Autobarn Vs Super Cheap Comparison

Do you need to replace a car part but want to avoid a massive bill from a mechanic? Or is your mechanic too booked to swap out a part for you? There are some auto parts stores that aim to solve this dilemma. These shops sell a variety of vehicle components and accessories for all kinds of makes and models.

In Australia, two popular options are Autobarn and Supercheap. Both of these companies have country-wide presences with over a hundred stores, along with a strong online shopping component. I've taken a look at different products and services offered by both to give you an idea of what to expect.

Overview of Autobarn and Supercheap

Shared Features

  • Australian auto parts stores with a variety of product lines.
  • Easy online searching for products by brand or vehicle.
  • Dozens of brick-and-mortar stores throughout the continent.
  • Mailing lists available.
  • Store locator features through websites.
  • FAQ and online shopping details readily available.

Unique Autobarn Features

  • Over 135 stores spread throughout Australia.
  • Free Autoclub signup gives you motoring news and a monthly newsletter.
  • Security products sold to insure vehicles and their contents.
  • Franchising opportunities for individuals who want to own their own Autobarn store.
  • Fitting of many different car parts and accessories.

Unique Supercheap Features

  • Over 300 stores spread throughout Australia.
  • Product portfolio with more than ten thousand total items.
  • Mechanic finding services.
  • Online tire shopping.
  • Multiple in-store services including battery and windscreen help.

In Store Services


Autobarn vs Super Cheap

Autobarn stores boast a range of available fitment services. However, the exact ones vary from store to store. Larger locations with more employees and traffic may have more comprehensive options. The main basic categories include:

  • Audio systems and speaker upgrades for cars.
  • Vehicle batteries.
  • Light globe replacement and installation.
  • Wiper blade maintenance and replacement.
  • Roof rack installation.
  • Seat cover fitting and installation.
  • Secure installation of baby seats.

Individual stores might have more specialized services. For example, the Eltham location also offers:

  • Visual and touchscreen system calibration and installation.
  • Headlight protectors.
  • Security options.
  • Installation of cruise control systems.
  • Tow bar installations.
  • Accessories for 4WD, touring, and off-roading.


Autobarn vs Super Cheap

Supercheap boasts a wide variety of in-store services for both external and internal vehicle needs. This makes it one of the best auto parts stores to visit if you're looking for more routine mechanic needs. That said, the employees won't necessarily be able to do everything a regular auto mechanic can.

The following services are available free of charge:

  • Oil recycling.
  • Oil top-ups.
  • Recharging for electric vehicles.
  • Recharging and recycling for batteries.
  • Checking battery condition.
  • Checking vehicle lighting.
  • Checking wiper condition.
  • Inspecting the glass of the windows and windshield.

Paid engine maintenance services include:

  • Top-up of washer fluid.
  • Battery fitting.
  • Vehicle diaghostics.
  • Paint mixing.
  • Oil treatments.
  • Fuel treatments.
  • Engine air filter fitting.
  • Cabin air filter fitting.
  • Key cutting services.
  • Nitrogen inflation.

In addition, the employees are capable of fitting nearly all of the basic exterior and interior components that the company sells.

Winner: Supercheap

Supercheap provides many of the vehicle maintenance services that you'd generally need to have performed at a mechanic. In addition, they have more robust fitting services for engine parts, exterior components, and interior pieces. Some of their maintenance services are even available free of charge.

Online Tools


Autobarn offers quite a few online tools and resources. There's general information about company policies, franchise opportunities, store location, online shopping FAQs, and product safety recalls. You can also find any information about employment opportunities.

Autobarn vs Super Cheap

Some customer service is available through the website. There's a Contact Us page where you can send inquiries if you have any issues or questions. You can also start the returns process through the website if you need to make a return or exchange.

You can register with insurance products online to protect your vehicle or its contents against theft or damage.

You can also sign up for the online mailing list and Autoclub. With Autoclub, you get a monthly newsletter that gives you information about the automobile industry. It also gives you information about sales, discounts, and sometimes exclusive coupons with certain percentages off ticketed prices.


Most of Supercheap's online tools are related to online shopping or helping you find the right in-person store to suit your needs. Their website has information about where to find store, career opportunities, trade partner information, and any ongoing product safety notices or recalls.

Autobarn vs Super Cheap

There are a variety of available customer support measures that are helpful. Among these are order tracking, returns and exchange inquiries, frequently asked questions, and a page with contact details.

One very helpful online tool is the Mechanic Finder feature. With this system, you can find a local mechanic to work on your car. All you need to do is input:

  • Your location.
  • Your vehicle's make.
  • Your vehicle's model.

You'll then be shown a page that compares the rates and distances of mechanics in your area. You can book an appointment online.

Winner: Autobarn

Autobarn has a number of helpful online tools and support features. It's easy to place orders through their website, and they also offer monthly newsletters to keep you up-to-date. The mechanic finding tool with Supercheap is a great option for those looking for a local and affordable mechanic, though.

Products Sold


Autobarn vs Super Cheap

Autobarn's thousands of products are divided into a variety of categories. These include:

  • Spare parts.
  • Performance upgrades.
  • Seat covers and protection.
  • Oils and additives.
  • Paint and paneling.
  • Roof racks.
  • Electrical components, batteries, and headlights.
  • Tools and garage items.
  • In-car technology.
  • Car accessories and maintenance.
  • Touring and four-wheel drive.


Autobarn vs Super Cheap

Supercheap's categories include:

  • Car care.
  • In-car technology.
  • Accessories.
  • Outdoors and four-wheel drive.
  • Storage and tools.
  • Electrical and batteries.
  • Maintenance and servicing.
  • Spare and performance parts.
  • Tires.
  • Paint and paneling.

Winner: Tie

Both companies offer thousands of items that cover every aspect of car care, maintenance, and upgrading.

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Pros and Cons of Autobarn


  • The company sells securities that allow you to insure your vehicle, specific vehicle parts, or the contents of the vehicle for different money amounts.
  • There are independent franchise opportunities for people who want to independently own one of the stores.
  • The employees have specialized services to fit a wide range of different car parts and accessories.


  • There are fewer stores spread throughout the country, and it's not as easy to get mechanic services from the stores.

Pros and Cons of Supercheap


  • This is one of the most widespread auto parts stores in Australia, boasting over three hundred total locations and more than ten thousand items.
  • You can shop for tires online.
  • The employees are equipped to manage many auto services, and when your vehicle needs more intensive work, they can find you a mechanic.


  • You won't always find the same potential deals with this service that you will with the competition.

Final Thoughts: Which Is Better?

Both of these auto parts stores have strong presences in Australia. They also both sell a wide range of products and employ individuals with expertise in different auto-related fields. If you need to find a standard car part or accessory, there's a good chance that both companies will have it.

If you want to shop at a brick-and-mortar store, Supercheap has the advantage. This company has over three hundred locations in the country, nearly twice as many as the competition. You're more likely to find a store close to you. The company also has more comprehensive in-person services available than the competitor.

On the other hand, if you prefer to shop online, you'll appreciate Autobarn more. The website is easy to navigate, allowing you to search by product, vehicle, or brand. You can purchase insurance securities to protect your vehicle or its components. And the online tools and learning resources included are comprehensive.


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