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As someone who is about ready to start a small business, I’ve been in a predicament. My business needs computers in order to operate the software I plan on using for all kinds of customer-based services and even invoice processing among other tasks. However, I’m not too keen on buying new computers because of my budget.

I know at one point we’ll be able to upgrade them. But I’m in the “let’s do business now” camp. I cannot delay any longer because of a financial obstacle that stands in my way.

Tiger Direct

One of my co-founders said refurbished computers have often been a good budget choice for business owners (and even for those looking for a personal computer). That’s when I went to work and did some research on Google. And I stumbled upon Tiger Direct. They have plenty of refurbished electronics and computers at prices that I know will fit my budget.

If you are looking for a computer and not have a lot of money to spare, you may want to consider going refurbished as I did.

Tiger Direct Features

  • Certified refurbished computers and electronics at prices that you can afford. Choose from a wide variety of computers and laptops from leading brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, and more.
  • Need more than just computers? You can get deals on keyboards, accessories, and even parts like CPUs and processors. Whatever you need to upgrade your computer, you can get it.
  • Get printers, projectors, and other accessories that will be perfect for your office. You can print off reports and give presentations with ease without any complicated equipment and setups.
  • Need something more advanced like backup tools or cloud storage? Tiger Direct has them so you have the latest technology to keep every critical file on hand so you are able to keep everything even if your computer gets ruins.

Certified Refurbished Computers

It’s not easy starting a business on a budget. But at the same time, I’m kind of picky when it comes to my finances. But hey...can you blame me? Since I need to keep things below my means, that gives me a chance to choose refurbished computers I can get. As long as it’s the best quality that I can afford, I have no problem choosing a computer.

Tiger Direct

You can choose between different brands like Apple, HP, Lenovo, and other brands. I’m more of an HP kind of person, so I decided that their desktops were a perfect fit for my business. My business only employs six people, so six computers that are refurbished at a good price is enough. Every computer you get from Tiger Direct is certified refurbished. They are good as new and they will run as they’ve just been manufactured yesterday.

You won’t get a computer that will be on its last legs. Everything will be in good working order and you’ll be able to get the work done whenever your business requires it. If your business is on a shoestring budget, I guarantee you that refurbished computers will save you headaches in the long-run. You can upgrade at some point when your business is more financially stable.

Computer Accessories And More

There are some computers that you can order as a standalone. Meaning you get the tower and nothing more. If that’s the case, you can be able to snag a few needed accessories in order to get the computer in functioning order. Tiger Direct has all sorts of accessories ranging from keyboards, monitors, mousepads, and so much more.

Tiger Direct

And they are available at affordable prices. I’m not a huge fan of fancy. I just get the essential accessories because we need them. I don’t care about high-end design or any of that. Plus, if I want to upgrade my computer I can be able to get accessories like memory drives. Who says I have to spend an arm and a leg for computer upgrades when I can get what I need on Tiger Direct?

Printers and Projectors

Printers and projectors are a must for my business. For a few reasons. One, I’m planning on sending hard copy reports to my clients. Two, I love doing on-site presentations for my prospective clients. And three, I’m kind of old school in those regards. I know, I use software that allows me to go paperless.

Tiger Direct

But sometimes, good ol’ fashioned hard copies of reports will be essential when technology goes haywire. Not to mention, Powerpoint presentations are still the “in” thing last I checked. Plus, all I need is a couple of printers at my disposal.

One for the workstation and one for my computer desk. I know a lot of people rely on fancy technology, so the need for printers or projectors might not be needed. But sometimes, you might need it when you least expect it.

Cloud Storage and Security Equipment

We live in an age where we can store everything to the cloud. And I fear that something bad could happen to the point where all of our data and files will be gone once everything is back up and running.

Although I am on a budget, I was able to get a cloud storage device for our computers. I don’t want to take any chances or put myself at a risk of losing everything for the sake of saving money. Sometimes, you have to budget for even the most critical parts of your business.

Tiger Direct

By the way, Tiger Direct doesn’t deal with just computer stuff. What if you want a reliable security system for your place of business? Tiger Direct has the things you need to ensure that you are keeping a close eye on your business both day and night.

If you have valuable equipment that you need for your business and you are worried about someone busting in and making off like a bandit with your office equipment, a good security system will never do you any wrong.


  • Plenty of variety for all of your office needs.
  • Quick order processing and shipping.
  • Reasonably low prices.
  • Plenty of refurbished computers and appliances.


  • Some shipping expenses may be a bit too high.
  • May charge taxes to customers in certain states.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for computers, appliances, other stuff that your office needs then Tiger Direct might be your best option. I know I can rely on a place that can give me high-quality refurbished computers and appliances at prices that I can afford. Why settle for having to pay more for new computers when you can get by on refurbished? Paying for new computers can wait. Check out Tiger Direct now and see what you can find.


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