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Are you working on a WordPress website and you wanted to know if there is a plugin that will help you create online forms faster? The answer is YES – there is a plugin that is currently making a buzz across different platforms, and its name is WPForms.

WPForms is considered as the best drag and drop form builder plugin for WordPress. According to the creators of the program, more than two million professionals around the world use this plugin, and it helps them create smarter forms and surveys.


In the past, creating an online form or survey makes a website developer fret. This is because of the extensive labor required to finish a single form that will be uploaded online. However, with the emergence of services like the one offered by WPForms, creating an online survey or form became simpler.

A single form or survey can be created in minutes, thanks to the powerful tools used by WPForms. This is far from the norm before the plugin was developed – a single form can take hours before it can be completed.

Another advantage of WPForms is the creation of smarter workflows. It transforms complex forms to become simple ones, and it can result to an increase in website traffic. Customers and businesspeople will start working with you if they notice that your business is growing.

The Target Market of WPForms

The primary target market of WPForms is content creators who are using WordPress. In recent years, online content creators have selected WordPress as the most reliable website that they can use for creating blogs and other content. WordPress is also the number one choice for freelancers who are looking for a platform where they can create a website.


Newbies in web design are also being targeted by WPForms. The creators of WPForms wanted everyone to enjoy their plugin, so they decided that it should follow a drag and drop mechanism that makes it easier to operate.

As a result, many people are falling in love with WPForms, and others claim that it is the best Wordress form plugin ever created.

What Are the Features of WPFORMS?

Content creators love WPForms because it is powerful and easy to use. The plugin is also teeming with features, and using it will allow you to create a good-looking website and attract more traffic to your page. Here are some of the features that can be found inside the plugin:

  • Drag and Drop Form Builder.
  • Form Templates.
  • Responsive Mobile Friendly.
  • Smart Conditional Logic.
  • Instant Notifications.
  • Entry Management.
  • Multi-Page Forms.
  • File Uploads.
  • User Registration.
  • Spam Protection.
  • PayPal Add-on.
  • Stripe Add-on.
  • Constant Contact Integration.
  • AWeber Add-on.
  • Mailchimp Add-on.
  • GetResponse Add-on.
  • Campaign Monitor Add-on.
  • Drip Add-on.
  • Custom CAPTCHA.
  • Geolocation Data.
  • Zapier Add-on.
  • Post Submissions Add-on.
  • Surveys and Polls Add-on.
  • Signature Add-on.
  • Form Pages Add-on.
  • Form Abandonment Add-on.
  • Offline Forms Add-on.
  • Form Locker Add-on.
  • Conversational Forms Add-on.
  • Form Templates Pack Add-on.

With more than 30 features, WPForms managed to shine above the rest. Today, more people prefer using this plugin because it makes their lives easier. Let’s look at a detailed description of these features and see how it can help you build your page.

Understanding the Key Features of WPForms


Drag and Drop Form Builder

This feature will enable you to create forms and surveys in a few minutes. If you don’t have a background on web design, you can still enjoy this feature. Non-coders are also guaranteed to love this feature, even if they lack an experience when it comes to website creation.

One of the things that stops potential web designers from continuing the career is the idea that this career would rely heavily on coding. However, it is not 100% true, as web designers today can create website by a simple drag and drop action.

This has become the norm for many website developers – they prefer creating a website using the available elements presented to them, and focus on the design aspect and not on the programming aspect. It saves them time, and it gives them more creative freedom.



WPForms understands how important time is for web designers. As a result, they decided to add form templates within the plugin. This will provide the web designers with a template that they can work on. This will increase their time in creating websites and other pages.



Many people rely on their mobile phones to gather information, and according to the latest statistics, more webpage views are generated by mobile devices. WPForms wanted to take advantage of this technological shift and the creators decided to make their plugin mobile friendly.

As a result, using the program feels smooth even if you are only using a smartphone or tablet. The same feel applies when using a desktop computer.



High performance forms can be created using the plugin’s smart conditional logic. This will enable you to use logical phrases or commands that will make the website you create more immersive.



With instant notifications, you can respond quickly to your leads. The instant form notification is helpful especially if you are leading a whole team.



With the entry management feature, you can view all of the leads that are gathered in one place. This will help you streamline your workflow and you can save a lot of time.



Forms are naturally long, because agencies wanted to get as much information as possible. However, creating a longer form can spark small inconveniences. The multi-page forms feature of WPForms splits the forms into multiple pages. The creators stated that it will improve the user-experience.



This option will enable users to upload files and other media along with the forms that they will submit. This is a great option if your website leans more to the creative site. It will encourage people to be creative when it comes to answering the forms.



You can also create a user registration page provided by WordPress. The registration forms that you created should be submitted on these pages.



Spam can be an annoying online phenomenon. However, if you are using WPForms, receiving spams can be prevented with the use of CAPTCHA. It would mean that your website will receive less spam registrations.



Add-ons are programmed within WPForms to help with different requirements. For example, PayPal and Stripe Add-ons provide different payment methods to the users. Add-ons that allow you to grow your email list are also available.

Geolocation Data, on the other hand, will report on the location of your users. There are more add-ons within the website, waiting to be discovered by the users.

Why People Love WPForms

Many people have downloaded WPForms – more than two million, according to the latest statistics. One of the reasons why it keeps on becoming a global phenomenon is because of its user-friendly nature. As a result, many people from different industries can use the plugin and design their websites without any hassles.


Imagine – building a form can be completed in a few minutes. This feat is not available in the past, and today, more time is being saved because of the innovation in technology.


  • Drag and drop mechanism for designing a website.
  • No coding required.
  • Makes people more creative.


  • The plugin is only available for WordPress users.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Requirements of Using Wpforms?

The primary requirement for someone to use WPForms is that they need to have a self-hosted WordPress website. After the plugin detected that there is an existing self-hosted WordPress website, you can add the forms.

Are Coding Skills Required to Operate the Plugin?

No. Coding skills are not required. The creators wanted to simplify the process of web design, so they decided to make the interface easier for everyone.

Does the Plugin Work on Websites That Were Not Created Using WordPress?

No, it will not work. This plugin was created solely for WordPress, and if you try using it on other websites, the plugin will not work. Sometimes, the incompatibility can also corrupt the website so we cautious.

Final Verdict

WPForms is a great way to create an online form or survey if you don’t have any background in coding. Using this product helps a lot of web developers, and it saves them time.

I highly recommend using the product, especially if you wanted to use a plugin exclusively for WordPress that will make it easier to build forms and surveys. The money that you will spend on purchasing the plugin is worth it, and people are stating that developers who have used this plugin made good-looking results.

When it comes to the packages offered by WPForms, you need to select which one you would like to buy. For starters, the company offers a Basic package that is sold normally for $79 per year. For those who has bigger businesses, options like Plus, which sells at $199 per year, Pro, which sells for $399 per year, and Elite, which sells for $599 per year, are available.


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