The Native American Dating Culture

Dating isn't a bed of roses like we always see in romantic films and television Soap Operas. What can be more devastating is when you have fallen in love with a different culture. You will be forced to fit in or adjust to their different lifestyle.

Imagine being black and introducing your Indian spouse to your family members as your partner. That would be mind blowing to your family and relatives if not a battle of the Titans. The possible outcome of dating somebody outside your race/ethnic or tribal group would be rejection, discrimination, and inferiority complex issues.

Native American Dating Culture

We have witnessed adults and kids being ostracized because they were not black or white enough. Xenophobia has led to death, displacement of families, bringing up selfish individuals in society. I am not a prophet of doom, but that what's happening.

Luckily, the millennials have changed the narrative. We have seen couples intermarrying from different cultures and live a happy fairy tale marriage. Let's narrow down to the native American dating culture.

Native American Dating Culture

Who is a Native American?

As the name suggests, Native Americans are the first people believed to have settled in the United States of America. They are commonly referred to as American Indians, First Americans, or better still, the United States' Indigenous Americans.

Their ancestors settled in the United States around 15000 years ago. Native Americans aren't Indians only as several other people first inhabited the US. These include The Hawaiians, Samoans, and Chamorros.

They are entirely different from the proto-industrial and those with Christianity traits. They were considered matrilineal, meaning children didn't belong to their father's side. They moved as a group, something that is different from the Europeans. They are so dived into their culture.

Native American Dating Culture

The Native American Dating Culture

Native Americans are believed to be the highest group to intermarry within the United States. As denoted earlier, they are glued to their culture and blood ties. They follow strict rules and guidelines due to the nature of their blood relation.

The Cherokees consider these customs as their life and spirit. When it comes to Cherokee women, they were not limited when it came to dating. They had the privilege to choose their spouses as long as they don't commit incest, which was a sacrilege.

Cherokee women are compared with white European women. They are similar in terms of character traits and relatively modern terms of doctrine, sex life, and other standard features you can find in the westerners' ladies. If you were to marry a native woman, it's highly recommended you go for a Cherokee descent girl.

On the other hand, if you're wondering about their men, rumors have it that they are also modern, just like their women. They are also given the freedom to choose their life partner. However, a Cherokee man is polygamous in nature.

According to their custom, they can marry women within the same clan. They may be sisters or cousins. However, the Europeans found this a little bit off at times.

Native American Dating Culture

They have common traits with modern Americans in that sex could be exercised premaritally. We see this every time that sex is the norm, whether married, dating, or single. Divorce is allowed if things don't work out in the marriage, unlike in a Christian culture where the practice is highly condemned.

Among the Native Americans, centering our debate in the Cherokee clan, if a young man has a soft spot for a female, he is admonished to kill a deer, and the meat is brought to the girl's family. If the girl liked the man, she would show it by cooking the meat; if she doesn't have any strings attached for the man, she will refuse to prepare the meat. Precisely, it's a sign of rejection.

In other native clans, boys and girls are allowed to date as early as they attained the puberty stage. From nineteen to twenties, most ladies settle down at this time to raise their own families. Most of the Indian tribes practiced wife exchange. Whenever a man desired another man's wife, they would negotiate man to man, and if they reach an agreement, they will make the wife barter trade from time to time.

The practice seemed weird for the Europeans and pretty much an ordinary person. Would you want to be traded as a woman to sleep with another man, whether your husband's father or brother? Your guess is as good as mine

Native American Dating Culture

What you Need to Know When Dating a Native American Woman

It's essential to know each culture if you're not an American Native, but you're dating a lady from those ancestries.

1. Their Culture is Different from Yours

You may find a beautiful damsel, and you hope that you would fit into their culture. Understand that we are all different. It may not be culture-wise but also behavioral-wise. If your partner is interested in following her culture, then support her, don't try to change her.

There are courtship rituals that you have to follow. However, let her breathe in the relationship and embrace the culture together. No rush; good things take time.

2. They Hold on to their Spiritual Cults

Native American women follow their own beliefs and practices. You may either be initiated to follow her or clash and live. All in all, you need to know is that they have their spiritual cults.

3. They are Independent

Native American women are independent in that they love their me-time at times. Do not feel deprived if they are not always with you. They value everyone's space; understand them.

4. Family Comes First

The benefit of dating a native American woman is that they value family. You will be glad that they value both their families and are assured they will love the extended family members. That's a big plus for them.

There you have it with the Native American women. I feel the same traits apply to their men. However, there could be more; naturally, all genders have a fair share of flaws and mismatches.

Native American men believe that love isn't based on sex, but how they treat their women makes them superior lovers. It's a requirement for them to exercise kindness, consideration, and respect for their better half. Every woman dreams of and deserves such a man.

A couple of exceptional traits found in Native American men is that they're unique and fun. So, while you're considering dating away from your culture, race, ethnic group, don't be afraid to go for the Native people.

Final Verdict

For all, we know love doesn't learn skin color, language, or region. When you find love, the whole world seems non-existent. It's only the two of you on your planet.


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