Airport Parking Reservations Review – How It Saves Time And Money

Traveling is one of my favorite activities. But the logistics behind modern traveling is different. With cheaper flights, it seems everybody is traveling these days. I’m happy to see so many travelers enjoying this country and other destinations abroad.

But finding where to park is becoming increasingly difficult in these conditions. Just last year, I got a fine for stopping less than a minute in front of the terminal to pick up a friend. There are many methods of trying to avoid such problems.

I’ve tried public transport which is mostly fine around airports. But when there’s a lot of luggage involved, the comfort of a car is hard to match. From this mindset, I began to research my alternatives. Airport Parking Reservations is the website that helped me the most.

Airport Parking Reservations

The most important benefit for me is being able to save time. There’s no need to look for a free spot and driver around for half an hour. Now, I’m expecting the website to also start covering popular destinations abroad as I think it’s valuable for those who need to drive a lot.

Airport Parking Reservations Features

  • Simple search bar to enter destination airport.
  • Date search tools to book a free lot in advance.
  • Combined public and private free lots to book.
  • Some parking lots are open 24/7.
  • Each lot comes with a rating review.
  • Embedded map to drive to the free spot.
  • Includes the popular US and Canadian airports.

View Free Lots on the Map

One of the first characteristics I check out is the location of the free space for my car. This is essential as I want to be within easy reach from the airport. Some locations are within walking distance from the departure terminal. Others require me to hop on public transport.

Airport Parking Reservations

But using public transport for the last leg of the journey is not an issue for me. It represents one of the most interesting methods of making a few friends for the trip if we’re going in the same direction.

Google Maps are integrated on the official website and the official app. You can click on the map to enable navigation if you need directions.

But the location of the lot on the map also dictates the price you’ll pay. The further from the airport the location is, the less you’ll have to pay for it.

Read Reviews

One of the main reasons to consider this platform over other booking websites is the review system. This is not a general system where you rate your overall experience. Instead, it’s the type of system which looks at all the main categories of the booking.

Airport Parking Reservations

Shuttle Speed

If you need to take a shuttle to the airport, you can rate it as well as the driver. The speed of the shuttle, its scheduled frequency and its comfort can all be rated for other customers of the platform to view.

Attendant Services

Some free spots are inside the hotels. In this situation, you need to show your booking to a free spot attendant. It is particularly useful to those seeking a fast check-in and check-out experience.

I only had one bad experience where I had to pay extra at the location to an attendant. But this was already underlined in my booking. It was the length of the process that I had a problem with. Otherwise, the most popular locations have fast check-in and in many cases, I even end up purchasing a room for the night if I’m parking at a hotel.

Airport Parking Reservations

Lot Condition

Another important characteristic to rate is lot condition. When I’m traveling alone, I don’t care about such things. But when I’m traveling with my partner, I need an illuminated space to leave my car. The last thing I want to worry about when traveling is nighttime safety.

But if safety is your priority, you can also look at other features before you book your free spot. For example, locations with CCTV are marked accordingly. But you will need to check each space manually. The website doesn’t allow you to filter these locations by the presence of security cameras from the beginning.

Easy to Find

If running late, you don’t want to be stuck looking for your booked place to leave your car. This is a variable that can be rated. I find that in most cases, the reviews are true. A system of stars from 1 to 5 rate these variables.

Compare Prices

One variable which is automated is price comparison. If I can’t say this about other variables, prices are showed on the right side of the screen for you to compare. I’ve saved a few hundred dollars simply by clicking on other free spots over time.

Airport Parking Reservations

Prices change daily. If you’re expecting to find the same prices another day, you better think again. However, I’d like to see a notification system here where I can get alerts whenever my favorite spot has lower rates.

Payment Methods

There are 2 payment methods to consider when making a booking. Partial and full payments are supported, depending on who runs the locations.

You may pay the full price by credit card when making a booking. However, you might also pay a partial price and then you’d have to pay the remaining difference when you arrive on location.

Airport Parking Reservations

In both cases, you should keep the reservation receipt. But you shouldn’t worry if you take your time when making the booking. This information with the detailed payment instructions is seen at the moment of the booking.

If you need to bring in cash with you when you park to pay the difference, it's written on your booking’s confirmation.


If you need to use a shuttle to get to the airport, you need to check its schedule. Some shuttles run 24 hours a day. You should have no issues in finding it either.

Airport Parking Reservations

But smaller airports don’t get the benefit of 24-hour shuttles. If you’re flying from a smaller airport, you can check shuttle frequency by contacting the website directly.

Other types of transportation methods to the airport are also offered by location administrators. I had a couple of trips where there were small vans that took all of us who booked parking to the airport together.

Airport Parking Reservations

We will keep this area updated with the latest and best Airport Parking Reservations discounts & coupons...


  • Users find free parking spaces by location.
  • Backed by shuttle services to and from the airport.
  • Integrated reviews system for each location.


  • Not all locations accept cancellation.

Final Verdict

If you need to reach the airport frequently, you are the type of person the website is made for. Those who only rarely reach the airport might not be as pressed to save time and money on the carpark.

However, with a booking system which allows you to find a free carpark in advance, all your trips can be easier. Airport transfer is normally organized by those who run these parking lots. I’ve found a couple of locations across the country where the parking lot was right across the road from the airport.

You can check your departure and arrival dates online today. You will see a list of the free carpark spaces you can book today. If you note in a rush, feel free to check their reviews to find the best service.


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