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One of my biggest pet peeves is things slipping and moving around when they’re supposed to be tied down. In fact, my greatest fear is when I’m on the road and things could slip out and end up in the roadway. And what’s worse, it could cause an accident and I could be at fault for it. Not only that, I usually need straps for more than just tying things down.

You’d be surprised how many uses you can get out of a strap depending on the type you’re using. In fact, I use a strap sometimes as part of my name badge when I attend job fairs as a representative of my company. One problem I have with it is that it seems a little long and people might look for my name tag so they can make a note of who they spoke with.


On a whim, I decided to find some decent straps that I know will be useful for so many purposes. Imagine my surprise when I came across Strapworks. Let’s just say they have straps for pretty much any task or purpose. In fact, I was able to find tie-down straps for my truck bed and a new strap and lanyard for my name tag all in one place. To sum it up, it’s like some kind of strap superstore.

Strapworks Features

  • A wide variety of belts that you can wear for outdoor activities that are lightweight and very strong.
  • Show your school spirit with college team lanyards, mousepads, and even pet collars.
  • Get straps for various purposes like camping, tying down heavy objects, and even tactical straps for your backpack or rifle.
  • Various fabrics and hardware that you can attach to your strap so you have a reliable tool on hand wherever you go. Choose from bottle openers, hooks, carabiners, and much more.

Plenty of Straps for so Many Purposes

I cannot begin to tell you how many straps are available and made for so many purposes. Name a task that requires a strap and you might find one. When I went on a hiking trip recently, one of the straps on my backpack broke off. Mind you, I had this backpack for a long time. I guess you can say it was bound to happen. I was able to find a strap that was much stronger and better able to handle the weight.


Pick Any Material You Like

One of the best things about choosing a strap is you can shop by fabric type. Do you think polyester will do just fine? Go for it. Is nylon more of your thing? They got straps made from that material as well. You can think of pretty much any synthetic material. Personally, I prefer something that will be tough and will last me quite a while.


So I managed to get some nylon straps that can be able to handle some heavy weight (like my hiking backpack). I even got one that I can use as a makeshift tactical belt for when I’m hunting or out and about in the woods. I carry a small survival kit and a few every day carry (EDC) tools with me just in case things go south and I’m in a survival situation. It’s better to be prepared for the worst than never at all, in my opinion.

Mousepads, Lanyards, and Collars Too?

As I mentioned before, I use a lanyard for a nametag in some work situations. Plus, I happen to be a huge fan of college sports. I was able to find a lanyard of my alma mater and use it for a name tag. It was well fit and a lot better than the work-issue lanyard that seemed a bit too long for me. Also, I was able to snag a mousepad too for my desk. Strapworks sells more than just straps, so that’s a plus in my book.


Custom Made Orders Just for You

If you want more of a personal touch for your straps, you can get them custom made. You can choose the kind of material you want and have it made to serve a certain purpose. Plus, you get to choose which accessories you can add on like buckles, carabiners, hooks, and so on.


Plus, you get to choose the measurements you want so it all turns out to perfection and doesn’t come in a preset length. The more custom it is to your personal needs and preferences, the better for you. Each strap comes tough as nails with heat-treated and pressured tested webbing that will stand the test of time and frequent use, guaranteed!


  • Most of the straps are very durable and long-lasting.
  • Easy custom-made orders. You can choose the width, fabric type, etc.
  • Plenty of straps for multiple purposes.
  • Tons of hardware options to choose from for your strap depending on the purpose.


  • Some custom orders may take longer to ship than others.

Final Verdict

I don’t know about you, but if you are looking for a strap that can be attached to any object that needs it (or if you need a strap to tie something down), then I’d check out Strapworks before going anywhere else. Believe it or not, I find their straps to be a lot stronger and more reliable compared to what I could find in a hardware store. Plus, I can custom order something that will be perfect for any use. Why go anywhere else when you need a strap done up for you and have a list of the right stuff you want to be included?


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