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Web design is becoming a lucrative career for many professionals who are skilled when it comes to using computers. With thousands of businesses around the world starting to pay professionals a lot of money to create a website, many individuals start to learn how to create a website and offer their skills to various clients.

If you are a web designer, there are many platforms that you can choose to help you build your website. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms being used by web designers today because it is readily available and there are thousands of plugins and themes that you can choose from.

Using WordPress gives the web designers freedom of how they wanted their website to look. Combining their skills will result to different outputs, but the most important thing is how their clients perceive the website they created because in the end, the clients are the ones who will pay the web designers.


There are thousands of websites offering themes to web designers. Applying a theme on the website you create will minimize the effort required to design it. You can use a theme to enhance the look of your website, or to make it more organized.

ThemeIsle is a great choice for many web designers who are looking for a place where they can download themes. They offer premium and free themes, and to find what kind of themes they offer, you should visit their website.

Themeisle Is a Good Platform for Web Designers

ThemeIsle is being used primarily by web designers. Since the company’s establishment in 2012, they started to provide more themes that will benefit web designers. Their most popular theme – Zelle – has been used hundreds of thousands of times. Many websites use this theme because it looks simple but highlights the information needed by the visitors.


What Are the Features of Themeisle?

  • Themes
  • Hestia PRO
  • Neve
  • ShopIsle PRO
  • Zelle PRO
  • Plugins


This feature provides you with more than 30+ high-quality themes that you can use on your website. It is a combination of premium themes (that you need to pay) and free themes that can be downloaded instantly from the website. The payment scheme for most themes is either annual or lifetime. The company recommends getting the lifetime plan if you are planning to keep the website forever.

Hestia PRO

This theme is also known as the modern material design theme. For those who would like to pay annually, this theme costs $69 for personal websites, $99 for business websites, and $199 for multiple websites. For those who would like to pay for a lifetime use of this theme, the prices are $199, $299, and $599 for personal, business, and multiple websites, respectively.


Hestia PRO is becoming a favorite for web designers who wanted to create a slick website that is compatible with the page builder. It also loads fast, allowing more traffic to be generated. It also comes with different features like the customizer and elementor. You can also build a business website using this theme with the help of WooCommerce.


This theme focuses on the mobile users. ThemeIsle wanted mobile users to have a great experience when visiting websites that are created using the themes downloaded from ThemeIsle. They made sure that the Neve theme will deliver what they wanted to happen. As a result, this theme became highly popular with web designers because it can generate more traffic from mobile users.


If you choose the annual payment scheme, Neve costs $39, $59, and $99 for personal, business, and multiple websites, respectively. If you choose the lifetime payment scheme, Neve costs $129, $199, and $299 for personal, business, and multiple websites, respectively.

ShopIsle PRO

This theme is helpful for those who are building an online shop. It provides smooth scrolling, and supports subtle animations and video ribbons. This will make the visitors more engaged in the website, and its design can influence them to purchase something from the website.


If you are building a website for an online retailer, there is a huge chance that their products will be sold fast when using this theme. Make sure to fill the website with different visual elements that will enhance the online shopping experience.

ShopIsle PRO costs $69 for personal websites, $99 for business websites, and $199 for multiple websites, if you choose the annual payment option. If you wanted to pay one time through the lifetime option, the prices climb to $199, $299, and $599 for personal, business, and multiple websites, respectively.

Zelle PRO

This is the first theme that was released by ThemeIsle a few years ago, and it was known back then as Zerif. However, the team decided to rebrand this theme after Zerif took off and became one of the most recognizable themes on the internet.


Zelle PRO allows the users to scroll smoothly through the website, while at the same time enjoy the elements that are added to it.

Zelle PRO has the same price as Hestia PRO and ShopIsle PRO – for annual payments, it costs $69 for personal websites, $99 for business websites, and $199 for multiple websites. For lifetime payments, it costs $199 for personal websites, $299 for business websites, and $599 for multiple websites.


Feedzy RSS Feeds, Visualizer, and WP Product Review are the plugins that you can purchase through ThemeIsle. They provide the users with a better interactive experience when they visit the website, while at the same time, making it easier for the website owners to monitor the performance of their page.


If you are a web designer, you would like to install these plugins in your website to make it easier to monitor. You can record how the website performs, and the areas that you need to improve.

Why Should You Choose Themeisle?

There are so many reasons why you should choose ThemeIsle. More than 470,000 web designers around the world use the platform when creating a WordPress website because they offer beautiful and affordable themes, and they have a helpful customer service team who answers all questions related to the product. Try using ThemeIsle today and discover all of its advantages!



  • Beautiful WordPress themes can be downloaded from the website.
  • Additional plugins can be downloaded to enhance the look and the experience of browsing a webpage that you will create.
  • Multiple instructional materials are found on the website, and you can use it to learn how to use apply themes on your website.


  • ThemeIsle should add more themes in their database to provide the users with many choices.

Final Verdict

ThemeIsle is a good website to use if you are a web designer who is looking for good-looking themes. The website can be accessed easily through their URL and the option to download the themes is readily available on their homepage.

Many web designers praised ThemeIsle for their themes, stating that it will enhance the websites that they create. In addition to good-looking themes, the website also provides web designers with free themes that they can use. These themes are simple yet elegant, and it can enhance a website’s looks.

Using the Website

After entering the URL, you will be redirected to their homepage. ThemeIsle’s header provides several options to visitors – WordPress Themes, Plugins, Blog, Support, About Us, and Login.

Choosing WordPress Themes will provide you with a list of themes that they currently offer. Aside from the premium themes, the website also offers free themes. From typical blogs to online stores, you can build your preferred website using the elements that they have.

The plugins, on the other hand, provides the users with widgets that will enhance the user experience when visiting a website. There are three plugins that are advertised on the website – Feedzy RSS Feeds, Visualizer, and WP Product Review. You have to pay for these plugins, and the prices can be accessed through the “See Plans” button.

Clicking on the blogs option will open up a list of posts that aims to provide information to the visitors on how to use the platform and how they can develop a good-looking website using the available elements. If you click on this link, there are a lot of options that will pop-up, and it is up to you which topic you would like to open first.

The support option will provide you options to view additional documents that are uploaded in the website. These documents could also hold tutorials that can help you with creating your first page. The frequently asked questions section can also be accessed through this option.

The last two options – about us and login – are two of the least used options. About Us provides the visitors with a background on how ThemeIsle was created. On the other hand, Login will enable the users to access their profiles and check their previous purchases with ThemeIsle.

Final Verdict

ThemeIsle is highly recommended, and if you are a web designer, you should check their website and see if their themes would suit your style. You can select from their premium themes or free themes, and there are lots of instructional blogs that you can read to help you build your website.


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