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Do you need a new solution to help you lose weight, get more toned, or just feel healthier overall? Do you enjoy the flexibility of being able to workout in your home, but don't have enough space for multiple pieces of workout equipment? The Total Gym Supreme is designed to help users get fit in their home using one powerful and versatile piece of equipment.

Our review below will highlight some of the features you'll enjoy when you try the Total Gym Supreme as well as other important information you'll want to know about this piece of equipment. After you read through our review, you should be armed with the information you'll need to decide if the Total Gym Supreme will be the right fit for your needs.

Total Gym Supreme


  • This is the budget-friendly Total Gym option.
  • You can complete over 60 different exercises with the one machine.
  • There are 12 different levels of resistance to choose from.
  • You'll be able to work on targeting and toning all the major muscle groups in your body.
  • It will fold up when not in use.
  • The AbCrunch, Ribbed Squat Stand, Tri-Grip Shaper Bars, and Leg Pull accessories are included with your purchase.
  • You'll enjoy free access to Total Gym TV.
  • A one-year manufacturer's warranty on the frame and a six-month manufacturer's warranty on parts are included with your purchase.
  • You can pay in full or choose to split your payments out over six months.

Features and Specifications

If you're looking for a quality product that is also budget-friendly, you should consider the Total Gym Supreme. This is a home gym that will allow you to complete more than 60 different exercise on one piece of equipment. It offers 12 different levels of resistance to accommodate different ability levels and help you increase your resistance after using the gym.

Total Gym Supreme

While this is only one piece of equipment, it can be used to help you target all of your major muscle groups. It can be used for stretching and strength training, cardio, and resistance training. By investing just 10 to 20 minutes each day, you will be able to enjoy a full-body workout.

Unlike other bulky pieces of equipment, this option won't take up your whole space. Plus, since you're able to enjoy a full-body workout with just the one piece of equipment, you don't need to worry about purchasing lots of expensive pieces.

The Total Gym Supreme does not have any heavy weights, cords, or plates to move around. You will be able to easily move from one exercise to the next, without wasting time shifting things around or out of your way.

Total Gym Supreme

It has nylon strap handles to keep your hands comfortable and maintain your grip while you are working out. The handles are also designed to be flexible.

There is also an auto lock height adjustment knob to allow you to quickly adjust the gym to the height you need. Plus, there is a padded pillow to keep your head and neck comfortable and supported during your workout.

When not in use, you can fold up the gym. When folded, the dimensions are 15.5 inches wide by 50.5 inches long by 8 inches high.

When unfolded, the dimensions are 15.5 inches wide by 93 inches long by 43.25 inches high. The gym has a 275-pound capacity.

Included Accessories

Your purchase will include a variety of accessories designed to help you get the most out of each workout. One accessory you'll receive is the Total Gym AbCrunch Accessory. There are 10 exercises you'll be able to perform using this accessory that will help tone and sculpt your abs.

Total Gym Supreme

Your purchase will also include the Ribbed Squat Stand, Tri-Grip Shaper Bars, and Leg Pull Accessory with Detachable Bracket and Two Ankle Cuffs. These accessories are included with your purchase to help you utilize the gym in more ways, complete different exercises, and tone and strengthen different muscle groups.

A nutritional program and meal plan are also included when you purchase this product. Combining the tips from the nutritional program and using the meal plan alongside your workouts can help you see results more quickly.

Total Gym TV

Total Gym TV is a new benefit that was recently added for all Total Gym users. It is an online platform where you'll be able to stream workouts you can complete on your Total Gym Supreme. Access to these different workouts is completely free.

Total Gym Supreme

You'll be able to stream four of the popular Total Gym Workout Programs that used to only be available to purchase on a DVD. Plus, Total Gym has added three special new programs just for Total Gym TV.

Accessing the programs is easy; you just need a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This will allow you to easily set up and view the workouts in the room where you have your Total Gym Supreme.

If you love Total Gym TV after trying it, you may also decide to upgrade to Total Gym TV Premium. This subscription will allow you to access premium workout programs as well as the content of all of the Total Gym DVDs. Every month, at least three new workout programs will be added to the platform.

Guarantees and Warranties

Total Gym is a well-known company who backs up their purchase. You will receive a one-year manufacturer's warranty on the frame as well as a six-month manufacturer's warranty on parts. This can help you be confident that the product you purchase will be built to last.

Payment Options

There are two different payment options you can choose from, so you'll be able to choose the option that works best for you. One option is to pay the full cost of the Total Gym Supreme in one payment. With this option, once you order and pay, you'll be done and won't need to worry about making any additional payments.

Total Gym Supreme

The other option they offer is to make six monthly payments. Depending on your budget and cash flow, this option may make it easier for you to afford the Total Gym Supreme since you'll be able to spread the payments out over time.

Both options include free shipping within the contiguous United States. Shipping would cost $100 without this promotion, so you'll be getting a great deal.

**(include free shipping, $100 value)

Workouts and Resources

You'll find a variety of helpful resources on the website. When you hover over the "Workouts" tab at the top, you'll see a drop-down menu with links for different options. You can select Total Gym TV, Total Gym Exercises, Quick Morning Workout, Total Gym Pilates, or Download Total Gym Workouts.

Total Gym Supreme

Under the "Total Gym Exercises" option, you will be able to select the body part you are looking for exercises for. You can choose from abs, arms, back, chest, legs, shoulders, or total body exercises. Each category includes useful videos and tips to help you use your Total Gym to work your desired area.

About Total Gym

Total Gym started as a tool designed to help individuals in rehabilitation centers. Rehabilitation centers like it because it could be adjusted to fit different users, allowed individuals to work on different parts of their body, and was easy on joints. It also helped individuals stay comfortable as they worked on exercising because of the padded glideboard.

As more and more rehabilitation centers started using Total Gym, it became more popular. After many years, it started being offered on TV. 19 years ago was the first time viewers saw the Total Gym on TV, and since that time over 4 million people have purchased their own Total Gym.

Total Gym Supreme

Total Gym is dedicated to continuous improvement. Over the years, they have used feedback from customers to make modifications and improvements to their products.

They aim to make sure their customers are satisfied. Shipping is free, and they offer a 30-day trial. This allows you to try to Total Gym risk-free.

Total Gym Supreme Promo Codes

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  • You will be able to perform more than 60 different exercises with this machine.
  • Each major muscle group can be targeted.
  • Free access to Total Gym TV is included with your purchase.


  • This model only has a one-year warranty on the frame, whereas some of the more expensive models include a lifetime warranty on the frame.

Final Verdict

The Total Gym Supreme is an excellent product to consider if you're looking to enjoy a great workout at home. This one machine allows you to perform numerous exercise that will target different muscle groups. Visit Total Gym's website today to find out more about the Total Gym Supreme and place your order!


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