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I run an online digital marketing business and in order for it to succeed, I know I need a full and comprehensive analysis of the market and competitors in the field. I had been doing most of the research by myself, but I figured out that it wasn’t efficient enough. That's when I accidentally found the Searchmetrics suite at There, I discovered a variety of attractive offers that could easily improve my business in ways previously unattainable to me.

Searchmetrics helps you draw an online audience and improve your results by matching user intent. They use deep learning insights to navigate the shifting priorities of search engines and help you rival your competition.


If you are also running an online business committed to delivering engaging and comprehensive content, the company's website offers a variety of products such as Research Cloud, Content Experience, Search Experience, Site Experience, and many other features you might find useful.

Searchmetrics Features

The Searchmetrics Suite consists of four main modules: Research Cloud, Search Experience, Content Experience, and Site Experience.

Besides these, there are also products such as API, Content Composer, and Research Cloud National/International.

These products include several important features you may find useful:

  • 10,000-100,000 rankings/report.
  • Available in more than 30 countries.
  • Available for all devices.
  • Page traffic forecasting.
  • Content performance analysis.
  • Social engagement analysis.
  • Link optimization.
  • Backlink analysis.
  • White-label reporting.
  • SEO PM.
  • Site structure optimization.
  • Insight into up to last two years of the historic keyword ranking.
  • Entire visibility history.
  • Competitive keyword discovery.
  • Real-time visibility alerts.
  • APP rankings.
  • Mobile and local visibility.

Searchmetrics Overview

Research Cloud

This product's purpose is to create a research flow for your online marketing strategy. Marketing teams from Searchmetrics obtain data from a central information source which they then evaluate to help you boost the performance of your company in your specific niche. There are several levels of analysis: domain, sub-domain, directory, and URL.


The next-generation metrics they use help identify important improvement opportunities by discovering significant gaps in performance - gaps that need to be addressed. Research Cloud allows you to choose among 30 available countries for analysis. Then, you get an insight into keywords, SERP features or landing pages.

You can use this info to match domains or landing pages in order to create the best possible strategy for your business. While developing my own business I always had trouble figuring out where to invest more energy and what to focus on. I was relying on the trial-and-error method which was slowing me down significantly, but the price I pay now to Searchmetrics is nothing compared to all the benefits I get from proper research.

Content Experience

It takes time and years of experience to guess what your audience wants. Before I began using Searchmetrics, I was missing out on key information. The detailed analysis of your target groups’ needs and your competitors’ content can help you avoid unnecessary stress and pursue success with your business.


Searchmetrics’ Content Experience module helps you develop content suitable for your target audience. It offers everything from strategy and research to creation and performance measurement, and the information you receive is data-driven and focused on creating more traffic in real-time.

This product helps you find and develop the right topics that are relevant to any specific audience. It allows you to create a framework and editorial goals for writers by giving them a data-driven brief for every topic.

It also allows you to compare your content with the content of your competitors, which is important if you want to move towards dominating the market of your choice. The most important feature of this product is that it eliminates guesswork by using information obtained by deep learning processes.

Search Experience

If you want your business to see constant growth, you need to combine both paid media, which has a predictable success, and organic search - which is sustainable for your finances.


Searchmetrics’ Search Experience module helps you drive revenue and growth by exposing actionable and competitive insights. The function of this module is to analyze, compare and optimize the SEO performance of websites. Using this data, you can find opportunities for further growth with greater ease and accuracy.

Site Experience

This module is designed to help you improve the optimal performance of your website by detecting errors and issues on time. While learning SEO and growing my business, I learned that it's not so easy to follow up on all important parameters, errors, crawlability, etc.


Late detection of these types of issues led me to lose traffic and revenue incomparably larger than my current Searchmetrics fee. Site Experience analyzes crawlability and indexing of websites and it is JavaScript friendly. Also, it does a reliable SWOT analysis that serves to help you identify and correct your errors on time, saving you energy and money.

Pricing and Payments

There are different types of offers at Searchmetrics. The basic one is the Essentials plan which costs $69 and you get limited services. This same plan can cost you $138 less if you pay the annual price of $690. The other one is the Searchmetrics Essentials Pro plan. It starts at $149 per month, but you can save up to $298 if you pay annually $1,490.


There is also Suite Business which starts at $2,000 per month, and pricing for Enterprise and ultimate packages are available only on request. It is estimated that they range between $36,000 and $500,000 per year. Searchmetrics also offers Research Cloud National and International packages. National costs $98 and it allows one user in one country, with five years of SEO visibility and complete export rankings.

It gives keyword, SERP and competitor research as well as directory and mobile rankings, but zero export credits. International costs $175 and it allows analysis in six countries, 50,000 export credits and everything else is the same as national. Payment is available through credit card.

Customer Service

Searchmetrics provide efficient customer support. From the moment you decide to find out more about them and their services, you will be contacted and offered support through the phone.​


Their phone numbers are available on their website. The other method of seeking help and information is through email, by filling up a form on the website.

Also, they encourage people to stop by their offices if they happen to live in some of the five cities they have offices in - San Mateo, London, New York, Berlin and Varazdin.

Pros & Cons


  • Simple software visuals.
  • User-friendly reporting that allows you to follow up on your performance over time.
  • Big keyword database with excellent studies of the market and competitor analysis.
  • Social and backlink tracking.


  • Limited metrics for keywords and no keyword management.
  • It is expensive and doesn’t offer a low-price option for freelancers.

Final Verdict

Depending on the size of the business you run online, Searchmetrics can offer a great selection of tools and hooks for competitive analysis. It’s holistic and has comprehensive and in-depth insights that are really helpful for growing your business. It may come off as expensive at first, but it definitely pays off as a long term investment. If you have a smaller business, the Essentials package will probably cover your needs.

It's been two years of using Searchmetrics for me and I feel it's been a good investment. My revenue has seen growth and my traffic is more consistent and stable. Also, I was able to employ more writers and the information we obtain from Searchmetrics is helping us coordinate better.

My personal recommendation is to try using it because the fee you pay will be dwarfed by the amount of income you generate by using Searchmetrics.


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