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I’ve been pretty vigilant about my health as of late. Even more so to the point where I declared that I wanted to live forever. Unless medical technology allows it, I know it won’t happen. But I will say that losing weight has been one of my top health goals. Keeping it off at my age is another.

When I was looking for a good weight loss solution, I was lost. It was like walking around in circles. I told one of my co-workers (who is also my walking buddy during our lunch breaks) about my problem. She told me about Dr. Kellyann and the programs that she used to help lose weight, keep it off, and sticking to a diet that I would enjoy.

Dr. Kellyanne

Let’s just say I was skeptical at first. But I was really glad that I went along with it. Since I had followed Dr. Kellyanne’s advice, I had lost an upwards of 10 pounds in about 30 days!

Dr. Kellyanne Features

  • Loaded with healthy lifestyle plans that will fit your needs. Especially when it comes to losing the weight.
  • Drink all the coffee you want without the guilt with Collagen coffee.
  • Want to eat foods that are great when you’re losing weight? Try out the keto-friendly Collagen shakes and protein products.
  • Love to cook at home? Get the best weight friendly recipes that you can cook for yourself at home so you can eat healthily.
  • Love soups? Check out Dr. Kellyanne’s line of bone broths and soups that are warm, delicious, and have tons of nutrients to keep you going.

Tons of Healthy Plans Just for You

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. It’s really hard for me to put my trust in someone when it comes to my health. With the exception of my doctor, I really don’t trust a lot of people with their health solutions. But when I found out about Dr. Kellyanne’s books like the Bone Broth Diet and the 10-day Belly Slim Down, I felt like she was someone who knew her stuff. 

Dr. Kellyanne

So I managed to grab a couple of her books. I wanted to keep things simple. Diet and exercise, in my opinion, are the best ways to lose weight (duh!). So I followed those steps to a T. Intermittent fasting seemed like a daunting task at first, but with just enough discipline I was able to follow through with it.

As you have probably noticed, Dr. Kellyanne is a huge proponent of Collagen. And she includes it in most of her line of foods. I have to say that not only has losing weight using her programs and diet foods hasn’t been the only benefit. My skin looks and feels a lot healthier and I feel like I’m moving around like I’m a teenager again. It’s like I’ve eaten something and have gone back in time. I dare say that I feel a lot more confident now than I did about six months to a year ago.

Drink Coffee Without the Guilt

Before I decided to lose weight and eat healthily, I had a bit of a bad habit. I would always go to Starbucks for a Mocha Iced Coffee. I take it with two cream and two sugar. I didn’t even realize how much bad stuff I was putting in my body. So I opted for a healthier substitute.

Dr. Kellyanne

Now I’m totally in love with the Vanilla Collagen Coffee. It tastes a lot better than I expected. Sorry, Starbucks. I won’t be coming in anymore for my iced coffee.

Cleanse and Reset

Another thing that I have always been concerned about lately was my gut. It’s been said that there could be toxins that would be more harmful to your health and cause all kinds of digestive issues. That’s where the Cleanse and Reset come in.

Dr. Kellyanne

You can get a 5 day Cleanse and Reset and you’ll be feeling a lot better in no time. The 5 Day Cleanse has Dr. Kellyanne’s patented bone broth soups and smoothies so it’s tailored to your dietary needs and also helps promote a healthier digestive system in the process.

Educational Materials on Your Own Time

There are tons of books that you can read that will help you adopt a much more healthier lifestyle. Don’t like to read?

Dr. Kellyanne

No problem. Dr. Kellyanne has a course that is more of the hands-on version of the 10-Day Belly Slimdown. I like to read, but I prefer something a bit more interactive. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Plus, I pay more attention to video than I do text.


  • Plenty of healthy food options.
  • Promotes weight loss and also healthier skin, hair, nails, and digestion.
  • A ton of educational information on how you can lose weight, eat healthily and stay healthy when you get older.
  • Recipes are easy to understand and follow. You can make your own meals right at home and even on a budget.


  • Be prepared to make plenty of trips to the bathroom if you’re doing the Cleanse and Reset.

Final Verdict

If you are serious about losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle without torturing yourself, I highly suggest checking out Dr. Kellyann’s products and diet plans. The era of listening to all the other fitness gurus out there might just come to an end here. You can adopt any workout program you want. But when it comes to your diet and your health, Dr. Kellyann is my go-to person.


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