What Is It Like To Date A Native American?

Do you have your eye on a certain special someone? Does that special someone happen to be Native American? Native Americans have an entirely different culture from most people.

You might be wondering where to even start! That's OK, everybody's a little overwhelmed by a new culture at first.

Native Americans have a long and storied history in the United States. They have many traditions and rituals that set them apart from other cultures in America.

These traditions don't need to be overwhelming, though. In this article, we'll show you what it's really like to date a Native American - and you can even see our recommended Native American dating sites. You might just find things aren't as different as you think.

What Is It Like To Date A Native American?

They Have a Spiritual Side

Many Native Americans are deeply connected to the world around them. It's not unusual for them to express a belief in spirits. Many of them value the lives of animals, plants and other living things.

While it varies based on the tribe, most Native Americans have long-standing rituals that stretch back hundreds of years. These rituals are meant to immerse Native Americans in the natural world.

Native American beliefs vary. It's important to remember that some tribes are as distinct from each other culturally as the British are from the Japanese. Many put a great deal of emphasis on the spirits of the natural world, including:

  • The worship of the Sun and charting its rise and fall through the heavens.
  • The worship of the Sky and the clouds that drift freely through it.
  • Honoring and remembering plants and animals.
  • Following local spirits, such as the Dakota Tribe's "Winged-One."
  • The worship of the horse by the various horse tribes.

The "peace-pipe" ritual is a well-known example of Native American spirituality that actually symbolizes much more than peace. That's right, they're not only used for peace ceremonies. These ceremonial pipes are used to celebrate marriages, funerals and other life-changing events.

What Is It Like To Date A Native American?

They're Connected to Their Past

Native Americans tend to place a greater emphasis on the past than most other Americans. An individual's tribe is extremely important to them. Tribes often provide identification cards and hold meetings regularly.

Continued engagement with Native American communities usually takes place on reservations. These are areas that were specifically given to Native Americans by the U.S. government many years ago.

It's not uncommon for Native Americans to live in large cities and travel long distances to meet with their tribesmen on a reservation. If you're dating a Native American, expect to go with them from time to time. Respectful visitors are welcome!

But They Also Look to the Future

Native Americans aren't just concerned with their past. They're also looking toward the future. Many Native Americans are passionate advocates of change on their reservations. Others are devoted to improving their personal situations.

Native American men and women like to dedicate themselves to causes. They are at the head of many charitable groups and small businesses across the country. This dedication flows down into their dating lives.

They tend to be extremely devoted to their spouses and their children. They are loyal to them because they want the best possible future for their families.

What Is It Like To Date A Native American?

Family Is the Most Important Thing

Their parents, grandparents and cousins are all extremely important to Native Americans. Expect to meet them and spend time with them. As older Native Americans can be very traditional, it's a good idea to go out of your way to be respectful.

Native American families come in all shapes and sizes, but all of them are smaller units of the larger tribe. To a Native American, the entire tribe is his or her family.

They Can Have an Independent Streak

Native Americans can be paradoxical. Some are both loyal to their tribes and also fiercely independent. This isn't as unusual as it seems. Some Native American tribes place a great value upon a willingness to do what is best for oneself.

That's one reason Native Americans are often entrepreneurs or politicians. While they respect their elders and listen carefully to their advice, they'll do what they think is right at the end of the day.

What Is It Like To Date A Native American?

They Make Bold Decisions

Expect decisiveness with a Native American. They don't wait around for others to give them permission. When a decision needs to be made for the good of themselves or their families, they'll make it without a second thought.

That can be intimidating in the world of dating, especially if you're the type of person who likes to move a little more slowly! Don't worry, though. Native Americans are also usually very respectful of other's boundaries.

That respect is trained in them from a young age by their elders. Perhaps it's that same training that inspires them to take such daring action.

They Are Kind and Compassionate

Many Native Americans have an overabundance of kindness. They show this kindness to everyone they meet, from the cashier at the coffee shop to the police officer at the tollbooth.

That obviously makes for a great dating partner. They're usually extremely considerate of your feelings. They spend a great deal of time thinking about what you think and why you think it. They don't make decisions without taking your thoughts into consideration.

They are rarely prone to anger or aggression. Their compassion bleeds through in almost everything that they do.

What Is It Like To Date A Native American?

They Respect Their Elders

The Native American family unit places a huge amount of respect upon the oldest member of a tribe. With their advanced age, they are seen as having wisdom and knowledge. This means that other members of the tribe frequently go to them.

When dating a Native American, expect them to show that same respect to members of your own family. They should show your parents and grandparents great respect even if your family isn't willing to return the favor.

Obviously, we hope that they are! But at the end of the day, Native American men and women are usually great about handling others, even the more difficult people in our lives.

Their Family Might Be Involved

Native American families and tribes often want to involve themselves in relationships, especially those with non-Native Americans. They do this out of concern for their loved ones.

As long as you show them consideration, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. Still, you should expect to spend a lot of time earning your way into the heart of your prospective date's family.

What Is It Like To Date A Native American?

They're Dreamers

Native Americans are dreamers. They dream about better and brighter futures for themselves and their children. To do this, they draw from the wellspring of their tribe's tradition.

In fact, it's not at all unusual for Native Americans to say that they were inspired to embark on a business venture or pursue a new relationship because of something they saw in a dream. They place great faith in their own minds.

Their dreams mean that they are usually ambitious and driven. This ambition colors all aspects of their lives, including dating and relationships. They aren't afraid to shoot for the stars when it comes to a prospective partner.

They Don't Hesitate To Speak Their Minds

Native Americans aren't good at keeping things bottled up inside. They speak their minds proudly and freely. In some tribes, it's even part of a long-standing tradition to do so. After all, holding one's tongue in the old days could spell the end of a tribe.

Nowadays, Native Americans take that cultural legacy to the dating arena. They won't beat around the bush if you're doing something they don't like. They'll sit down and talk to you about it face-to-face.

Of course, that applies to positive things, too! They'll pepper you with praise if you do something that they're fond of. If you recently cooked them a meal they loved, they won't let you forget about it!

What Is It Like To Date A Native American?

They Aren't That Different

At the end of the day, Native Americans aren't that different from anyone else. They're still people. Like all people, they have their problems and their positives. Like all people, each of them is their own person.

That's one reason this article isn't painting all Native Americans with the same broad brush. That's doubly true when you consider that Native American culture differs substantially depending on the tribe.

Instead, we have only highlighted what you're most likely to expect from a relationship with a Native American. You might find many of these same qualities everywhere.

Native Americans have diverse and wonderful cultures that reflect the beauty of America. These cultures shape those who belong to them. So many incredible people in the United States and beyond have Native American ancestry.

Final Verdict

So what are you waiting for? Make your move, and tell the Native American man or woman in your life how you feel.


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