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Are you thinking of opening a new website or social media profile but you are not sure if the name has been taken already? Knowem has your back, and they can help you with your problem!

In today’s world, entrepreneurs are using the power of the internet to expand their businesses. They resort to social media because a single post can go viral overnight. Others are also paying the social media website to sponsor their posts and reach more people.


This type of advertising has become very effective in the past years. According to the largest social media websites like Facebook and Instagram, more companies are investing in their online presence and the returns are positive. Companies saw tremendous business growth, thanks to the effective advertisement offered by the social media giants.

If you are a business owner who wanted to build your online presence, you should start thinking of the brand name that you will use during your operations. You can rely on Knowem to determine if the name that you chose is available or has already been taken.

If it is your first time hearing about Knowem, read further to learn more about this amazing website. You will be surprised how amazing this website is and how it can help you with your online entrepreneurial career.

Who is Knowem’s Target Market?

Entrepreneurs are the primary target of Knowem. Many business people today are taking advantage of the internet to advertise their brand. Billions of people connect to the internet every day, and many entrepreneurs realize that creating a website or a social media page will enable them to attract more people.


They made their website simple and easy to understand. They are also displaying all important information on their home page. This is important because business people who visit their website tend to stay shortly, and they wanted to access the information that the need as soon as possible.

A Quick Tour to Knowem’s Website

You can access the website without creating a profile, but if you wanted to make use of their services, you will be required to register.

Check Username

Knowem has five major tabs on their homepage. The first option, “Check username,” will enable you to check if the username that you wanted to use for your brand is available. The website will give you a complete list of social media websites and if the username you wanted is already taken, the website will notify you.


Create Profile

The next option will give you an option to create a profile within the website. Creating a profile makes it easier for you to manage your requests and the services that you paid for. Knowem will only ask for your name, email address, and password.


You should also select the type of account that you wanted to create. There are two options – personal and business. If you are a small entrepreneur and you are managing the business yourself, you should choose personal. On the other hand, if you have a larger business, you should select the business option.


The third panel will lead you to the website’s active community. In this page, you will see a complete list of all profiles that are registered with Knowem. You can click on each username, and you will be redirected to a different page.


The page will display basic information about the user, like the date when they first registered, if the profile has been modified, and how many social media profiles they have.


In this page, the complete list of social networks tracked by Knowem is displayed. To make it easier for the page visitor, the social networks are categorized.



This page will give the visitors a short history about the company, and the complete list of individuals who are managing the company.


Learn About Knowem’s Features

  • Reserve your username and domain name.
  • Check the availability of a brand name.
  • Verify if a brand has been trademarked.
  • Seek assistance from the company’s customer service.

Username and Domain Name Reservation

Knowem became popular because it enables individuals to reserve for the username and domain name that they chose.

Check the Availability of a Brand Name

To check the availability of a username or domain name, you need to search for it and check if it has been taken. If the name is unavailable, you can buy it from the owner, or think of a more unique name.

On the other hand, if the domain that you wanted is available, you can pay for an annual registration fee of $9.

Trademark Verification

Knowem is one of the few websites on the internet that makes it possible for a user to trademark their brand online. You can search for the USPTO database and determine if the brand that you wanted is available.

If you wanted to register a brand name, you need to pay for a $158 registration fee, and a $325 filing fee at the USPTO.

Customer Service

The company provides their users with a reliable customer service team. When problems start to happen, users can contact their hotline and speak with a representative who can assist them with their issues.


If you decided to register at Knowem, the website will give you several offers. The first thing that you should do is to select the package that you wanted to avail. For beginners, the company will enable them to search the 25 most popular social media websites.


If they are not satisfied with the social media websites that are included on the list, they can pay for a more expensive service. Here are the complete list of services and the rates offered by Knowem:

Personal Essential Package for only $84.95

  • The website will take care of the signup process and they will supply basic information like photos, short biography, URL, and the description of the website.
  • It gives you an access to 25 social media websites.

Business Starter Package for only $249

  • The website will take care of the signup process and they will supply basic information like photos, short biography, URL, and the description of the website.
  • It gives you an access to 100 social media websites.

Corporate Starter Package for only $349

  • The website will take care of the signup process and they will supply basic information like photos, short biography, URL, and the description of the website.
  • It gives you an access to 150 social media websites.

Corporate Complete Package for only $649

  • The website will take care of the signup process and they will supply basic information like photos, short biography, URL, and the description of the website.
  • It gives you an access to 300 social media websites.


  • The website is simple and it is easy to use.
  • Visitors on the website can enter the name that they wanted and in a single click, a complete result will appear.
  • Aside from checking availability of a profile name, users can also check for the availability of the domain name and trademark name.


  • Knowem should arrange the websites by popularity.

Final Verdict

Knowem has been around since 2009, and they already served hundreds of thousands of individuals. If you wanted to expand your online presence, you need to use their service to give you information about the available profile and domain names.

Compared to their competitors, Knowem knows how to deliver what their customers wanted. Users can select which services they wanted for a small fee. As a result, the services offered by Knowem became a huge hit among individuals who wanted to create a strong online presence and large business owners who wanted to exercise their control of the brand.

Should You Pay for the Services Offered by Knowem?

In my opinion, paying for their services is worth it, and you should give it a try. The website assures their customers that all of their information is secured and it will not be easily hacked. The security used by Knowem is top-notch, and they can detect hackers and other individuals who wanted to steal information from the website.

Another reason why you should sign-up for Knowem’s services is because of its affordable price. The company decided to match the prices offered by their competitors to attract more people in using their services.

Based on my experience, the website is easy to use and all information that I need to know are displayed on the home screen.

Pay for Their Services Today

If you wanted to start building your brand, the first thing that you should do is to think of a unique name. However, if the name that you wanted has been used by another person, you can use Knowem and check how much it would cost you to buy it from the owner.

The complete list of services offered by Knowem can be seen on their website.


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