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Whenever you need marketing materials you realize just how important your company’s image is. Business cards are often the first impression a person makes on a business. Other materials such as flyers and menus are also a glimpse into the business.

But finding a place to design and print all of them takes time and money. Vistaprint is an integrated printing service which deals with all of these issues. It represents a service that you can count on for all your major marketing materials. Other services offered by the company include attractive digital marketing materials to be used in advertising and social media campaigns.


I wanted to create 4 types of business cards for my business. They would all reflect a certain promotion on the back which would potentially attract more customers. With a few clicks, the company was able to design them and ship them to my address when finished.

Vistaprint Features

  • Integrated design templates for most printed materials.
  • Business cards, flyers, menus, and other marketing materials.
  • Customizable wedding invitations and wedding cards.
  • Customizable clothing.
  • Promotional products include key chains and label stickers.
  • Free shipping on bulk orders.

Business Cards

Creating a business card on the website is easy even for those without too many editing skills. The templates are categorized by industries such as farming, automotive, beauty, finance, etc. These categories already have ready-made templates and you need to change the name and the contact information of your business.


Customization options are endless. The cards can come in an either vertical or horizontal orientation and they can be made with sharp or rounded edges. The thickness of these cards is based on the chosen materials. There are standard, premium and premium plus options to consider according to your budget.

But unlike with other business cards printing services, there’s an alternative for those who don’t like any of the templates. You can start by uploading your company’s logo and finding a design to go with it. You complete your business card with the company’s contact information. This is as close as it gets to work with a real editor.

Clothing and Bags

Clothes are personalized all the time. They can be part of a marketing campaign. But personalized clothes are certainly the norm in many offices today. Employees wear personalized T-shirts while at work.


In other industries, such as in restaurants and bars, personalized T-shirts or shirts are the norms. You can add your company’s logo to these clothes. Your employees are going to be easily distinguishable while also raising brand awareness,

Simple jackets are also found on the website. You can brand them just as easily as T-shirts. I find these jackets particularly helpful for outdoor events. In case I need my employees to take part in outreach campaigns outdoors, I’ll consider jackets to keep them safe from the rain.

If you’re creating an event such as a charity marathon, these types of items are among the few customizable clothes which you can use, Together with personalized hats, you can create the entire image of your event with the clothes and promotional materials you find on the website.

Promotional Products

There are a few promotional products ready to be personalized with your company logos. But if lighter and matches get thrown around and eventually lost, I prefer products that are a bit more durable. Users are going to rely on them a bit more.


Aluminum water bottles are my favorite. I customize hundreds of them per month and give them away for free. My customers are using them in the workplace. These water bottles are permanent advertising for my company.

Aluminum water bottles cost $21.90 and they are available in multiple colors. These bottles include a keychain and this makes them practical to be used at the gym as well.


Another large section on the website is dedicated to invitations. I don’t need invitations at the moment but I know where I’m printing my wedding invitations. Hundreds of templates are uploaded in this section. From simple plain whites to complex floral designs, these invitations look professional and they’re a bit more affordable compare to what many wedding planners ask for.


If you’re looking for extra personalization, you can have the invitations printed with a photo of the bride and the groom. The upload section of the website works well and it doesn’t require any special editing skills.

Wedding invitations can be purchased in batches of 10. When you order at least 100 invitations, their price drops considerably. If you need envelops, you’ll need to pay extra.

Basic editing on such a wedding invitation includes the name of the bride and groom. The date and time of the wedding are customizable. Then, you can add the name and time of the venue of choice on all invitations.

In case you like to make small adjustments to your invitations, this is possible at a fair rate. It costs $5 to have a wedding invitation customized by a professional designer within 24 hours if you call the company with the exact edits you need.

Photo Gifts

If you want to create amazing memories you can have your photos printed as a calendar. Similar services include desk calendars, wall calendars, and poster calendars.


These calendars may only be ordered in small batches. You can upload 12 family pictures to have the calendars look apart every month.

But you can also order in bulk. Your company can create different calendars with 12 products or services and offer them to customers. It’s another proven marketing technique where the calendar is useful and not going to be discarded as other promotional materials.

Shipping and Delivery

Economy delivers is the most affordable and it takes up to 8 days for your orders to arrive. Standard shipping takes between 4 and 6 business days. Express shipping has your orders at your door within 3 days.


International shipping is also supported in selected countries. However, different delivery prices apply. For all sample kits the company sends out, delivery time is also different. It can take up to 14 days for your samples to arrive if you request them to one of the customer service team members.

Vistaprint Promo Codes

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  • Printable promotional materials are cheaper in bulk.
  • Flexible delivery intervals and costs.
  • Full customization at $5 extra.


  • Not smartphone cases.

Final Verdict

The company uses an intuitive website to take orders. It uploads new templates frequently. New products are also added to the line all the time. The newest marketing product is the color-changing mug.

However, its main advantage is it simplifies business card creation and other customization processes. Ultimately, it saves time for you and your business.

Unlike other similar services, it also accepts changes to current templates. I wanted a couple of small changes to business card templates I liked. Although they should have been $10, the company made the customization for $5 within a day.

If you want to see how your business cards or promotional materials would look like, you can edit them on the website. There’s no need to place an order if you don’t like how they appear. If you’re looking for corporate materials with hundreds and thousands of products to print, you’ll also get smaller prices on all listed items.


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