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Is there anything more frustrating than trying and trying to lose weight without seeing results? I know that I've tried just about everything in the past. Getting older, having kids, failing to exercise as much as I should... oops! It all just piles up.

There are millions of people in the exact same situation, especially in the United States. It's a lot easier to search for a quick fix than work on lifestyle changes. That's why the market is so saturated with weight loss supplements and diet pills. But most of these products aren't going to leave you with anything except frustration and an empty wallet.


To find a solution that causes real, long-term weight loss, you have to understand why your metabolism causes you to gain weight. Leptitox is a weight loss supplement that was designed to target your metabolism and help promote weight loss. I'll admit, I was skeptical. So does it work?


  • The capsules are formulated with a blend of natural ingredients that help promote health and regulate your body's metabolic levels.
  • The formula is specifically designed to combat leptin resistance, which is one of the key factors behind the struggle to maintain long-term weight loss.
  • The increase in metabolism helps your body to burn more of its stored fat without you needing to exercise, though if you want a toned body, you do need to hit the gym.
  • The product is available in multiple different packages, so you can decide whether to get a single bottle or to buy several bottles at once.

What Exactly Is Leptitox?

This weight loss supplement was created by Morgan Hurst with input and research from different scientists and organizations. Like many daily multivitamins, the supplement blends a variety of natural ingredients into pill form to promote positive health effects. Unlike multivitamins, Leptitox is specifically designed to reduce your leptin resistance.


It turns out that leptin resistance might be the key to unlocking the source of your weight loss frustration. The Leptitox supplement blends up to twenty-two nutrients, plant extracts, and other natural agents that increase your metabolism. They're meant to regulate appetite, hunger, blood sugar levels, and blood cholesterol.

The manufacturer also claims that the supplement burns fat in your thighs, face, hips, and arms without requiring exercise. There's some mixed truth to that. The ingredients can kickstart your metabolism, which causes your body to burn fat. But you won't burn fat in targeted areas without exercise; your body will just get rid of fat stores wherever it finds them.


Every capsule is manufactured in the United States in facilities that meet GMP certification and FDA approval requirements.

You can purchase the supplement in three different configurations. A basic investment will give you one bottle. The most popular choice is to get three bottles, which is cheaper than buying them one by one but not a huge commitment. If you know you'll be using it a lot, the best value option is a package of six bottles.

Before you can understand the science behind why Leptitox boosts metabolism, you need to know about leptin and leptin resistance.

The Role of Leptin in Weight Loss

Leptin is one of many hormones responsible for regulating your body's internal systems. Unlike hormones produced by various glands, leptin comes from the fat cells. It is an essential component of your metabolism because it helps regulate your body's energy expenditure.


In addition to regulating the number of calories expended, leptin regulates the amount of fat stored in your body and the number of calories you consume. In a functioning body, leptin is critical to keeping you from overeating or starving to death.

Leptin resistance occurs when the body's leptin levels become imbalanced, which leads to improper regulation of your energy. The most common scenario is for the body to give out extreme hunger signals in order to protect against starvation, even though you have a ton of fat already stored in your system.

A leptin imbalance can cause your brain to think you're starving to death. It responds by making you hungry all the time so that you'll store more energy. The larger calorie consumption leads to greater amounts of fat in your body.

It's not your fault if you're hungry all the time. It's your brain trying to protect you from dying.

Honestly, when I learned that, I wanted to be a little nicer to my body and brain. Even if they do make it near-impossible to get the figure I want.

The Cause of Leptin Resistance

Scientists are still doing research to identify the factors that make a person likely to develop leptin resistance. Some artificial compounds are rumored to affect leptin levels, but there's no actual data supporting this.


What researchers have found is that inflammation can lead to leptin resistance in animals and humans alike. The inflammatory signals inside your hypothalamus affect your brain's perception of food.

It's also possible that elevated levels of free fatty acid compounds in the blood can interfere with the signals given off by leptin. This is because the acids increase the presence of fat metabolites inside the brain, which in turn causes the brain to misinterpret leptin signals.

A growing body of research also shows that if you had high leptin levels to begin with, you'll have a greater chance of developing leptin resistance.

Ingredients in Leptitox

Twenty-two natural ingredients are blended together to make some forms of the Leptitox supplement.

The active ingredients and their purposes are as follows:

  • Marian thistle to counteract the effects of harmful BPA plastics.
  • Apium graveolens seeds to counteract harmful DEHP plastics.
  • Alfalfa for vitamins and increased liver function.
  • Barberry to improve cholesterol levels and reduce fat storage.
  • Jujube to counteract the endocrine disruptor ZEA, which may play a part in leptin imbalance.
  • Tabacum leaves to provide concentrated vitamin K that enhances wound healing.
  • Brassicas to protect the body with the antioxidant glutathione.
  • Chanca piedra to act as a protective antioxidant, counteract harmful EDCs, and support digestive health.


  • All ingredients in the supplement are natural, and the capsules are manufactured in facilities that meet strict regulation standards.
  • It increases energy levels and causes noticeable metabolic changes in short periods of time.
  • The supplements are affordable and include a 60-day money-back guarantee if you aren't satisfied with the results.


  • It won't burn fat in "problem areas" like a miracle cure. Your metabolism will speed up, but you won't magically get more toned without exercise.

Final Verdict

Leptitox is different from other weight loss supplements on the market. Rather than merely suppressing hunger or acting as a laxative, the supplement uses a blend of natural ingredients and compounds to help boost the metabolism. The goal of the formula is to regulate your leptin levels and correct leptin resistance issues.

Since the supplements come with a 60-day money-back guarantee and tend to be affordable, there's nothing stopping you from giving the capsule a shot!


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