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As a business owner, I know that having an Internet presence is important. I can say for certain that if I’m not on the Internet these days I might as well consider myself invisible. When I first started out, I decided to launch a Facebook page. Nothing more than that. Or so I thought. While I was getting some engagement, it was usually questions about what my business did, where I was located, and so on. I could only do so much.

That’s when I gave in and decided to get a website. While I know that some hosting packages have a domain included, I was looking to save money for the time being. So I decided to get my domain separately through 123Reg. Needless to say, getting a domain for cheap is exactly what I needed at the time I was starting out with my business. Today, I could afford one of those expensive packages. But why bother? I’m quite happy with what I got as far as my hosting and domain is concerned.


123reg Features

  • Get domain names that fit perfectly with your business or brand. Make it easy to remember and simple to access for those who want to know more about you beyond social media.
  • Want a way to stay connected with your customers and clients? Get email hosting that is linked to your dedicated domain.
  • Get the website of your dreams with the website builder. You have a design in mind, not make it a reality.
  • Not a fan of coding? No problem. You can build your website using popular platforms like WordPress.
  • Want protection from hackers and phishers. Get an added layer of security with your website’s built-in security features (complete with SSL certification).


Every website you visit has a domain. A website that you build from the ground up will obviously need one too. The good news is you can get one and at quite a ridiculously reasonable price. Look, I get it. It would be better to get it with a web hosting package. Sometimes, you just get a better deal if you buy something as a standalone.


Especially when you are starting out with your business on a shoestring budget. Your domain is something that will obviously be tied to your brand name or business. It didn’t take me long to choose my domain at all. Besides, I don’t think anyone would have the same business name as I would. It’s unique. It’s based on something that plays an important role in my life.

Mail Hosting

I am more inclined to connect with my customers in a more personable way. One way to communicate with them is by email. I have my own email address that is linked to my website domain. In fact, I find it a lot better to use since I only keep my personal email address as-is.


Plus, I don’t want my personal emails to get lost in the shuffle with all the customer emails I could get on a regular basis. Also, I am planning on doing email marketing later on when I build up an email list. If there is one thing I learned about email marketing, it comes off as unprofessional if you are emailing your list using a Gmail address.

I only have one email tied to the website at the moment. But rest assured when I do expand, I might have an email address assigned to those who I designate as team members. That way we can not only stay communicated with each other but also with our customers as well.

Website Builder

Hate dealing with expensive hosting packages? I hear you. The good news is that you don’t have to go elsewhere. 123Reg has a website builder that will help you build your website from the ground up. I know how tough it can be to design a website. 


If you aren’t much of the creative type, you can be able to install WordPress and build a website using the various number of themes that are available for free or at a price. My advice, you might want to make your website user friendly and easy to navigate.

SSL and Sitelock

I want my website to be a trustworthy site and not considered a “security threat”. That is why I highly recommend that you get an SSL certificate with your website. In fact, if you purchase a premium hosting package from 123Reg you can get 1 SSL certificate for your site.


Also, you want to keep your website protected from hackers and infected files using SiteLock. These days, hackers won’t rest until they compromise a website and steal any sensitive information from those who shop online or pay for services. But not my site. I keep the information protected and secure so no one else will have access to my website’s backend but myself.


  • Lower level packages are quite reasonable in price.
  • Domains are very affordable.
  • Perfect for businesses and personal blogs.
  • VPS Hosting is easy if you are switching from one host to the next.


  • Mostly focused on the UK market, so it may not appeal to those outside of the country.

Final Verdict

123Reg is my kind of web service. From domains to web hosting and everything in between, I know I have my bases covered. Of course, your business needs a website and establish a presence so your customers know more about you. Plus, I’d be wise to be as visible as possible online when you want to have a successful business.


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