Ticketnetwork Vs Ticketmaster Comparison

Have you ever desperately wanted tickets to a must-see event - but not quite had the wherewithal to camp out for days in front of the box office?

That's why online ticket vendors were invented. With many online vendors and apps, you can purchase tickets the moment they go on sale from the convenience of your living room. But different apps have different functionality. Some may have more hidden fees than others. And what about guarantees if something goes wrong?

Two top online vendors are Ticketnetwork and Ticketmaster. Both are designed to get you access to tickets for a large range of different events. But they also have some differences that may affect which one is best for your purposes.

I've taken a look at how each service functions and analyzed the differences between them.

Overview of Ticketnetwork and Ticketmaster

Shared Features

  • Tickets for sporting events, concerts, and theater productions.
  • Tickets can be delivered to your home by mail.
  • Complete refunds for cancelled events.
  • Comprehensive event search feature.

Unique Ticketnetwork Features

  • 200 percent ticket refund for accepted but undelivered tickets, as well as invalid tickets.
  • Some sellers offer a 225 percent refund for any issues with their tickets.
  • Seller information about whether the tickets are already in hand or not.
  • Many reseller deals priced under average.
  • Live agents on call.
  • Last minute availability.
  • Interactive purchase maps with paperless seating and zone seating.

Unique Ticketmaster Features

  • Tickets for art exhibits.
  • Other delivery methods including standard mail, UPS, pickup at venue, and print-at-home.
  • Refunds within 72 hours of purchase.
  • Automatic ticket suggestions near your location.
  • Merch store to get merchandise from popular events.
  • Holiday ticket deals.



Ticketnetwork vs Ticketmaster

Ticketnetwork comes with the following service guarantees:

  • If your order was accepted but not delivered, you'll be given a refund of double your purchase price.
  • If your order doesn't arrive in time for the scheduled event, you'll be refunded double your purchase price.
  • If the tickets you're sold are not valid for entering the venue, you'll be given a refund of double your purchase price.
  • Listings with a starburst symbol are from sellers confident enough in their ticket quality to offer a 225 percent refund should there be an issue with the tickets.
  • There's a 100 percent money back guarantee for any events that are cancelled without being rescheduled.


Ticketnetwork vs Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster's service guarantee is called the Fan Guarantee. It includes the following clauses:

  • Every ticket sold through the service is 100 percent official.
  • All sold tickets are verified through the service before being distributed.
  • You get three days to change your mind about your purchase. If you return your tickets within 72 hours of buying them, you'll get a full refund. Note that this policy has some exceptions, so always double check when you buy to make sure that the typical refund policy applies.
  • Some tickets can be refunded up to a week prior to the purchase. To be eligible, the team or venue must be on the participating Ticketmaster list.
  • The service will exchange your tickets if you decide to upgrade to better seats. If you purchase seats at the original or a higher price, you'll have your original purchase refunded.

In addition to the situations outlined in the Fan Guarantee, the service will also automatically refund your money if there's an event cancellation. For event rescheduling, you can get a refund if you request it should you have a conflict with the rescheduled date.

Winner: Ticketnetwork

Ticketnetwork wins because it's hard to beat a service that offers refunds greater than your purchase price if there's an issue. But for more flexible return policies, you'll want to go with Ticketmaster.

Types of Event


Ticketnetwork vs Ticketmaster

Ticketnetwork has access to a wide range of the most popular events in major cities throughout the United States. You can also sort by different entertainment genre when searching through concerts.

Some of the available events include:

  • Concerts.
  • Stand-up comedy events.
  • Sporting events.
  • Theater productions.
  • Music festivals.


Ticketmaster also has access to a wide variety of events. These include:

Ticketnetwork vs Ticketmaster
  • Concerts.
  • Sporting events.
  • Theater productions.
  • Fine arts events.
  • Family outings.

Their website also has access to entertainment guides.

Winner: Tie

Both services will let you access many of the same events. But Ticketnetwork has access to music festival and stand-up comedy tickets, while Ticketmaster has access to fine arts events and family-oriented activities.

Ticket Delivery


All Ticketnetwork tickets are delivered through the mail. They'll be sent by FedEx shipping, and you will be given a tracking number to see where the package is at any given moment.

Ticketnetwork vs Ticketmaster

Some tickets haven't been printed yet when they're first sold. This means that they may take longer to deliver than usual, since the seller needs to wait for them to be printed.

Each listing will indicate whether the tickets have already been printed or not.


Ticketmaster has more delivery options for tickets. For those who don't want to wait for mail delivery, this tends to be the better choice. The exact options available will depend on the event and the seller.

Ticketnetwork vs Ticketmaster

Some of the ways of delivering tickets include:

  • Printing at home, a system that Ticketmaster calls TicketFast.
  • Mobile ticketing with QR codes and information that you can show through your smartphone.
  • Will call tickets that can be picked up at the venue or other designated spots, as long as you have your ID to validate the purchase.
  • Standard mail, which can be used as long as there are at least two weeks prior to the event.
  • UPS shipping that includes 2 or 3 day options along with Saturday delivery service.

It should be noted that no matter how you choose to receive your tickets, you will be subject to Ticketmaster's Delivery Fee. This fee does not only cover the cost of getting the tickets to you. It also allows the service itself to make a profit.

Winner: Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster is the winner here because of the convenience in their multiple delivery options. Printing the ticket at home or keeping it on your smartphone takes a lot of the hassle out of receiving the tickets. But if you don't want to be charged unnecessary and sometimes exorbitant delivery fees, you should go with Ticketnetwork.

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Pros and Cons of Ticketnetwork


  • Ticketnetwork has live ticketing agents available on call, so you can resolve any potential issues quickly.
  • Tickets can be chosen by looking at zones and interactive maps, and there's last minute availability for many events.
  • If you have a problem with your tickets, you'll be refunded more than the purchase price to make up for your trouble.


  • The app doesn't have access to online merch stores for events or to automatic ticket suggestions based on your location.

Pros and Cons of Ticketmaster


  • The app will automatically suggest tickets for events near your location, so it's a good option if you're looking for things to do in the area.
  • The merch store lets you purchase merch from popular events, plus you can see pictures and videos from popular events on the website.
  • There are often massive ticket sales during the holidays including two-for-one pricing, fifty percent off deals, and sweepstakes.


  • The delivery fees tend to be high, and you won't be refunded more than you paid if you run into issues with your tickets.

Final Thoughts: Which is Better?

Both of these services provide you with information about a variety of sporting, theater, and concert events. They also both offer a variety of service guarantees to ensure your purchase is of the highest possible quality.

Ticketmaster is good for those who haven't quite committed to an event yet. If you want to buy concert or sporting tickets before they sell out, you have three days to return the tickets should you decide the option isn't for you after all. But you may be subjected to unnecessary fees, which can drive the price up.

Ticketnetwork has tickets for most of the same venues, and the search function is just as extensive. This is the choice for those who want more comprehensive guarantees. If anything goes wrong with your ticket, you'll be refunded more than the purchase price. In addition, there are fewer unnecessary fees, so your end price may be lower.


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