I’m also opting for the fastest 10-day delivery option. If you want to check which delivery plan is right for you, feel free to create a Pandahall account today. You’ll be able to see what delivery time you can expect for your budget.

If you’re just starting out, I’d advise not to overspend on shipping and focus on the products instead. You can purchase larger quantities at once to avoid having to wait up to a month on each order you place on Pandahall. However, tracking is possible with DHL parcels in the United States.


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